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1 WildWorks

Mimic the roles of toys such as Shopkins and Trash Packs to promote Animal Jam. Animal Jam is one of the worst online games for your children, with constant consumerism and scams. Not to mention it's basically gambling! At least with Shopkins it will show some of the ones in the packet, but with WildWorks you have no clue. I'm aware that it's Jazwares and Fiesta in charge of these toys, but WildWorks is the one who came up with the idea. Let's have a small recap. 1. Ripoff of Shopkins, TrashPacks, etc. 2. Promotes Animal Jam, an unhealthily addicting game with bad lessons, and 3. Generally a stereotypical, crappy toy. - RaccoonCartoon

Good idea! Childrens games are always the worst!
Just kidding. this list is horrible. - TeamRocket747

2 Spinmaster

It's here because of a kid's show, Paw Patrol. Either racoon is a 12 year old who plays Call of Duty and cares about his "fighting violence" games, or he's a troll. The world may never know.. - TeamRocket747

SpinMaster is really unoriginal. Almost all their ''ideas'' come from something else, Air Hogs is a usual remote control helicopter, Hatchimals completely mimics the idea of Furby (an electronic, bird like creature that develops over time), the Colleggtibles are an obvious ripoff of Shopkins, and once again, it's gambling because you don't know what's inside. Bakugan is a painfully obvious ripoff of Pokemon, Zoomer is a robot dog/pony/cat, which has been done many times before. Bunchems is just another Lego ripoff. Ionix is ANOTHER Lego ripoff, and most of their games are boring and unoriginal. - RaccoonCartoon

3 Nerf

These toys promote so many bad things, and the Rebel ones are even worst because they look so girly and dumb. - RaccoonCartoon

Awww... did racoon get hit by a nerf gun? - TeamRocket747

4 Mattel

Mattel did come out with a few good things, but Barbie really needs to die. - RaccoonCartoon

Barbie sucks but hot wheels is the best

Awww but hot wheels are fun. Only problem is their crappy barbie toys - TeamRocket747

5 Leapfrog

It's only here cause it is for kindergarten, - TeamRocket747

Apple made Leapfrog promote iPhones, iPods, iPads, MP3 Players and more to a young audience, so they grow up to be obsessed with iPhones. - RaccoonCartoon

6 VTech

See my reason on Leapfrog.
Also, VTech rips of so many copyrighted devices and consoles. - RaccoonCartoon

7 FisherPrice

Only here because preschool. - TeamRocket747

See my reason on Leapfrog. - RaccoonCartoon

8 Playmobil

What a Lego wannabe! It's like Lego but 10x worst. - RaccoonCartoon

That smile in the logo... - TeamRocket747

9 Playskool

Only here cause it is for kinder. - TeamRocket747

See my reason on Leapfrog. - RaccoonCartoon

10 Build-A-Bear Workshop

40 Dollars for a crappy teddy bear, 1 to 40 dollars for the clothes, and same price for minor accessories. The commercials make it seem like you actually customise the bears, but you don't. You choose the bear you want, you pay extra to CHOOSE for accessories. There is no customisation involved! - RaccoonCartoon

What happened, Call of Duty bears get sold? - TeamRocket747

The Contenders

11 Trendmaster

Reason: it's a bootleg company! Starcastle is a bootleg of Polly Pocket, Chilla Chilla and Wuv love are Furby bootlegs, and so on. - RaccoonCartoon

12 Vivid Toy Group

They made I-Que and My Friend Cayla. In case you didn't know already, THESE TOYS ARE A THREAT TO YOUR KIDS! With just an iPhone, ANYONE can hack into these toys. Had you noticed their creepy voices? That's because it's a text-to-speech voice. Anyone can type ANYTHING in. It's already been banned in Germany, and if you don't get rid of the toy, you get 2 years in jail. - RaccoonCartoon

13 Genesis Toys

It also made My Friend Cayla and I-Que, you know.. THOSE DANGEROUS TOYS THAT RECORD WHAT YOU SAY AND SEND IT TO ''MILITARY INTELLIGENCE''! - RaccoonCartoon

14 Think Way Toys
15 Hasbro
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