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161 Lucas

Of course we all know he's the same as Fred, but this is the real person, and this is about his present day, Many people only think of him as Fred and find his dead Fred channel more easily, so it's harder to find Lucas's personal channel, but those who are lucky enough to find it will find "stuff other stars have gotten into", it's true, those who go to his channel will discover the horror he has become, we thought he was done with everything, but no, we found him on tramp road.

Another star, yet a big one, gone downhill, copying others, like Shane, and making nonsense jokes that weird idiotic "fans" find "funny" and "interesting", Why, Keep on doing Fred and stop with the nonsense garbage, YouTube has gone way downhill.

He's just winding down on quality. He'll never reach quality again. RIP (Fred is dead).

Now just another one of those stupid people who are desperate.

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162 TTGMinecraftBoy37 V 1 Comment
163 Ike Reviews

He only likes halo he said everyother sci-fi game or movie or anything with guns and lazers is a halo ripoff like star wars and mass effect
He also said that powerpuff girls and superman ripped off dbz
He also said undertale is the worst game just because it was inspired by earthbound

164 Pooping On Everything

Whoever said those things, that's just disgusting. Never heard of it. Pooping on a baby, bear, elephant, Mario game, and the White House (probably because there are toilets) is gross and dumb. This guy sounds like an idiot for pooping on that kind of stuff.

Pooped on a baby?! What the heck?! A bear and a elephant and the white house? Fudging god couldn't ask for an toilet!

His videos are gross, all of them are about pooping on things
So far, he's pooped on a baby, a bear, an elephant, the White House (My Illuminati confirmed object! NOO! ), and even Mario

Well, he's disgusting.
He probably doesn't own a toilet. - redhawk766

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165 MyLifeAsEva V 1 Comment
166 TheBalishChannel

Balish is a god. You should see his streams on twitch.

167 Whoisthisgit

Whoisthisgit should go die hardly He made tails abuse and sonic abuse and this make me stop watching him not to mention HE HATES UNDERTALE! WORST USER EVER

This may be old but this dude is angry at a YouTuber that does videos about killing a pile of pixels and disliking a overrated game like Undertale.

168 Ssundee

How is he on this list he's amazing

He has 9.000.000 subs really

What. He's good. - Powerfulgirl10

Ssundee is immensely entertaining and actually funny, but he acts like a Vanilla Minecraft noob often. Overall, I would give his channel a solid 9/10.

-Caring for fans
-Modded Minecraft intellect
-Takes risks and introduces new formulas rather than sticking with old ones

-Vanilla Minecraft noob
-Mild profanity (but that's not a big deal for older audiences.)
-Old content (Had strong language like: D--k and s--t, and also it was less entertaining, more cringey, poorly edited, and it included much more immaturity.)

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169 BryanStars
170 Low Tier God V 1 Comment
171 CopperCab
172 Spammingmonkey

Put him on number 1

173 Jelly
174 EthanGamer

He is not u shut up

He's just a little kid who sucks at video games.Need I say more?

175 Coyote Peterson

He is a very brace person and he does all these things to be educational

He just tortures himself with bugs for more views.
And not to forget he stung himself with the world's worst bug: the Bullet Ant.

176 Stomedy

No he isn't worst youtuber he is good



Absolutely terrible. - AllAboutLists

Tries to be funny but he's just not

178 elisocray

Imagine if Durv was a grown black man with a FNAF fetish. - somelifeonaplanet

179 BabyTrexSmelly

A squeaker 12 year old that swears in every sentence. Her YouTube channel consists of hating atheism, swearing, a voice that is higher than her future, cringe, trolling, racism, bragging, and trolling and even attacking my YouTube channel. Look the username up to find out how stupid this channel is.

Update: all her videos have been deleted. - JakePlaid

180 TrainBoy54

"He's Phineas and FERRRB's best FRIEND, you KNOOOW; all of the others will tell you SOOO! He helps Phineas and Ferb whatever they wanna do today, he's a FRIEND to all of US we ADORE! " - xandermartin98

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