Top Ten Reasons Why Wrestlemania 32 Bombed

WWE WrestleMania 32 failed miserably and here is a few reasons why.
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1 Roman Reigns became World Champion
2 World Title match was a half hour long

Usually, I like it when the main event is long, as long as it is a good match. But the outcome was so obvious that the match was just a half hour long boredom fest. Enough said.

It was boring as well because EVERYONE knew that Vince's wet dream was going to win this match

3 No holds barred street fight wasn't violent at all

This match was advertised like it was gonna be a gruesome, brutal fight, but instead, the only weapons used were chairs and kendo sticks. They obviously weren't gonna use the chainsaw, but how come Ambrose can take a barbed wire bat shot at Extreme Rules and Lesnar can't? And its not even real barbed wire! That says something about how "tough" Brock Lesnar really is.

Dean Ambrose said that Brock Lesnar didn't want to do this match, and he didn't cooperate with Ambrose. So, this match was the Burying of Dean Ambrose. This match would of been better if it weren't for Brock's laziness

4 Old stars getting over while new talents fall

Jericho beats AJ Styles. Stone Cold stuns Xaiver Woods. The Rock wins in six seconds. Brock Lesnar beats Ambrose. John Cena making another superman entrance. Those are all examples of older, has-beens getting the spotlight while newer talents are beaten or humiliated. The WWE claims of a new era in WWE, when they don't let deserving superstars that haven't been with the company for ten years have the Wrestlemania moments. The only non legend guy who got to have a nice moment was Zack Ryder, but even so they had him drop the belt to miz the next night.

5 Undertaker beats Shane

I like Undertaker and was pretty mad that the streak got broken, but when it comes down to it, his time us up. Shane had a great return and was non stop supported by fans. He gave it his all in this match with everyone behind him. He put his life on the line when he jumped off the top of Hell in a Cell. And yet he is still the loser in the end. For real WWE, you need new writers.

6 Large injured list

This one really isn't WWE's fault, but Wrestlemania was missing a lot of great competitors who were on the injured list. Names include Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Cesaro. You could go on and on about how many good wrestlers were hurt at the time. And their absence is just another reason why the event sucked.

Cesaro and Seth's injury still makes me mad. They would of been great at WrestleMania 32

7 Fewer new things, more annual things

The Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal. The intercontinental title ladder match. And is it even surprising when the rock shows up anymore? WWE isn't very creative. Instead of making new ideas, they do things that already happened in the previous WrestleMania(s).

8 Triple H's entrance was a letdown

At past Wrestlemanias, Triple H has had epic entrances to his matches. At Wrestlemania 30, he was dressed as the king of kings, and at Wrestlemania 31, he dressed as the terminator. So for this year, everyone was expecting something else epic, right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but all the entrance was Stephanie dressed in some weird outfit telling everyone that she and HHH "own" them. Not very creative, WWE.

9 New Day's moment spoiled

Whether you like them or not, New Day is probably the most entertaining team in WWE today. They turned face at the show when they came out of a booty o box, appealing to the fans. So what would WWE do to hardworking guys like New Day? Hmm... how about have them lose to the Leauge of Nations and then, when they think they get to dance with HBK, Foley, and Stone Cold, have Xaiver take a stunner from Stone Cold? Sounds like WWE to me.

10 Dream ending series spoiled

The array of dream endings at Wrestlemania was spoiled at Wrestlemania 32, when Roman Reigns walked away with the title. After all of the hard work from Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins to get their Wrestlemania moments, Roman Reigns' road to Wrestlemania wasn't enough of a Cinderella story or an opportunistic victory like Bryan or Rollins. The thing is, fans wanted Bryan and Rollins. They didn't want Reigns. But after all, it's WWE. And WWE just doesn't seem to care what fans want.

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11 It was 5 Hours Long
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