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41 Flanderization

One way to describe that SpongeBob isn't good anymore. SpongeBob becomes a kid who cries every time something doesn't go right. Patrick is a prick to everyone as his annoyance is beyond and is mean to SpongeBob in many episodes, SpongeBob should have gotten a new BFF. Sandy is just decreased to a scientist. What ever happen to her extreme actions like karate and sports. What gets me more angrier is Mr. Krabs! He is an ignorant, manipulative deceiver who is all like becoming greedy and forcing customers to stay at the Krusty Krab while robbing their money. He even makes Plankton seem as a good guy as Mr. Krabs gets away of anything thus not receiving his punishment. What gets me annoyed is the abuse and torture of Squidward, they should stop being making Squidward's life miserable as it influences negativity on children. This show is an absolute garbage and highly recommend to avoid this crap at all times!

42 Truth or Square
43 Atlantis SquarePantis
44 Nickelodeon keeps ruining it
45 Mr. Krabs' obsession with money

To the fact that Mr. Krabs is stubborn and mean in modern SpongeBob, this is why I hate this character so much and unlikeable! It makes me wonder that he makes Plankton seem as a good guy. Mr. Krabs' obsession causes him to do wrong things such as forcing customers to spend their money and not making them leave and being manipulative. SpongeBob is oblivious to the fact that he doesn't know the true nature of him and Squidward would try to convince him that he's bad and what's worst Squidward gets the worst punishment despite not doing anything wrong. Mr. Krabs should deserve his karma badly due to the many things he had committed.

46 It's disgusting
47 It's disturbing now
48 Pet Sitter Pat
49 It hasn't ended yet

It should end NOW!

50 Spongebob's annoying laugh
51 It keeps winning the most Kids' Choice Awards for favorite cartoon

Who even cares about the Kids' Choice Awards? Nobody watches them anymore. They're complete garbage now.

52 To Love a Patty
53 Sandy is completely obsessed with science now and has no personality
54 Face Freeze

Seriously. Just watch he episode and come and tell me that you weren't horrified at all.

55 WhoBob WhatPants?
56 Ugly and disturbing faces the characters make
57 Plot Recycling
58 Loads of filler
59 Pointless Moments
60 Random old people named Old Man Jenkins
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