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41 Super Junior TV

What do I have to say? This YouTuber is the most disgraceful crap I have seen... IK there are more inappropriate channels that say they are for KIDS. But this is the worst... I HOPE THIS PERSON CAN GET TERMINATED. - BlueSheepYT


Google elsagate if you want to know what it means. - Lunala

42 sxephil

I HATE Phillip DeFranco.

43 ItsRucka

This guy is funny as hell remove it

I love his songs, remove this from the list!

He is very racist but sometimes I just can't help laughing so I'll give him a break. - AlphaQ

His videos are hilarious. - ElijahMovieFan

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44 Mariotehplumber

This guy is an ass. I understand you are a Rosalina Hater (and a mentally ill one at that. How is this guy not at a mental institution? ) but why the hell did you buy all the ammibos for Rosalina? Are you dumb or something (Well not really you're just mental). Just keep pissing people off and getting them angry so you get more infamy. Next you'll take down a school of children because they're all fans of Rosalina. You're a screwed up little snowflake. - DCfnaf

John Burris (Mariotehplumber) is a famous internet troll who hates the Modern look of Sonic the Hedgehog and also hates Modern Nintendo. He swears every 2 words, he is also racist (He calls Knuckles the N word) and sexist. Ever since he started watching Yo-Kai Watch he has been acting different lately and hasn't been uploading videos.

I'm suprised he isn't here - ikerevievs

Mariotehplumber is not my YouTuber. He plays Sonic more than Mario. Swears and stuff. Also whats even more worst is that he is the person who loves Rosalina Amiibos so the Rosalina fans will not get their Rosalina Amiibos - bugger

45 Ehthangamertv

All he does is do roblox minecraft and all that rubbish. He laughs at himself talking when there's nothing going on and most of his subs are just kids that don't understand the difference between good channels and bad channels

This kid is a brat... I know I am only 11 but this kid is spoilt and his videos are boring. Take a look at his bedroom, it's so large and expensive, me and my sister absolutely hate this kid!

Me and my brother hate this channel. Finally! Something we have in common! - MLPFan

Defenition of bratty cancerous no-life loser dantdm fanboy poser obnoxious scumbag unfunny dirtbag immature try to be swagger worthless human stain youtuber kid.

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46 DSPGaming (DarksydePhil)

Why this guy isn't on the list astonishes me. He is one of the worst Let's Players on YouTube and one of the most unfunny YouTubers I have come across on this website. He deserves to be on this list for 5 reasons:

5: He says some of the most biased claims I have ever seen. Most people on YouTube would usually think twice before saying something online, but I don't even think that DSP even knows how to think. Around 2013, he made a vlog talking about why he used a camcorder to record his playthroughs and he said that "recording with a capture card, that's not gaming to me." A few weeks after that, Phil started to record with a capture card, making him a hypocrite. He also made a video where he said that facecams are terrible, yet he used facecams a little while after that.

4: He blocks people for giving him criticism about his videos. Blocking people for being bullies to you online isn't bad, but straight-up blocking them for giving their opinions is just plain ...more

It's sad that his anti-videos, fail compilation videos, and his comment section are far superior in content and humor than his actual videos - HensilFilms

This guy should be much higher on this list. I can't believe that a person so racist, so sexist, and so horrible at video games would be so low. This guy is more hypocritical than Onision, he got banned from Blip.T.V. for playing as a "Nazi" hunting down "Jews" in Dead Space 3, he's a pedophile(he dated PandaLee since she was 16), he bashes his fans who gives him constructed criticism, and HE CAN'T PLAY VIDEO GAMES. - HensilFilms

He insults his fans and doesn't get that the kaernk is invisible

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47 MysteryMeat123
48 JoeDaddy 505

Rapist who should be dead. Hope he gets raped in the ass with a pineapple in hell

49 Simply Nailogical

I want to like her. and I think I do...but she makes me cringe pretty hard. She like can't not speak in an accent or weird affectation. It's like she's really uncomfortable just speaking on camera. I hate it.

Isn't she the girl who ripped off Jenna Marbles?

She's ok, I like her, but she can be kinda cringy, which would make her audience younger, but she curses and talks about porn, so I don't know

Curses too much. She literally drops more swear words than South Park and Wolf Of Wall Street combined. She is always rambling on about porn and “holo” and her fandom is the embodiment of hell. heR fAns SPeAk LikE tHiS because they think it’s “rAndOm.” The “holosexuals” (what the simplynailogical fans are called) have reached a large level of stupidity.

“its nOt hOlO iTs uGlY”
“proud holosexual! XDD”
“Where da phans and holosexuals at? ”
- what all her fans say on every video

Her fans also have usernames like “My Chemical Twenty-Øne Panic! Phan Crybaby Pilot’s Romance At The Holosexual Slime ASMR Disco” - Lunala

50 PinkSheep

He tried to take over Minecraft several times, he mistreats his wife, his son and best friends, he never shaves that stupid moustache and he can't keep a video popular for more than a month? That's a SERIOUS failing!

Shut up

The fans are very stuck up. Any criticism to him/her= "HATEALERTHATERALERT"

Also, anyone who plays Minecraft is cringy

Exploding TNT was funny before this pile of turd came along.

His fans are minecraft/roblox fanboys and usually play Jailbreak on roblox. If you kill them they will say:
“HACKER! ” or “ your ####### ### MY BROTHER IS A SECRET ADMIN HE WILL ####### BAN YOU! ”

If you hate on Pink Sheep they will say:

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51 elisocray

Imagine if Durv was a grown black man with a FNAF fetish. - somelifeonaplanet

52 Gligar13Vids

He is a troll that hates every good game out there like the legend if Zelda ocarina of time and half life 2. He likes to make click bait videos also to attract mad people's attention

He is a troll and only likes games like Call of Duty! Other than that, he hates every game, even ocarina of time!

Altered Nostalgic is far worse.

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53 Glozell
54 TheDiamondMinecart

Hey! ! He's awesome

Why is Dan on the list?

His videos are actually pretty GOOD.

He is cringe

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55 Mrs. Sans

A filthy girl. Hate her and her cringe-worthy fan art.

She makes Mary-Sues and she is a rabid undertale fangirl - Lunala

56 Jacksepticeye

Sometimes he makes somewhat decent content, but most of the time he is a childish, annoying, screaming ape, that has a community so cancer, that it gave me a tumor. His community is terrible.

No, that's just his Irish accent, and the way he talks. Let's be honest, the content would be even more boring if he didn't shout. And just because the community is cancer, it is not a reason to hate him. - CatsOMG

Imagine an Irish man who yells all the time and you got Jacksepticeye.

He is awesome. Why is he here?

In all honesty I only hate when he makes cringy jokes and that INTRO AND OUTRO

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57 thatsojack
58 Grav3yardgirl

Doesn't wash or take care of herself and says she's being 'different. '

59 RiceGum RiceGum

Why... just why is he like this

Did it feel good though?

I hate him so much. screw you ricegum.

He's a douchebag. He is mean to fans and asked a rape victim if it "felt good". His diss tracks aren't even proper ones, all he dies is brag about stuff he wished he owns. - AlphaQ

60 PopularMMOS

Why do you guys like PopularMMOS so much? First of all, I hate him because all he does is uses Lucky Block stuff on every map on Minecraft. That's all, there is no other things he can do but Jen, she always goes with him and that's it, Nothing else. - bugger

I can't stand him, his voice is so annoying, he makes stupid lucky block challenges with his wife jen who is even more annoying

HOW IS POPULAR EVEN ON THIS LIST?! He makes amazing videos and doesn't even have 2mil subs yet.

He keeps playing Minecraft, also I'm sick and tired of seeing Jen die all the time.

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