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41 Hipsters

In this case it's true. Like how a girl at my school goes around wearing a Rolling Stones shirt but she has no idea who The Rolling Stones are.

I wore a Slayer shirt to to school and some older kid says "Ugh, poser" when I actually like Slayer and have 2 full albums of theirs on my phone - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I got called a hipster once for wearing fake glasses - SugarcoatShadowBolt

42 Crazy Fangirls

Never say anything bad or compare One Direction to a good band because the directioners will hunt you down and make you sorry. I know, I've been the victim.

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43 Scrawny kids who act like tuff bad boys

Yes! They are so pathetic...

Yeah - NikoX

Hate them. Kid called anton slaps my face every day in maths (i ignore him because it doesn't hurt and I don't want to ruin my good boy reputation) He disrespects the teacher and then when he gets sent out the classroom he acts like he didn't do anything wrong. He tries way to hard to be funny but can only ever shout bitch in a stereotypical south african accent and then dies inside when no one laughs. He once said to the p.e teacher U WOT BRUV and sings grime music. He can stop pretending to be hard when his mummy stops giving him a kiss goodbye before he gets out the car and actually does something tough like get in a fight then he will look a little bit tougher than he actually is.

44 Fangirls

Fan girls of anime are the worst. They are incredibly mean to anyone who doesn't like anime. I try to be nice but nope! They are insensitive to everyone except their own kind. Maybe I'm stereotyping, but come on!

Not all fangirls are bad. I love creepypasta but I'm not an idiot about it. - AnonymousChick

I will admit I'm a bit of a fangirl. But I can't help it when an ANNOYING little brat called Sergio calls me an idiot, weirdo or sometimes GAY. I've told the teacher but he just carries on. He yammers on at me about FIFA. I don't care. I never talk to him about anime or Japan, but he thinks it "makes us even".

I do have my fair share of fan bases but some people take it WAAAY too far! - LordKitty

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45 Posers

I hate these people, they practice their smiles in the mirror and every movement they make is planned. You will see them on social media all the time posting pictures of themselves with a cheesy quote as a caption. Posers need to get a life

Wannabe gangsters who think they are ghetto, I was in a class full of them. - NikoX

All the "cool" girls in my grade who wear stupid fake fingernails and always prattle on about Instagram and Snapchat. - Lunala

46 The Girl Who Sings Stupid Songs

Where do I start with this one... Well, there's a girl at my school like this. She lost all her friends due to her behavior and some reasons that aren't allowed to be discussed or she'll be expelled. She tries to be emo, even though her life is way better than some people living in poverty around the world. Hell, there are children in Africa wishing they had as much access to food and water as she does (She wastes a lot of healthy food her mom packs her and eats junk food she buys, but oh well, her loss) She sings disturbing songs that aren't even songs and she disturbs us all. I recall there was this one song she sang about a little girl who murders people. I've been traumatized ever since. Now, I bring headphones to school and listen to the Beatles or Queen to drown it out and think of happier things.

The way you're saying it sounds like she's doing a good job being disturbing - SirSkeletorThe3rd

There's this one girl at my school who is one of the smartest kids at my school, yet she is a Justin Bieber fan girl and clearly doesn't have a refined taste in music. Teen and preteen girls just listen to the stupid pop artists. They are overrated on so many levels. It just goes to show that even the "smart" people exhibit and display some signs of ignorance and bad tastes in music because of this pothole in our generation and our society

One of them are Frozen Fangirls. I hate The Stupid Damn Song on that Movie. - SwampertBABY

You know, the girl who sings stupid songs at school AND a guy. Four words.

Shut the @#$% up.

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47 Gamers

I do think SOME gamers are annoying, but... Really? They just play games for fun (I'm sorry if I'm wrong, because I looked at my own perspective of gamer) and I just- I just don't see any problems with it! Sure som of they maybe obsessed by it, but they aren't THAT annoying you know (not as annoying as the bullies anyways)

Excuse me, but why is this on the list? Are you saying that I'm annoying? Because you can turn your head back up to the top where it says bullies because you is one! - Icegirl119

Lots of my friends are gamers. Who put this here? - Spirtfall

I play my ds at lunch, ( no bats an eye, well sometimes they are like " you have a ds? awesome )

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48 Cruel People
49 Meatheads V 1 Comment
50 Ugly people

Remember that movie Beauty and the Beast? And remember when the Beast turned into Prince Adam? Don't judge a book by it's cover. Maybe you didn't learn the lesson

Ugly people can get by in life. It's the stupid people who can't. - username34

Ugly people are usually VERY upset about their appearance and some are even depressed about it! Get a life..

Hey, some of them are very nice! (Ex: me) Don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge people by their looks! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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51 Loners

Hey, person who put this on the list. Yeah, you dumbass, you know who you are. Hey, guess what! You're number one on this very list! Yep, a bully. Why not stop being a huge jackhole and realize that the reason why these poor people are loners is because ass-hats like you are making fun of them so you can hide the fact that the only girl you've kissed is your mom. Get a life, rent a friend, then get a hobby. Do something useful with your life other than making fun of someone who doesn't have friends you aromatic ass-hole! - username34

Username 34 is absolutely right on about this, whoever added this on the list is nothing but, a BULLY! Get a life and stop trolling people on the internet just because you have nothing better to do. At least they mind their own business. People like you is what causes other more weak-willed people to commit suicide. Simply because you have no life other than insulting and verbally abusing others. Seriously, just go home,

Hey, I admit I am sort of a loner, but why do they deserve to be hated? People like you who bully and belittle others for being alone are behind all this? Alone people are not bad, they can actually be good friends if you gave them a chance. Instead you choose to sit back and laugh. Get a life you filthy disgraceful asses. It's better to be a loner than a bully. - TwilightKitsune

Thanks it got its spot far behind. Get lost bully - MChkflaguard_Yt

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52 Meme Obsessors

These guys pop poppers, play with spinners, flip bottles, and etc. I'm so sick and tired of that it makes my head hurt! - LordKitty

They take it too far

October 8, 2017: Someone is my class dabbed last week - 445956

I love memes, but a lot of people in my school take it too far. They randomly say things like England is my city, woah, and they do the infamous imitation of the Roblox death sound, OOF whenever they do something like drop a pencil. - scarmark

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53 Nosy People

I can't stand people who constantly pry into other people's business! Honestly, they need to get a life!

These people are everywhere. ALWAYS WATCHING. Seriously, it's annoying.

THese people force people to tell them something that isn't there buisness

I was talking to my friend once, and this girl came in like, " So, what'cha talking bout? "

54 People who secretly talk behind your back

I nearly stopped going to school because of this. My friend did this and soon as I entered secondary school I cut off all communications with her because of all the things she did. It's still going on but not as bad now. This should be in the top 10 because this could ruin somebody and make them feel insecure. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I remember I had a "friend" like this before. She was even talking smack about me in school when I was like three feet away. - NightmareIsHere_

Sometimes when nasty girls point/laugh at me I turn around and glare at them. A few days ago I did and they shuffle away, saying, "She heard us..." - Lunala

If you're going to talk behind someone's back, please actually do it behind their back, rather than just out of the corner of their eye.

When I was ten, this kid called Kiki did that every day

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55 Tomboys

Better than girly girls. And seriously! How is this higher than racists? It's much worse to discriminate someone because of their skin color than being you know

I actually prefer tomboys over more feminine girls, some of the girly girls are too pushy

Why is this on the list? I am sort of a tomboy, and I have many friends who are tomboys. They are nice and fun to talk to! - Minecraftcrazy530

Tomboys are the best things about going to school - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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56 Kids who have no friends yet still act like jerks

Because their class is filled with horrible people.

Maybe if you people didn't bully them maybe they wouldn't be jerks. - NikoX

57 Bronies

I don't mind bronies but stop putting ponies into EVERYTHING. I'm not talking about the bronies that keep MLP to themselves, those bronies I'm fine with, but the ones that try to cram it it in our skull by making EVERYTHING into ponies are really annoying.

Bronies are probably good people but what I hate about yall is how you try to cram MLP down our throats! Stop trying to force us in your world! Stop making people cringe since their favorite video game character turned into a pony. But I do believe that Pegasister12 and Pony are not the ones who make the clop.

Us bronies are like bees. You leave us alone, we leave you alone. - Pegasister12

Yes, I agree. Stop being girly. But what's more worse is if the Brony is a boy. Too much MLP in their minds. - SwampertBABY

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58 Ghetto kids

Okay when I see a real ghetto kid I feel bad for him since his clothes are dirty and doesn't have much money and could be shot the next day by a gangster, but are son trying to be ghetto is wrong and offensive. It's making fun of the actual ghetto kid and the guy trying to be ghetto is actually rich and becomes a racist stereotype for ghetto people. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This is 100% more annoying if they're not actually ghetto but they try to be. For example, my school is filled with a bunch of middle-class white kids who think that they're drug-dealing rappers. It's so annoying.

Where are the quotations on this item? Some people just want to think they're "ghetto", so they listen to cRAP music, and walk around sagging their pants. - Turkeyasylum

What is worse are white kids who act ghetto. - 445956

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59 Immature People
60 Dirty People
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