Worst Things About Sunny Rays from MLP the Other Girls

She's annoying even though she's "just an OC" but she's a mean and selfish brat. You guys can check mlp the other girls out in youtube. So I dedicated this list to my friend Twilightkitsune, and everyone else who find Sunny Rays selfish. No offense for Sunny Rays fans but It's true.

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1 She's selfish and mean without noticing it

@MLPFan, Thank you for dedicating this list to me. You are like a sister to me. I wish you were really my sister in real life. You are the best friend anyone can have. There are many great TopTenners here, but out of them all I wanna give you a hug - TwilightKitsune

She disrespected her family, called her friends "worse" or "crazier than her family", is mean to everyone else in the school(that she called crappy), and also pretended to walk to school with a lonely "weird" girl just so she can leave her(the lonely girl)In the halls alone. Who does that?! - MLPFan

2 She's stereotypical

A main character should have at least a few of these qualifications:reliable, brave, independent, and cares about others more than herself.Sunny Rays has none.She's boy crazed, obsessed with popularity, self centered, and dramatic. There's nothing so interesting in her - MLPFan

3 What she only cared about is being popular

She doesn't care about her homework/school, her family, her friends, or about her future! All she cares about is being popular! - MLPFan

4 She left a lonely "weird" girl in the hallways by herself and didn't do what Mrs.Too too and her mom said

She said that she will be friends with the lonely girl. But she didn't do It because she might "lose everything". What a mean girl - MLPFan

5 She called her sister a whore

This a completely insensitive thing to say to anyone. I hate Sunny Rays. Her name should be Mackenzie Hollister. - TwilightKitsune

Nobody should be called this. Why would anybody, or pony, for that matter, stoop to this level? We're all equal in God's eyes, after all, so even in a fanfiction, this is not cool. I'm disappointed in this OC.

No wonder her sister got so enraged with her at the time she called her sister a whore(Twice! At Breakfast and at the way to go to school) - MLPFan

6 Gave her breakfast to her dog because It's not what she likes to have for breakfast

Look Sunny Rays, You need to have breakfast! You could get sick and passed out If you don't. Your dog should've eat canned dog food and not pie! Your dog and yourself could get sick! - MLPFan

7 She gets all drama queen when her crush is with someone else

Look, If your crush is going steady/likes another girl, Just go and get a new person to have feelings for! Or maybe, ask for some advice from your friends or your sister/mom! Oh wait, you weren't there for your friends when they needed your help, you kept insulting your sister, and you disrespected your mom! So I guess they would think that you can go through those times yourself! - MLPFan

8 Gets embarrassed when her mom gets a job in her school

Your family's economy is very critical, and your mom decides to get a job at your school to fix the economy issues and your mother-daughter bond(Well, there isn't any bond from the beginning). And instead of being happy about it, you got all drama queen and started to think that you'll lose your friends and no one will want to be friends with you/go out with you. - MLPFan

9 She cares about being popular more than her family

She always tried to keep her "embarrassing" family a secret to the school at all cost. Because If they find out, the further she will be from taking all the popularity from the most popular girl at school. - MLPFan

10 She's a terrible role model

This is basically the main issue aside from her being mean without noticing it. In any franchise in anywhere, the main character should be a good role model. Sunny Rays in the other hand is a terrible role model - MLPFan

Twilight Sparkle is a better role model than Stupid Sunny Rays. I wish Sunny Rays gets buried Alive with RD and Gilda and bricked up (no offense) - TwilightKitsune

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11 She has an ugly design
12 She is like Amy Rose
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