Top Ten WWE Special Type Dream Matches

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1 The Rock and John Cena vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and Randy Orton in a Buried Alive Match

Rock and austin is the best team ever I 've seen.
But rock and cena is also the toughest team.

Love to see that

2 Hulk Hogan vs John Cena in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match

This is it this is the match would shape wrestling history a battle to the finish a iron man match 60 minutes of
The greatest WWE action in history but in the I would say Hulk Hogan would show his greatness and win the
Match by one point.

3 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Goldberg in a Last Man Standing Match

This is the battle to the Finish a fight of the toughest until one man cannot stand. I would say Stone Cold Steve Austin
Just by a a landslid.

Who is the toughest stone cold steve austin or Goldberg.

Stone cold will definitely wins again goldberg.

4 Chris Jericho vs Bret Hart in a Submission Match

The walls of Jericho vs the Hitman hart Which one will Give up. Chris Jericho would win to me.

5 Andre the Giant vs The Big Show in a Bodyslam Challenge

Big Men facing off who would really bodyslam the other I don't know its close.

6 Roman Reigns vs. Edge in an Extreme Rules Match

A battle of the spear!

7 Kevin Nash, Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall vs the Shield in an Elimination Chamber
8 Steve Austin vs John Cena in First Blood
9 King Kong Bundy vs Andre the Giant vs Mark Henry vs Yokozuna vs The Big Show vs Kevin Nash vs Kane vs The Great Khali in a Battle Royal

A Battle Royal of the big men who would win. I think Big Show.

10 CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Ladder Match

The stright edge hero vs the rock hard stone cold steve austin. Would punk get under his skin or will austin crush
CM Punk.

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11 Big Show vs Andre the Giant vs Yokozuna vs Kane in an Extreme Rules Elimination

The Batte of the ultimate giants in one of the most Brutal match types ever. But to me The be Big Show would win
His will to win and by him facing the best with no fear and by fighting with the Best.

Kane would probably win due to his extreme personality.

12 Undertaker vs Goldberg in an Inferno Match at Wrestlemania

IN a fire ring with the Deadman at wrestlemania which streak would preval but to me in the the Deadman would win.

If this match happens I don't know who win.

13 Sheamus vs Ultimate Warrior vs Daniel Bryan in a Hell In a Cell Match

The battle of energy and intensity with their dominants and personality in a cell. But the ultimate Warrior would preval
And pin Daniel Bryan while Sheanus is knocked out.

14 Brock Lesnar vs Batista vs Randy Savage vs Mick Foley in a TLC Match

Tough, risk taking, and dominat performers face to face in a ladder but in the I think the Risking taking, hardcore man
Mick Foley woudl win the match.

15 The Shield vs the Wyatt Family 'I Quit Match' In the Hell In the Cell Match
16 CM Punk vs Randy Orton vs Triple H vs The Rock in a Steel Cage Match

A fight to escape the steel cage. The Rock would win.

17 50 Man Royal Rumble vs Nexus and The Shield as Lumberjacks

This match would be the brutal and great to see 49 people
Get mauled when they fall out the ring would just be amazing.

I would love to see 49 people get pounded once the fall out the ring

18 Ryback vs Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg in an Elimination Match

The strongest men alive.

19 Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage vs Edge and Christian vs Kane and The Undertaker in a Steel Cage Match

This battle would be brutal a fight for servival. Kane and
The Undertaker would most likely win

20 Ultimate Warrior vs Goldberg in a Extreme Rules Match

The battle of the greatest warriors in a extreme hardcore match with chairs, tables and hammers who would. Draw

21 Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose in a Trading Places Match

Seth Rollins dress up as Dean Ambrose
And Dean Ambrose dress up as seth Rollins!

22 Big E vs James Ware Battleground in an Old School Style War
23 Ryback vs Mark Henry Sexual Chocolate in a WWF Golden Era Retro Theme Match
24 Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs John Cena vs The Rock in an Elimination Chamber for WWE World Heavyweight Championship
25 Kevin Nash, Triple H, and John Cena vs Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan in a Buried Alive Match
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