Worst Things That Could Happen When Using the Bathroom at School


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21 Justin Bieber peeks at you V 1 Comment
22 People are throwing stuff at you

Oh god. Some of the more crazy guys get a bunch of paper towels and wet them so they can throw it at each other. I got hit by one while I was taking a dump. They throw them over the stalls too. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

23 Someone runs off with your toilet paper

Just make sure you have tissues handy. - Entranced98

24 Your first period

My first period happened at home thankfully - mayamanga

Damn it! I missed Reading! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Just going on things that actually happen >.> Especially if you're young enough to not understand it yet. It's even worse if you do like my friend did today and accidentally text the wrong person about it

25 You suddenly decide to put your head down the toilet
26 You slip on someone's pee in the stall you're in and your head lands in the toilet

This never happened to me but I just thought of it lol! - PrincessKiana

27 You get extreme diarrhea and miss watching Ghostbusters with your class
28 The toilet gets bought by a Chinese pirate game company while you're in
29 A first grader dressed up as a ninja breaks into your stall
30 Someone goes into your stall and strips you naked

It's horrible. Just horrible.

31 The toilet explodes
32 You drop your phone in the toilet
33 Someone puts their head under the door of your stall

Once I was going potty in peace in an empty bathroom with 3 stalls. then this random kid walks in and se says "hello who are you" I stay silent the next thing you know her head pops up under the door. I should have kicked her face - Lunala

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