Worst Things About Samsung Phones

The Top Ten
1 Ads

It sucks he gave me ads

2 The iPhone is Better
3 Doesn't Have All of the Apps

It the same on iphone they didn't have an app that I like on android

4 Cheap
5 Doesn't Have a Lot of Features
6 Pop Ups About Not Downloading Apps
7 Everyone Has It
8 Has Annoying Noises

The vibrations are the worst.

9 Crashes
10 Does Not Have Good Backgrounds

True some of the backgrounds were not that good on my old samsung phone

The Contenders
11 Overheating

Samsung galaxy s6 edge is overheated I don't know why its happend to my phone

My phone never overheats, but the note 7 overheated and caused fires and stuff

12 No Headphone Jack on Samsung Note 10

This is stupid I hate the new wireless headphones, I like the old way better, if apple never removed the headphone jack out of the iphone 7 then we probably still have it in the note 10

13 They Explode

Yeah the samsung note 7 exploded, I heard of it exploding, I heard it explode on an airplane, and also setting some guy truck on fire, and set some fires

Not a big problem these days.

Galaxy 7 edges

14 Facebook App Preinstalled

I hate that they did this! It drives me nuts! I don't have facebook, if I want facebook it should let me be able to install it myself, not force it on me! I can disable it, I wish I can uninstall it completely

I deleted my facebook today, I want to remove the app, but no! It is preinstalled! I wish I could uninstall it!

I hate that the facebook app was preinstalled to my phone, I can't uninstall it, I can disable it, I deleted my facebook 4 years ago and I don't want the app

15 Downloads PDF Files Without Asking

I hate it when my samsung does this, drives me crazy

My phone does this so many times it drives me nuts

This is annoying that it does this, I hate when my phone downloads files without asking it so annoying

16 When a Software Update Changes the Phone Design

This happened to me on April 4, 2019, I had a software update, and changed my phone, it upset me, I had to get used to my phone again, some good features were added like trash in gallery that it keeps deleted photos for 15 days, and if I delete a video or photo by mistake I can recover it

I hate that they changed my phone on april 3, 2019, it not the same design of when I bought my phone, every time I see the old design on youtube, it makes me depressed and sad of why did they change it

I hated april 2019, because I got a software update on April 3, 2019 and it completely changed the design! I hate this design since then, I want the old design back I requet updating my phone that day

17 Auto-Correct

Auto correct is so annoying, it one of the worst features, it sucks when they change your words

18 When They Removed the Custom Text Notification

I hate that they did this I had my phone set up for different notifications per contact so I know who is texting me, one day in 2018 I got a software update, and this was removed, I was wondering the day after I got that software update why all my texts sound the same, I went to change it back, I saw it was gone, made me so angry, I spent 2 hours setting that up then remove it 4 months later

19 Changing Features in Updates

It sucks when features change in updates, like when they removed the custom text notifications ringtones for each contact, it sucks, and it got removed before I got my phone, and I text more than call so it should of been left in the phone

20 No Good Ringtones

There is hardly any good ringtones to chose for a text tone or phone tone, most of them suck

21 They're Laggy
22 One UI is Bloated

Stock Android is better.

23 Poor Stock Keyboard
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