Worst Things That Could Happen When You Were Just About to Submit a List On TheTopTens


The Top Ten

1 The computer breaks

No! This is a 1 in 1000000 chance, by far! - SuperBacca

I do this on tablet so yeah - 2storm


2 The internet access stops working for weeks

This happened to me and I was so furious - JandS3000

3 A glitch occurs

Happens all the time with me. One glitch that frequently happens is that your newly made list won't come on the newest page until it is approved. - Kiteretsunu

It happens... and is Irritating! - Animefan12

Gah! This has happened so many times! I press 'Add List' and nothing happens! I almost cry. It's an emotional time. - Britgirl

Nothingbutcools lists always get merged into remixes urghh

4 An unstoppable virus happens
5 Someone puts the wrong item than submits the list while you're doing something

NONE of this ever happened to me... BUT I agree with this opion the most

6 Someone spills water on it

This happened to me, luckily my computer didn't even get sticky and it is perfectly fine! - DapperPickle

Almost happened to me - JandS3000

7 The computer freezes

It always happen to me. - subhashsahu

It happened to me, once.. - glambert

8 The computer shuts down

Even worse when you almost finished your really long but well written blog. - Kiteretsunu

No, no, please, I don't want this to happen! Why?

I once wrote a list that took for ever and before I submitted it my computer shut down. - VideoGameTiger

9 You have to go somewhere outside
10 Your cat climbs all over the keyboard then scrolls down and presses 'submit'

BUT, on the other hand, it's quite funny and it would become popular on Facebook or something... Again, sorry

What!? Sorry for my rudeness, but why would something SO stupid like that would ever happen?

Even I use the phone - Animefan12

The Contenders

11 Someone has to borrow the computer for a long time

Maybe you could just say " One more minute ".
EDIT : I'm smart for coming up with this . - funnyuser

12 It ends up being taken

Do you mean existing before you decided to submit it on the Top Tens? I dunno what you're talking about

13 Your smart phone dies
14 It isn't allowed to be submitted

Perhaps it may be invalid?

15 Your keyboard and mouse die
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