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161 Smokers

Eh. I don't smoke myself, but I honestly don't have anything against people who smoke. They may be doing something that I, personally, don't agree with, but that doesn't mean that they themselves are all around bad people. Half my friends smoke. - username34

What's wrong with people who smoke? Their personalities aren't bad usually, like both of my friend's parents are smokers, and they're pretty nice people. - Goatworlds

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162 People who post inappropriate pictures online
163 People who don't follow rules
164 People who love trouble
165 Mean People
166 Selfish People

Many of them will stoop to some very low levels to get whatever they want.

167 Creepy People

I go out of my way to embarrass myself - username34

I creep out almost 100% of the kids at my school

168 Drug Addicts
169 People who draw inappropriate drawings inside schoolbooks

I started school late once and got the last German book. The last page of it was covered in penises touching and such. I went home for the first week still smelling the markers. At the end of the year I wrote on the page what I learned in German class is...

One time I opened my history book and on the front cover of page 1 it said "Asian butt sex! YEAH! "

What is the deal with kids drawing penises on history books anyways. Anyways on my Science Book there was a ugly guy in a picture and someone wrote next to it "10/10 would bang" - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Or on the table! >:( - Iamcool

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170 Litterbugs

Can you please clean up after yourselves? - Pegasister12

171 People who make jokes about private parts

I'm dead serious. It's not funny. It's the way we grow.

STOP TALKING ABOUT US! Waaahha! My testicle's gonna hurt because of you bully! Waaahhhaaa! - SwampertBABY

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172 People who judge by appearance

Your appearance doesn't matter

173 Close-Minded People

Those are also known as the "Traditional Teachers"

174 Prankers

I love to pull pranks but not in school. Like I may scare someone but some people take it WAY to far!

They r absolutkldfsff

175 Students who make fun of the teachers

Teachers are also suffering because of low payment. If you know this, than you know that Students aren't the only ones who are suffering. But I don't blame the Students, because to them, the teacher is essentially adding to all of their problems.

As long as it's in secret, it's cool.

Teachers suck, whoever added this is a big nerdy suck up.

Those people rule! The one who added this may be a TEACHER'S ANNOYING PET. Teachers are bullsht. - SwampertBABY

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176 Students who make fun of other people

They think it's funny to make fun of others and make them feel like crap, but they don't think it's very funny when it's done to them. If they can't handle it, they need to quit dishing it out on others.

Yeah nice job assuming someone's mental state and stigmatizing mental illness jackass. - JakePlaid

177 People who start food fights
178 People who make out in public

When I see these people they remind me of how lonely I am - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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179 People who want to cause trouble
180 People who scratch their private parts in public

You know balls stick to your leg when you sweat so sometimes you must adjust them

With a name like the pinkie master, I'm surprised you don't

Do people actually DO THAT?! -_- - Goatworlds

No, I don't, shuddup

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