Worst Things About Serebii Forums

These are the worst things about the site 'Serebii Forums.' Feel free to add more stuff to this list.

The Top Ten

1 They are way too strict

Check out their rules and infractions. - Jackster

2 Some Moderators on their are quite rude

Some of them call you stuff and ignore your PM's. Xerychan, Captain Chris, Ethan and several more. - Jackster

3 The no double posting rule

This rule is so dumb. Somethimes a double post helps bring a topic back ti life, which makes the forums more active. They need to get rid of the 'no double posting rule.' - Jackster

4 They don't do much about bullying

If you've been racially abused, then I'd say it's time you left. I only use Serebii for the information. I avoid forums like the plague. - Swellow

Yeah, I'm probably gonna quit Serebii. It annoys me how that person got away with being racist about England and English people. - Jackster

I've been bullied and racisly abused for being English by 2 people, I reported them to several MODS, the MODS do nothing. - Jackster

5 No alternate account rule

They infract so many people for this by mistake. - Jackster

6 You can't explain yourself if you get banned

The MODS refuse to let you. - Jackster

7 No bumping topics which are 2 months old
8 People can't view your signature when you are banned.
9 You can't criticize anything

If you do this even slightly, you get banned for it. - Jackster

10 You can't view your PM's when you are banned

They should make it viewable, so then you know why you've been banned. - Jackster

The Contenders

11 The mods are meanies

They sent me infractions when I break the rules what why do they do that - WitchCactus

12 They tried giving Larry his gold back but Larry was being dumb and mistook a pot for a cage full of bees

Larry is so stupid lmao - Lettuce

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