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121 CookieSwirlC

I'm nine and a half and I hate her! She always plays with stupid Shopkins, she always talks about queen else and acts like everything's so exciting! I hate her so much and I hate toys and play doh and stupid stupid idiotic stuff!

These comments are saying she's a nine year and a twenty year old. That's a problem

Her voice is really annoying and she thinks everything is so exiting and cute when it isn't

Please do us a favor and quit life.

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122 Vailskibum94

His channel is terrible. He constantly complains about Teen Titans Go, and is hating on Sanjay and Craig despite it being cancelled, like a year ago.

What did he do? He just makes theories on Gravity Falls.

He has gotten worse over the years, he does not know how ripoffs work, and he's a average cartoon youtuber - MrMonkey

The Vailskibum94 Rant

Let me just say, I don’t hate the guy in real life, nor am I forcing anybody to harass him. This is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt because I actually have a few things to say about Vailskibum94 just to get this out of my system…

First off, he piggy backs off of the success of other video ideas, without giving them credit. One example is when Marsreviews (Good channel by the way) made a video discussing how TTG won’t get cancelled and etc. Shortly after Marsreviews made his video, Vailskibum94 made a video pretty much saying the exact same thing as Marsreviews, adding little to nothing to the conversation. A second example is when Saberspark (Good channel by the way) made a video discussing the kids’ cartoons on YouTube. Then about a week or so later, Vailskibum94 decides to make a video on the subject. And what’s pathetic about that is the fact that these YouTube kids’ cartoons have been around probably since 2014. So ...more - rennyraccoon

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123 CJisSoCool
124 Track Time!
125 Philogynoir
126 Scarce
127 Itsjojosiwa
128 Evalion

Anti- Semitic Bitch

Evalion is honestly the biggest, most racist bitch on all of youtube. First she sang happy birthday to ADOLF HITLER and she is saying that he is not evil at all. she also made a video on how to Identify a jew. another bad thing is she hates black people and is friends with the leader of the kkk on twitter.and the worst of all she is getting so many subscribers in a blink of an eye. If I was to meet this girl than I would either strangle her when she is not looking or if she asks for a drink I will give her a water bottle full of bleach. I hope she dies

129 Milo Stewart

Most annoying voice I've ever heard. Constantly looks like a smug frog that's just swallowed a particularly fat fly.

All white people are racist,
All men are misogynistic,
All cisgender people are transphobic.
Pure liberal trash.

130 Rhett & Link

I cannot believe you, Rhett&Link are the absolute best! Whoever made this list has no taste

Why would they even be on here? Their amazing!

What are you talking about. They are awesome. Whoever Made this list is horrid!

Really? you sure you think rhett and link are the worst well I'm gonna prove you wrong!
So you really think that Rhett and Link need to be one this list well NO! Because you probably think they are the worst because of their humor or their weird world of Mythical Beasts. I have been a Mythical Beast ever since they started youtube and I have seen them grow into amazing people with great talents and great minds. I'm gonna leave you with one piece of information... WHEN IT DOUBT RHETT AND LINK IT OUT!

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131 Happy Video Game Nerd

Absolute bottom of the barrel. Unfunny, uncareaboutable.

Rip off of avgn

I wonder who he's ripping off 😒

132 StampyLongButt

No such thing you made it up

He is a babyish channel for newborn baby's lol.

Who is this

133 LispyJimmy V 1 Comment
134 screwattack

How dare they call Meta Knight the worst smash bros character. This ain't true.

I Hate them because they don't like 2 of my favorite smash bros characters, which are Meta Knight and Ganondorf.

I only like when they played Strikers 1945 and some death battles - P-51IsDaBest

Screw attack and deathbattle are the exact same thing dingis

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135 Tana Mongeau

She knows what she is saying can be offensive then plays victim card when it backfires on her. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

So annoying and racist

So cringy, I hate her

136 MovieWorldExpress
137 Anime America

She's annoying and has the same music from super mario logan

138 Mark Kasimoff
139 Joseph Costello
140 AnimationRewind

Although I like him, I can see why he is here. He fills his videos with memes, and re-uses animation. The biggest culprit of this is Papyrus and Sans VS Mario and Luigi, which literally uses the exact animation from San and Papyrus VS Shrek and Donkey - Picky

I really hate this guy.

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