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141 aziggy21
142 Daniel Jimenez
143 IGN IGN IGN is a San Francisco–based games and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of j2 Global and wholly owned by Ziff Davis.

They once took Valve's "Expiration Date" video and didn't credit Valve and changed the name... Let that sink in.

They crap out like 50 videos daily so no wonder they're on this list

This game sucks 10/10

Sums up IGN

7.8/10 too much water

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144 starman3

For a Super Mario 64 video maker, he's terrible at making his videos. Poor grammar, one liner characters (with himself being the one with most lines), people talk too much and relies on people to make fight scenes. Heck, I've seen people who have better skills than him, yet he has more subscribers than them. what?!

His remixes aren't good at all. Wait, are they even remixes?! They are just the same music with different instruments!

His Roblox Goes Crazy series sucks as well, just like the game itself. Blockland Goes Crazy too.

He consistently shows himself as a good person in his videos only to act pedophilic, steal others' work without giving credit, and block anyone he doesn't like or anyone who is talking to anyone he doesn't like simply through a tantrum, and he is a grown man. He's terrible at making videos and consistently lies to his audience and everyone around him.

His videos aren't just terrible, he's a horrible person. Any criticism launched against him and he throws a tantrum and blocks the person even if they meant good intentions. Because of this, he never improves and proves himself bad as both a YouTuber and a person.


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145 AnimationRewind

Although I like him, I can see why he is here. He fills his videos with memes, and re-uses animation. The biggest culprit of this is Papyrus and Sans VS Mario and Luigi, which literally uses the exact animation from San and Papyrus VS Shrek and Donkey - Picky

I really hate this guy.

146 Good Mythical Morning


147 SuperMinecraftKid
148 Denis

He's overrated. Surprise he is a newcomer. - TeamRocket747

Which denis the one who plays roblox?

He has acne, LOL

149 Derek Savage

Daddy Derek I love you!


150 Violette1st

I'm kind of into this channel, there are just a few facts:

1. Bill (William & Lucy's Dad) is constantly mean to William. He didn't even share a Big Mac burger with him

2. Violette screams out "WILLIAM! "
too much. It could damage other people's hearing, even mine. Because, they say it causes "ear-rape"

3. I felt bad for William when his sister, Lucy ruined his live stream upstairs in his room. How rude

4. In "KID TIES UP DAD" I thought Bill deserved it, because of him treating William like a deadbeat person

5. William actually swore in one episode

6. Andy actually bested-up William

151 Logan Paul Logan Paul

He is the worst - Wesleysweet

152 DillonTheHacker

He absolutely sucks. He has no talent and all he does is hack. I'm absolutely sick of him.

Dillon the hacker is satire. I know you aren't smart enough to comprehend this, but him and pewdiepie are actually friends.

He dissed pewdiepie, and he makes rude and lame videos as well.

DillonTheHacker is funny

153 Treena Onslow

Please remove this, she has changed

This YouTuber is AWFUL! She has no videos. She likes care bears. And I hate care bears! Since she likes care bears, she only cares about two things: swearing and violence. End of story



154 Kwebbelkop

Don't you just love to hate this guy? I mean come on this spoiled bastard doesn't deserve all the subs.

155 TechRax

I hate this scum

He just breaks iPhones in idiotic ways claiming they're "experiments" when they're obviously going to break! And he gets paid for it! What?

This retard literally buys iPads and iPhones and smashes hem for views! Their are kids that could be having those you know?!

156 Brand Sins

Idfk what this channel is

157 Planet Sibusky

Really bad content and crappy quality Razor 4 gaming is really good though - Wyattp23

158 Durv

He is so annoying, not funny, and has so much clickbait in his videos. In one of his videos, he says his school "deleted his channel", but his channel and his video was still up. He made himself look like he was crying in the picture, but he doesn't cry once in the video. SO MUCH CLICKBAIT! - mgonzalez

159 Dora Rocks

Dora is the worst. This is some kid who wants us to like Dora aka THE WORST SHOW EVER MADE ON EARTH

One of my least favorite YouTubers of all time. - EpicJake

This guy is gone now but she made boots rocks


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160 BlackBusterCritic V 1 Comment
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