Top Ten Reasons Why Wrestlemania 32 Bombed

WWE WrestleMania 32 failed miserably and here is a few reasons why.
The Top Ten
1 Roman Reigns became World Champion
2 World Title match was a half hour long

It was boring as well because EVERYONE knew that Vince's wet dream was going to win this match

3 No holds barred street fight wasn't violent at all

Dean Ambrose said that Brock Lesnar didn't want to do this match, and he didn't cooperate with Ambrose. So, this match was the Burying of Dean Ambrose. This match would of been better if it weren't for Brock's laziness

4 Old stars getting over while new talents fall
5 Undertaker beats Shane
6 Large injured list

Cesaro and Seth's injury still makes me mad. They would of been great at WrestleMania 32

7 Fewer new things, more annual things
8 Triple H's entrance was a letdown
9 New Day's moment spoiled
10 Dream ending series spoiled
The Contenders
11 It was 5 Hours Long
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