Worst Things that SpongeBob SquarePants Has Done in Episodes of the Show

I remembered that I put SpongeBob as a dishonorable mention for the list "Top Ten Fictional Characters that Would Most Likely Be on Santa's Nice List
" and provided examples of episodes that explain why SpongeBob will not be on the nice list. So I decided to make those examples into a list similar to the list "Top Ten Worst Moments In Spongebob Episodes". So here it is. The worst things that SpongeBob SquarePants has done in the show.

The Top Ten

1 Abused Gary (A Pal for Gary)

I actually heard that the writers made SpongeBob stupid on purpose in order to make this episode funny. Well guess what? IT AIN'T FUNNY AT ALL! Instead, it was simply infuriating.

Keep making lists like these and I might go easier on you. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Spongebob deserved to get his annoying head cut off for this - TwilightKitsune

2 Told Plankton Mr. Krabs' biggest fear and then betrayed Plankton (One Coarse Meal)

He was also EXTREMELY hypocritical as he claimed that he couldn't kill Plankton because it "flies in the face of my good nature". Yet he goes around and betrays his own boss and then betrays Plankton. And by the way, the other items on this list are FURTHER proof that he no longer has good nature.

3 Crippled Mrs. Puff and laughed about it (Demolition Doofus)

You know what, TwilightKitsune? That's a bad thing for SpongeBob to do! Would you want him doing' that to you?! Instead, he should be crippled by Mrs. Puff for all the crap that he put her through.

You know, for once, I actually agree with Disney1994. I was actually cheering for Mrs. Puff in this episode too, though I have to say neither side was purely good in this episode as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I was actually rooting for Mrs. Puff to win in this episode because of how inconsiderate and even downright ANNOYING SpongeBob was in this episode.

Yeah! He should have crippled and laughed at the Rooney twins instead! - TwilightKitsune

4 Disregarded Mr. Krabs' warning about not making stupid faces (Face Freeze!)

Well, Patrick did it too, but that's for another list to be made.

5 Caused Squidward to revert to infantile form (Squid Baby)

Again, Patrick had a hand in it too, but even so, SpongeBob was still an accomplice.

6 Took Squidward's terrible advice (Gullible Pants)

He SERIOUSLY should have known better. As a visitor commented on the list of Worst SpongeBob Episodes, Squidward wasn't telling SpongeBob secrets, he was telling him tricks to get him fired.

7 Fell in love with a Krabby Patty and ignored his friends because of it (To Love a Patty)

The only good part of this episode was when Patrick cried out "I've been replaced BY A SANDWICH! " But other than that, this episode SUCKED.

8 Didn't let people have fun at the party (Party Pooper Pants)

How would YOU feel if your friends were at a party you Held and did not follow the rules?

9 Crushed Squidward's foot and ripped off Squidward's toenail (House Fancy)

This episode WOULD have been OK if it weren't for this one moment, but boy, that was AWFUL!

10 Annoyed Squidward with his laughing (Funny Pants)

I felt so sorry for Squidward in this episode. SpongeBob was COMPLETELY unlikable here.

The Contenders

11 Justified his abuse obliviously (Little Yellow Book)

Call Squidward unlikeable in this episode? You obviously have missed that flashback scene at 2:36 in Mr. Enter's review of the episode. SpongeBob is SO OBLIVIOUS towards Squidward when he's angry at him for Gary ripping his magazine and shows NO REMORSE for him, and worst of all, he just shamessly smiles at Squidward SCOLDING HIM WITH EVERY HARSH WORD TO FINALLY SNAP SOME SENSE INTO THE OBLIVIOUS SPONGEBOB. HOW DOES HE NOT SEE IT? SPongeBob is so hate able in this flashback. Even worse, he JUSTIFIES HIS ABUSE towards Squidward by shamelessly saying "It breaks my heart that Squidward uses the harshest words in his critique". HOW CAN YOU HATE SQUIDWARD IN HERE? - Ededdneddyfanredux

12 Helped poison the health inspector and hide his body (Nasty Patty)

Very bad Sponge!

13 Copied Squidward's house COMPLETELY down to the very last detail (Squid's Visit)

This episode proves that SpongeBob is a stalker. He got literally EVERYTHING copied right down to the chip in the paint and the hole in the wall.

14 Pressured Sandy into ditching her suit, then taunted her about how she couldn't breathe (Pressure)
15 Gave Patrick the idea of torturing, scaring, and killing Squidward (Ink Lemonade)

Patrick just thought of the idea when SpongeBob scared Squidward, making him squirt ink.

16 Annoyed Mrs. Puff to the point where she ended up arrested (Summer Job)
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