Top 10 Worst Toy Companies

The Top Ten Worst Toy Companies

1 WildWorks

Good idea! Childrens games are always the worst!
Just kidding. this list is horrible. - TeamRocket747

2 Mattel

I had a Barbie doll back in the 90s, but I also coloured her hair and I would also have her with no clothes.

Seriously, their crappy Barbie dolls made my eyes burn

Barbie sucks but hot wheels is the best

Awww but hot wheels are fun. Only problem is their crappy barbie toys - TeamRocket747

3 Spinmaster

It's here because of a kid's show, Paw Patrol. Either racoon is a 12 year old who plays Call of Duty and cares about his "fighting violence" games, or he's a troll. The world may never know.. - TeamRocket747

4 Nerf

Awww... did racoon get hit by a nerf gun? - TeamRocket747

5 Leapfrog

It's only here cause it is for kindergarten, - TeamRocket747

6 VTech

What? I had a VTech computer when I was a kid.

7 FisherPrice

Fisher price is so cute!
Awesome brand!

Only here because preschool. - TeamRocket747

8 Playmobil

That smile in the logo... - TeamRocket747

9 Build-A-Bear Workshop

The only good ones are the Pokémon toys. I have an Eevee and it's gorgeous!

What happened, Call of Duty bears get sold? - TeamRocket747

10 Playskool

Only here cause it is for kinder. - TeamRocket747

The Contenders

11 Lego
12 MGA

Two words. LOL Surprise. - ShinyEevee101

13 Trendmaster
14 Vivid Toy Group
15 Genesis Toys
16 Think Way Toys
17 Hasbro
18 Moose
19 Funko

Showing that unoriginality pays off. Clearly took lessons from Apple and HTML5 games.

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