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1 Onision

Onision does warn his viewers before all his videos and does say that all the things he does/says are strictly for entertainment purposes. I'm not saying you HAVE to find his videos entertaining, but at least give him credit for being a teeny bit thoughtful. I'm just sharing my opinion like everyone else so please don't devour me...

Onision is just a useless hypocrite

I like Onision he keeps it real and doesn't sugar coat things and that has proved to help me in a lot of different situations so sorry if you're too sensitive to handle him lol

I can't stand how he's pretending to help while shamelessly exploiting and harassing mentally ill people like Eugenia Cooney. He's not as honest as he claims to be, making false promises and then breaking them, all while feeling so clever. He's a body shaming hypocrite with double standards, constantly contradicting himself.

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2 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

He's unfunny, unoriginal, downright offensive, and his fans are so blindly obsessed and overly-sensitive that it makes me sick. I hate Pewdiepie more than Onision, iJustine, RayWilliamJohnson and Tobuscus COMBINED.

I can't believe you say that he's worse than bloody Onision. You haven't even heard of the stuff that Onision says. - Mumbizz01

I'm surprised that he even has subs, he's not funny. He is a general dumbass, and his channel just sucks. - Horrible_Username

He SO deserves #1 spot. He has too much subscribers. He is also SO overrated.

He is the best Youtuber ever all you people that said he is not are wronge because he has a lot of subscribers so you are wronge.

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3 Sam Pepper Sam Pepper

Oh, I really hate you. You sexually assaulted people, did a killing best friend prank,(Sam, Colby, I'm so sorry your friends with him) and so much more. I really want to throw you off a building. (Sam as in Sam and Colby not Sam pepper.)

How is pewdiepie worse than a rapist?!?!

I am confused to why a serial rapist is not #1

Shouldn't be on YouTube - untalented, unfunny, rapist assclown - can't think of a worse person (Well except Logan Paul anyways, Sam Pepper comes a close second to him)

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4 SkyDoesMinecraft

Last time I checked, everyone is complaining about him not being child friendly. Around this time, any swearing on his MAIN channel has been bleeped out because he has a son now. Some people of the fan base are annoying but also think, YouTube is a 13+ site, not for nine year olds, so he isn't supposed to be child friendly.

I dunno, I kinda used to be a fan, but as time went on you can obviously see how formulaic the whole channel has become, not to mention he changes who he plays with, so we may enjoy them and their dynamics, but then he changes it, and doesn't give enough time for me to like the new people. Not to mention its such a big channel, and bigger channels annoy me because they don't listen to fans as much, and they may lower down their quality and eventually lose their integrity until, they become unfunny, which has happened to him.

Skydoesminecraft used to be good his old role plays were awesome like maze runner and roommates season 1 and 2. Then it went bad he started making promises and they end up not coming like he said maze runner season 2 is coming in 2 weeks its been 3 years still none. His videos became so boring he kicked out jin and ross out of the office even though they were the funniest characters. I'm glad he left

Even though some kids that are 13+ still act dumb without an a excuse from being mental, They do start supporting SkyDoesMinecraft a lot, To the point it goes corrupted. - SandwichSWAT

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5 LeafyisHere

It's ironic how leafy's videos revolve around "cringe " when he has one of the most irritatingly obnoxious fanbases on the whole of YouTube. He'll make fun of some guy with autism until he damn near runs him off the site but ignore his fanbase being a bunch of snot-nosed halfwits yelling "go drink bleach hiss" at everything they don't like. Leafy's videos themselves are boring as, if I wanted to hear some reedy voiced twerp play a video game and say dumb about "autism this" and "cancer that", I'd go to a high school anime club meeting. His videos don't even suck because they're "not positive and offensive" (though that doesn't help), they suck because they're just 20 minutes of "this guy's a cringy cancerous oh my god guys he's a grown man" with half the video being leafy going on pointless tangents. This flat-faced probably got relentlessly bullied in high school or some because all of a sudden when he pulls up that trial ...more - biggchungo

His fans and his comments annoy me so much... and why does he get so many views? He exploits people and always says stupid and offensive things, including making light off cancer and autism. That pisses me off. And that HISS thing is annoying

I don't like him because first, he's rude, second, he's obnoxious, third, he makes me cringe more than the actual people he's insulting, and fourth, he needs new cameras.

His ego gets hyper in each video, And becomes more and more annoying as he gets more subscribers.. - SandwichSWAT

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6 Smosh Smosh Smosh is an American sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony Padilla created a website called in 2002. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox.

I love Smosh, they are hilarious and they know who their audience is and how to amuse them. I think that they are just trying to have fun with their jobs and amuse their fans. I personally think that they are amazing, but other people might have other opinions and that's okay, I am just stating mine.

Smosh was good back then. Then it got acquired by a company and things just went downhill. You go over to watch a new Smosh video, and you expect it to simply be Ian and Anthony. Then you see all these other people and NOT Ian and Anthony, and you're like "WHAT IS THIS?! " It's not even funny anymore. Anthony left, which made the channel take an even bigger dip. Soon Ian is gonna leave and it's just gonna be the company, and then soon it'll be gone.

I know a lot of people have said this already, but it's the truth: They were great a few years ago. Now they are the equivalent of two 75 year old men reflecting on their college party years. Smosh was awesome back in 2013, 2014 now they fall flat, if you will. Once ever so often, I'll watch a couple of their old videos, but for the most part, it's time to hang it up guys. You had your fun Ian and Anthony, move on.

Never watched them, but they look really stupid. - lannypetersong

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7 Annoying Orange

This should be number 1. Its not annoying its ugly and not even funny anymore. And did everyone tell him what a toothbrush is?

The guy who said British people have bad teeth is a racist

Look I know this channel is bad but there are much worse youtubers this channel is meant for entertainment purposes only - Gh_player

Should be number 1

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8 Fred Fred

High voice and really annoying! Thank god he died out.

He hate more for his movies and shows, it just was more showily awful.

It's not fair to put someone who hasn't posted videos in 6 years on here. Please try to keep relevant people on here (People who have posted within the last year)

I choke my chicken to his voice

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9 Jake Paul Jake Paul

He's one of the most egotistical people to come on YouTube. How does he have millions of subscribers? No wonder he was fired from Disney.

He is so stupid

How is this guy not number 1

He is a gay lord

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10 The Game Theorists The Game Theorists The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that centers around gaming. They have shows such as: Game Theory, The Science of, Sidequesting and Digressing, Crossover, Game Change, Culture Shock and a Brief History. This channel is mainly argued against for their game theory content.

I don't think game theory is a valid source. they have stated that wario is 10 ft. tall, and yes that is a long time ago, but there is more.

In the video about peachs kidnaps being faked, he said Mario should do something about Bowser. but what CAN you do against someone who survived a black hole in galaxy 2? Not to mention, he used brawl as a measurement source, which is a very retarded idea. and as stated by defawfulizer, Mario is NOT mental, I repeat, NOT MENTAL.

He also stated that rosalinas mother is peach, WHICH IS NOT TRUE. they wear different clothes, which is, in fact, a valid argument. how many times did you see a Mario character change clothes? Huh? E. gadd wore the same clothes SINCE Mario WAS A BABY as seen in partners in time. the ONLY person who EVER changed clothes (excluding Mario and luigi no longer wearing diapers) is toadsworth, but that is just to distinguish him from older toadsworth. not to mention that the eyes of every single mushroom kingdom ...more

Game Theory is one of the most overrated YouTuber channels. He has a fanbase of zombies that believe anything he says and MatPat makes critical research fails. How about the time he said that no Peach Toy exists in the Mario Is Mental video when in his OWN VIDEO it shows one. He seems to cherry pick evidence, for example in Mario Is Mental's Mario is Punching Yoshi. Not only is he pointing, but this animation is in ONE GAME. In the NSMB games, we CLEARLY see he isn't punching Yoshi. He also lies to his zombie audience by making ridiculous statements. "They said Rosalina and Peach are not related and Hayashida himself pulled the plug on it, hoping the reference be removed, but we know better." Um...HE CONFIRMED THEY ARE NOT RELATED! He also tries to put himself on a higher pedestal by bragging about events with other youtubers and himself. MatPat is annoying and beginning to piss me off more and more after every video he makes. - DCfnaf

Dude, just chill. Yeah, he can be incorrect. Yes, he can cherry pick evidence. HOWEVER, when you're trying to prove a point, you usually leave out the stuff that discredits you. Unless you can tell me that you have never told someone about some sort of argument you've had without leaving out a least one or two details where you were a jerk, I don't want to here about his "awful" cherry picking ways. I appreciate how you care enough to support your statements with valid evidence, however, I think the point is, who cares? Everyone is going to try and make themselves look better than they are, humans are just naturally that way. It's fine for you to dislike him, just try not to diss the people who do for liking some game science show. - wowthisisstupid

These guys' theories are stupid and obviously not true. The universe will have ended by the time these guys prove a theory right. And I'm surprised that they haven't done a theory called "Is Mario's Nose a POTATO? "

Not the worst, but overrated. Not a fan by the way. - lannypetersong

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11 Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media entertainer and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine, in which the athletic Paul engages in physical comedy, including slapstick pratfalls and public splits.

I really hope this piece of garbage gets his channel deleted after that dead body video he posted. It's probably not going to happen, seeing as how YouTube put it #10 on Trending and his apology video was #1 on Trending. YouTube needs a serious upheaval of its guidelines after this. What this speck of mucus did was unforgivable, and YouTube needs to stop supporting people who do things like this. - phillysports

Deserves to be in the top 3. After posting that video of a dead body on YouTube and making jokes about it, he is seriously messed up. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

After that "suicide forest" video this disgusting waste of oxygen should never show his face anywhere on YouTube ever again. - PlanetDeadwing

After that dead body video, I grew hatred on him! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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12 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius was born in Oklahoma . Jacob is a singer known for his top 90 hit Sweatshirt, which amassed over a million YouTube dislikes in less than a year, and other singles ABC remix and musical .ly clips. Jacob Sarorius has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media.

Another stupid kid who fell into a ton of money too soon in his life without working for it at all. Terrible singer and his dance moves are bad.

You could've used a pleasing photo of him, if there is one. - 906389

There isn't a good photo of him on here, unless you want to look at a nerd with glasses that are bigger than his head. - JakePlaid

How to be famous, step one, be rich, step two, hire people to edit, step three, lip sync, step four screw everything up and make your so called music sound like a dying baby that fell onto a dying cow giving birth to another dying cow and add the word sweatshirt somewhere in there

I hate him and his ugly face peirod.

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13 Tobuscus

He is really immature. Videos are pointless and steals money if his fans to make a wizard game worth 20$ or something. He fans are a bunch of 6 year olds who just got an Internet connection and would not know comedy if it hit them in the face.

He used to be good, now all of his videos are 1-5 minute highlights. I know he's busy.

I find his videos funny. His name sounds like the word proboscis.

Never watched this channel, but the name sounds really annoying. - lannypetersong

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14 DramaAlert

He's a cancer. That word gets thrown around so much nowadays, but he's said and done some that could potentially make the people he's targeted want to kill themselves. That's not cool. He leaks people's personal information against their will like it's not illegal and talks about it as such, he's a racist, a woman beater, etc. If you could name something messed up, odds are he's done or is it.

He should be 1. He invades other YouTubers privacy. - Yebet321

Oh gosh, I can't stand this guy, He sits their near his microphone making our lives harder talking about how dumb peoples hardships are... - SandwichSWAT

Killer Keemstar: Hello! Making fun of youtubers nation I am your host, a guy that more mean the kevin from Ed Edd and Eddy but lets get right into the news! Our story: I hate Youtubers. The end.

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15 Shane Dawson Shane Dawson

I just wish he wouldn't joke about serious issues, I've lost friends to suicide and school shootings and had a friend get molested, so it's not funny to me :( other than that he really isn't that bad, he always (or at least usually) has a positive message in his videos, but he still could tone it down a bit

I've seen all of his thumbnails and titles and they're all the same, for example: HOW TO BE A PIMP with a big breasted woman and himself with a happy face in the thumbnail. Also, in this article in encyclopaedia dramatica that is about him says that he has a video he made about his grandma dying quite recently, he wept openly, my grandma is still alive and she's only in her 60's, but if she died when I make a YouTube account, I would just be sad but I won't cry because it will probably embarass me, but if I did I will probably cut it out. Anyway, I can't even watch a video on his vlog channel.

He isn't just about sex and inappropriate stuff he actually hardly makes videos about it now he does stuff like doing real entertainment. Come on that was 2013 shane

SO uninteresting...How was he popular? - lannypetersong

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16 JustinBieberVEVO JustinBieberVEVO

Has broken the law more than 4 times hates his fans self absorbed drama king and his music sucks

Deport him back to Canada permanently. He is a psychopath and talentless. Why is this Ellen Degeneres doppelganger famous? He can't dance, sing, or simply exist well or worth a damn. He is a culture vulture who doesn't have an identity. Can he go were Vanilla Ice went, please?!

I'm questioning why he's on here now... HIs music sucked in 2009-2013, But It's actually gotten better, He the person still sucks, But his music isn't that bad now...

He sucks. please sent him to jail permanently

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17 Keemstar Keemstar

I hate Keemstar. He acts like a man who doesn't understand how to peel a banana and secretly dates 172 girls.

He is so bad he is on this list twice.

Keemstar and Onison are the hands down the worst Youtubers on the planet.

Never heard of him, but boy is he ugly. - lannypetersong

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18 kidsreact

Those 6 year olds dissed the Game Boy

Kids don't usually act like that. In kids react, most of them are rude, annoying, and not cute. It was okay in 2011, but then now it seems completely forced. Also, their title for kids react is awful, not all of them are little 6 year old brats screaming at a title intro. I mean, not all the kids are bad, the ones I'm fine with are the older ones and the younger ones are just plain out FORCED.

They are just carrying on what they started, every reaction video ever made came from their idea its not greedy they are showing everyone how sometimes even kids can have a better reaction to some thing then grown adults and we should respect them because they are actually sometimes right

The kids are so stupid and ignorant in these videos and the teenagers are even worse! How are they so popular?! Great to watch if you like watching BuzzFeed looking kids make dumbass comments about things they know nothing about. Makes me ashamed to be a teenager! - lannypetersong

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19 WatchMojo

WatchMojo has the most un-funny, predictable, useless and un-necessary YouTube content I've seen on the website. They milk annoying trends until a new one pops up, and they also have the most aggravating voice actors ever, in fact, I'm not sure they're voice actors at all. From how they sound, I'd believe they use text-to-speech.

Here's the reason why they suck: They post 5 videos every day. Let's be logical here. There are seven days in a week. If WatchMojo posts five videos every day in the week, they post *35* videos a week. - ElijahMovieFan

How are they not in the top 10? (You can take that as a joke or seriously I don't care) - Picky

WatchMojo has the most annoying lists ever! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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20 RayWilliamJohnson

Ray William Johnson just sucks! He's done so little work in his videos and has gotten so much fame for them. I've never thought I'd seen someone accomplish so much by doing so little.

Very greedy man. He's took his money and ran and left some punk kid in charge of =3 now.

Ray William Johnson is ANNOYING

Just stop with the dick jokes

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21 nicolearbour

She lies, she abused matthew, and thinks she's so funny. She even thinks people are trying to silence comedy because of the petitions to get her off YouTube. Her only supporters are accounts she's set up to make herself look good. - Sunflowerswag

She should kill herself - TwilightKitsune

We just need to stop watching her videos, if we do, she's gonna keep going, if nobody watches then, hopefully she will stop - Sanicball

Nobody likes her - Puppytart

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22 iJustine

She made money from profiting off of people who were suffering from malaria.

She is so cool

Ijustine is amazing dude!

People only like her cause she's hot. - lannypetersong

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23 OneDirectionVEVO

Don't even get me started on them...

I'm a guy and I don't like 5SOS or 1D at all, but Jesus Christ guys... They're human beings... Stop saying they should kill themselves and that they're best... Yes, their entire purpose is to make money, but come on. It's an occupation. You're always trying to make money when you're you have a job. Just because they're famous, and they're mildly attractive to 14 year old girls, you have to criticize them? I do dislike them, a lot, but at least I don't think they're one of the worst YouTube channels.

I hate one direction as much as the next guy, but really? They're not YouTubers, which is what this list is about. Maybe vote for actual YouTubers next time, jesus.

Why is a VEVO here lmao - citizenerased

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24 Vegan Gains

I don't know I think he's funny that dressing like other people stuff can probably stop.

Anything vegan I automatically dislike, unless it's a cringe compilation. - lannypetersong

He's a vegan extremist

There vegan

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Shaycarl is an obnoxious egomaniac who exploits his over the top "happiness" and kids for money, can't take care of his pets and keeps pushing his Mormon cult on people

I don't understand how anyone can find this channel entertaining.

They are so annoying!

RETARDS - lannypetersong

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26 Smosh 2nd Channel

This is just like the 1st one with sexually humor

Another smosh channel taken over by that damn company.

Not smosh again

They have 2 cancerous channels?! NOO! - lannypetersong

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27 MattyBRaps

You know that high pitched scream FRED became famous for? Imagine that, without stopping, for 5 minutes. That's what we call "MattyBRaps". His music can be used in CIA interrogations for terrorists. Don't worry, music isn't all that he makes. He also makes videos of him trying to roast people like Ricegum. Notice how I said "trying". The comebacks he makes are between "pathetic" and "completely cringe worthy". A 5 year old can drop a bowl of Alphabet soup and still end up with a better comeback. I predict that Matty will end up like Justin Bieber in his future. Except he will never have even one decent song and have more haters.

Wow, I don't even care if I should be trying to reason with you right now about how you're over reacting 'cause that's just the type of awful person I am, because, just damn. MattyBRaps might as well be a thanksgiving turkey. Plain roasted. - wowthisisstupid

I hate how he changes the lyrics to the songs, and he just plain sucks and he can't rap.

This guy thinks he is so cool. He is annoying! - EpicJake


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28 OfficialSkrillex

Hate dubstep? Don't come here then.


His music is awfull

Skrillex is AIDS - lannypetersong

29 Howtobasic

Why are random videos of some guy squashing food together and peeing on things so popular? Is the Internet really this immature?

His channel has gone on way too long and the running joke of being a destructive, food-wasting psychopath has gone from mildly amusing to so moronic and infantile that it's something to behold. I don't think there is a channel out there like HTB with so many videos involving the same monotonous and predictable.

He does stupid things like putting couches on fire and denting his own car but he's definitely going downhill really fast.

Don't even know what this is. - lannypetersong

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30 Jinx

He essentially steals other people's content. His reactions are also forced and awful. He sucks at reactions, which is impressive considering it takes no talent at all. He is a talentless hack who leaches off of the success of funnier people.

He hates anime so I hate him

An ass that makes money off of other people's work. How can amazing, legitimate channels like I Hate Everything be taken down because of YouTube's copyright system (which is broken enough already) when they didn't do anything wrong, yet people like Jinx who are actually abusing YT's copyright system stay up?! Screw Jinx and his channel. And SCREW REACTION VIDEOS (Except FineBros and H3H3. They cut out the parts where they stare at the screen doing nothing, unlike Jinx, Rashad, ETC).

Screw Jinx, Rashad The Reactor, and most reaction channels (except h3h3 and Chadtronic). And screw the Fine Bros, too.

31 Xtrojan Reincarnated

This should be number 1. He makes unnecessary VIOLENT videos out of users that don't deserve them using Mortal Kombat, and he even made quite a few people mad. - imacg4

This guy has some anger issues -TheTMNTFan

32 Misha/Mishovy Silenosti

Why the heck is he so low? Higher please! His songs are stupid and his dance moves are worse then drake. Look at his father (Billy the fridge) I'm pretty sure they're not related. His dad is a thick potato and Misha's a skinny wrench.

His songs suck dance moves suck he wants meat eaters to DIE wow this kid is like the worst

Apparently Misha wants to kill anyone who is not vegan. And he swears too much.

"I am ze voice of ze children."

That Pokemon Go song is the spawn of Satan, I swear.. - Absolite

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33 EvanTubeHD

This kid is such a brat with no life. He makes videos about him going to stores nobody cares what he does. He doesn't deserve that much subscribers not even one! I'm glad that he got underwear for Christmas 2016. He looked disappointed because he expected toys, toys, toys! He already has hundreds of toys already probably he reviews it and leaves it lying around like garbage. He is a moron who is greedy.

Annoying kid, a brat who pretends he brings anything new to his so called "reviews" they're PATHETIC AND BORING. Profits of the release of new movies (Star Wars Vii) by pretending he likes that stuff

He is a 9 year old kid. He is annoying. Why does he have 1000000 subscribers? He is just stupid. - EpicJake

Aw, are you jealous that he has more toys and money than you because he's a kid and his channel is SO boring. Yeah that's what I thought. If you put him on this list for that reason, you're dumb.

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34 RiceGum RiceGum

Why... just why is he like this

Did it feel good though?

I hate him so much. screw you ricegum.

Flexing on his own fans and claiming that he does flex
Roasted TheOdd1sOut for making jokes about him
Irrelevant... 6M Subs

I don't even know what to say. He deserves higher - arsenn

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35 TheFineBros

Can we stop pretending these guys are good. They aren't talented and the reaction are fake

I thought they were decent... Then they started the 'REACT WORLD' project.

Why are they on here? That's crazy

REACT is so stupid. - lannypetersong

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36 SuperMarioLogan SuperMarioLogan

Why is he on here I really like his videos

Why isn't he #1? I love politically incorrect humor but I can't stand him! I hope he gets kicked off of YouTube and burns in hell!

He is just terrible because he uses the same characters in every video and cannot give us a video with something new like Mario and Luigi Stupid Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 4. It has been 2 years since episode 3 was posted. His channel went downhill in 2014 and his fans are butthurt 8 years olds.

This picture just looks so pitiful.

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37 Super Minecraft Kid

Super Minecraft kid has been proven a troll

I don't get why he's here. He may have got us good in the beginning, but this channel was then proved as a troll channel and so its purely a satire channel and I don't know why this is still here.

I've never watched anything by him, but the words "minecraft" and "kid" are in his username, so I'll just vote and assume.

Had my headphones on lowest volume while watching his videos.

My family said they heard weird scream noises.

That’s how bad he is, despite being a troll.

Not to mention that because of him, people made tons of offensive jokes about cancer and autism - Lunala

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38 DanTDM DanTDM

He seems like a nice guy, but there is an issue I'm putting down: You can't go anywhere on YouTube without seeing one of his thumbnails. But then again, if someone remotely says that they're not too keen on DanTDM, they'll get attacked with rage from 5 - 10 year olds. (please don't kill me)

39 Mcjuggernuggets

This man-child is the epitome of cancer. Deceptive, a liar, fake content, manipulative, annoying, and cancerous overall. His channel needs to be shut down.

I want to beat the crap out of this guy. - RalphBob

He left YouTube to join Red Sun Entertainment.

Damn its getting higher and higher. Glad I added this on this list when I didn't had account - P-51IsDaBest

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40 Super Junior TV

What do I have to say? This YouTuber is the most disgraceful crap I have seen... IK there are more inappropriate channels that say they are for KIDS. But this is the worst... I HOPE THIS PERSON CAN GET TERMINATED. - BlueSheepYT


Google elsagate if you want to know what it means. - Lunala

41 sxephil

I HATE Phillip DeFranco.

42 ItsRucka

This guy is funny as hell remove it

I love his songs, remove this from the list!

He is very racist but sometimes I just can't help laughing so I'll give him a break. - AlphaQ

Love Rucka - TheOneMan

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43 Ehthangamertv

All he does is do roblox minecraft and all that rubbish. He laughs at himself talking when there's nothing going on and most of his subs are just kids that don't understand the difference between good channels and bad channels

This kid is a brat... I know I am only 11 but this kid is spoilt and his videos are boring. Take a look at his bedroom, it's so large and expensive, me and my sister absolutely hate this kid!

Me and my brother hate this channel. Finally! Something we have in common! - MLPFan


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44 DSPGaming (DarksydePhil)

Why this guy isn't on the list astonishes me. He is one of the worst Let's Players on YouTube and one of the most unfunny YouTubers I have come across on this website. He deserves to be on this list for 5 reasons:

5: He says some of the most biased claims I have ever seen. Most people on YouTube would usually think twice before saying something online, but I don't even think that DSP even knows how to think. Around 2013, he made a vlog talking about why he used a camcorder to record his playthroughs and he said that "recording with a capture card, that's not gaming to me." A few weeks after that, Phil started to record with a capture card, making him a hypocrite. He also made a video where he said that facecams are terrible, yet he used facecams a little while after that.

4: He blocks people for giving him criticism about his videos. Blocking people for being bullies to you online isn't bad, but straight-up blocking them for giving their opinions is just plain ...more

It's sad that his anti-videos, fail compilation videos, and his comment section are far superior in content and humor than his actual videos - HensilFilms

This guy should be much higher on this list. I can't believe that a person so racist, so sexist, and so horrible at video games would be so low. This guy is more hypocritical than Onision, he got banned from Blip.T.V. for playing as a "Nazi" hunting down "Jews" in Dead Space 3, he's a pedophile(he dated PandaLee since she was 16), he bashes his fans who gives him constructed criticism, and HE CAN'T PLAY VIDEO GAMES. - HensilFilms

He insults his fans and doesn't get that the kaernk is invisible

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45 MysteryMeat123
46 JoeDaddy 505

Rapist who should be dead. Hope he gets raped in the ass with a pineapple in hell

47 PinkSheep

He tried to take over Minecraft several times, he mistreats his wife, his son and best friends, he never shaves that stupid moustache and he can't keep a video popular for more than a month? That's a SERIOUS failing!

I can't how count how many times I have received death threats from this fanbase

Destroy this character and fanbase with a bomb - BlueBobYT

Exploding TNT was funny before this pile of turd came along.

His fans are minecraft/roblox fanboys and usually play Jailbreak on roblox. If you kill them they will say:
“HACKER! ” or “ your ####### ### MY BROTHER IS A SECRET ADMIN HE WILL ####### BAN YOU! ”

If you hate on Pink Sheep they will say:

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48 IGN IGN IGN is a San Francisco–based games and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of j2 Global and wholly owned by Ziff Davis.

They once took Valve's "Expiration Date" video and didn't credit Valve and changed the name... Let that sink in.

They crap out like 50 videos daily so no wonder they're on this list

IGN said Sonic was never good... You gotta be kidding me... - BlueBobYT

Video game trailers - lannypetersong

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49 Simply Nailogical

I want to like her. and I think I do...but she makes me cringe pretty hard. She like can't not speak in an accent or weird affectation. It's like she's really uncomfortable just speaking on camera. I hate it.

Isn't she the girl who ripped off Jenna Marbles?

She's ok, I like her, but she can be kinda cringy, which would make her audience younger, but she curses and talks about porn, so I don't know

Curses too much. She literally drops more swear words than South Park and Wolf Of Wall Street combined. She is always rambling on about porn and “holo” and her fandom is the embodiment of hell. heR fAns SPeAk LikE tHiS because they think it’s “rAndOm.” The “holosexuals” (what the simplynailogical fans are called) have reached a large level of stupidity.

“its nOt hOlO iTs uGlY”
“proud holosexual! XDD”
“Where da phans and holosexuals at? ”
- what all her fans say on every video

Her fans also have usernames like “My Chemical Twenty-Øne Panic! Phan Crybaby Pilot’s Romance At The Holosexual Slime ASMR Disco” - Lunala

50 DaddyOFive

These parents really need to take a good look at themselves and realise how horrible their actions towards the children are. I feel really sorry for those kids for what they had to go through, especially Cody. I've tried watching their videos in their entirety, but I can't. I'm shocked and appalled at what I had just witnessed There's no sign of any love or compassion between any of the family members. Just fear, pain, distress and complete utter bullying. These guys do not deserve to have children if they keep using them as punching bags. Absolutely disgusting. I hope these kids are well and truly loved and cared for like what all of us deserve.

This guy's a jerk! Those 2 don't deserve kids if that's what they're going to do. I just don't understand this AT ALL! - TheTMNTFan

WHAT!?!?! ONLY 121? This is just a disgrace that shouldn't exist... - BlueSheepYT

This channel is the product of inbreeding. - lannypetersong

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