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21 MattyBRaps

You know that high pitched scream FRED became famous for? Imagine that, without stopping, for 5 minutes. That's what we call "MattyBRaps". His music can be used in CIA interrogations for terrorists. Don't worry, music isn't all that he makes. He also makes videos of him trying to roast people like Ricegum. Notice how I said "trying". The comebacks he makes are between "pathetic" and "completely cringe worthy". A 5 year old can drop a bowl of Alphabet soup and still end up with a better comeback. I predict that Matty will end up like Justin Bieber in his future. Except he will never have even one decent song and have more haters.

Wow, I don't even care if I should be trying to reason with you right now about how you're over reacting 'cause that's just the type of awful person I am, because, just damn. MattyBRaps might as well be a thanksgiving turkey. Plain roasted. - wowthisisstupid

I hate how he changes the lyrics to the songs, and he just plain sucks and he can't rap.

This guy thinks he is so cool. He is annoying! - EpicJake

Bad person

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22 iJustine

She made money from profiting off of people who were suffering from malaria.

Ijustine is amazing dude!

She is so cool

Hate her

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23 EvanTubeHD

This kid is such a brat with no life. He makes videos about him going to stores nobody cares what he does. He doesn't deserve that much subscribers not even one! I'm glad that he got underwear for Christmas 2016. He looked disappointed because he expected toys, toys, toys! He already has hundreds of toys already probably he reviews it and leaves it lying around like garbage. He is a moron who is greedy.

Annoying kid, a brat who pretends he brings anything new to his so called "reviews" they're PATHETIC AND BORING. Profits of the release of new movies (Star Wars Vii) by pretending he likes that stuff

He is a 9 year old kid. He is annoying. Why does he have 1000000 subscribers? He is just stupid. - EpicJake

That Guy Is Just So Boring

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24 Smosh 2nd Channel

This is just like the 1st one with sexually humor

Please don't hate too much on people.

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25 Vegan Gains

I don't know I think he's funny that dressing like other people stuff can probably stop.

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Shaycarl is an obnoxious egomaniac who exploits his over the top "happiness" and kids for money, can't take care of his pets and keeps pushing his Mormon cult on people

I don't understand how anyone can find this channel entertaining.

They are so annoying!


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27 OfficialSkrillex

Hate dubstep? Don't come here then.


His music is awfull

28 Howtobasic

Why are random videos of some guy squashing food together and peeing on things so popular? Is the Internet really this immature?

His channel has gone on way too long and the running joke of being a destructive, food-wasting psychopath has gone from mildly amusing to so moronic and infantile that it's something to behold. I don't think there is a channel out there like HTB with so many videos involving the same monotonous and predictable.

Lol people like it because it's unique and funny I think this guy is rich

I... HATE HowToBasic! This One Is EASILY MY Number 1 WORST Youtuber!

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29 Jinx

He essentially steals other people's content. His reactions are also forced and awful. He sucks at reactions, which is impressive considering it takes no talent at all. He is a talentless hack who leaches off of the success of funnier people.

An ass that makes money off of other people's work. How can amazing, legitimate channels like I Hate Everything be taken down because of YouTube's copyright system (which is broken enough already) when they didn't do anything wrong, yet people like Jinx who are actually abusing YT's copyright system stay up?! Screw Jinx and his channel. And SCREW REACTION VIDEOS (Except FineBros and H3H3. They cut out the parts where they stare at the screen doing nothing, unlike Jinx, Rashad, ETC).

Screw Jinx, Rashad The Reactor, and most reaction channels (except h3h3 and Chadtronic). And screw the Fine Bros, too.

30 Misha/Mishovy Silenosti

Why the heck is he so low? Higher please! His songs are stupid and his dance moves are worse then drake. Look at his father (Billy the fridge) I'm pretty sure they're not related. His dad is a thick potato and Misha's a skinny wrench.

His songs suck dance moves suck he wants meat eaters to DIE wow this kid is like the worst

Apparently Misha wants to kill anyone who is not vegan. And he swears too much.

"I am ze voice of ze children."

That Pokemon Go song is the spawn of Satan, I swear.. - Absolite

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31 Xtrojan Reincarnated

This should be number 1. He makes unnecessary VIOLENT videos out of users that don't deserve them using Mortal Kombat, and he even made quite a few people mad. - imacg4

32 Screen Rant

Awful and terrible - VideoGamefan5

* Clickbait
* Awful disney videos
* Their facts are not even right
* Biased
* Even worse than Watchmojo
What is this channel doing at 32nd? why don't we vote him up to the top 20's.

33 TOYS in Japan

Hey, it seems we've finally drawn some recognition to this cringe channel. What's worse about them is their knack for disturbing Five Finger families that are clearly meant to piggyback off of the fame of known personalities like Trump or Pewdiepie. Where in the world did they get the idea to make a five finger family videos of dinosaurs with Trump or Pewdiepie's face anyways? And quit making videos of my favorite things. Hopefully, if they haven't done it, they'll leave one of my favorite games (Shovel Knight) untouched. - SilverJ17

They post pretty much the exact same video everyday, just with a few things switched.

This is nightmare worthy cringe.

The sad thing is, some little kid out there is growing up with these videos. - The01Bro

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34 Super Minecraft Kid

Super Minecraft kid has been proven a troll

I don't get why he's here. He may have got us good in the beginning, but this channel was then proved as a troll channel and so its purely a satire channel and I don't know why this is still here.

I've never watched anything by him, but the words "minecraft" and "kid" are in his username, so I'll just vote and assume.

So bad it (he can't be human, so it is an it) appears on this list twice...
As much as it is better than any Snapchat user by long shot (no exaggeration, all Snapchat users are extremely worse than super minecraft kid because the part Snapchat users tried hardest at was extracting the RAR archive Snapchat came in) and he helped shed light on all channels that play Minecraft that are hosted by kids. But the quality of his content is bad!
Does he deserve to be on this list twice? - url8

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35 Mcjuggernuggets

This man-child is the epitome of cancer. Deceptive, a liar, fake content, manipulative, annoying, and cancerous overall. His channel needs to be shut down.

Damn its getting higher and higher. Glad I added this on this list when I didn't had account - P-51IsDaBest

I want to beat the crap out of this guy. - RalphBob

He left YouTube to join Red Sun Entertainment.

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36 sxephil V 1 Comment
37 ItsRucka

This guy is funny as hell remove it

I love his songs, remove this from the list!

His videos are hilarious. - ElijahMovieFan

He's racist, unfunny and hypocritical. Should be number 1 - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

38 Mariotehplumber

This guy is an ass. I understand you are a Rosalina Hater (and a mentally ill one at that. How is this guy not at a mental institution? ) but why the hell did you buy all the ammibos for Rosalina? Are you dumb or something (Well not really you're just mental). Just keep pissing people off and getting them angry so you get more infamy. Next you'll take down a school of children because they're all fans of Rosalina. You're a screwed up little snowflake. - DCfnaf

John Burris (Mariotehplumber) is a famous internet troll who hates the Modern look of Sonic the Hedgehog and also hates Modern Nintendo. He swears every 2 words, he is also racist (He calls Knuckles the N word) and sexist. Ever since he started watching Yo-Kai Watch he has been acting different lately and hasn't been uploading videos.

I'm suprised he isn't here - ikerevievs

Mariotehplumber is not my YouTuber. He plays Sonic more than Mario. Swears and stuff. Also whats even more worst is that he is the person who loves Rosalina Amiibos so the Rosalina fans will not get their Rosalina Amiibos - bugger

39 SuperMarioLogan

Why is he on here I really like his videos

He is just terrible because he uses the same characters in every video and cannot give us a video with something new like Mario and Luigi Stupid Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 4. It has been 2 years since episode 3 was posted. His channel went downhill in 2014 and his fans are butthurt 8 years olds.

Come on! Super Mario Logan is so annoying. He just does is do the ooot sound in every video.

I actually like sml.
(Please don't kill me but I respect your opinions because opinions are what make people human) - Vestalis

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40 Stampylonghead

I can't stand him! My stupid brother loves him and his pity pal something Squid (I forgot his name) and they are the dumbest people ever! All they do is build stuff and talk about random with their happy go lucky English accents. The only thing I like about him is that he is kid friendly, unlike the other annoying gamers on his favorite YouTuber lists.

Boring as heck! When was the last time he curse? Yeah that's what I thought,! Know that he knows 9 year olds watch him, So he doesn't curse, And he just builds things, very boring

His videos are actually good, even though I don't watch them anymore. He plays good adventure maps and has a good Lovely World.

That terrible voice I can't stand him

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