Top Ten Best Axe Sprays


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1 Essence

I haven't tried many, but this is the greatest. Of course the music is good too. All the others smell similar, but music doesn't. But Essence is my favorite, and everyone elses so.

I pull girls with this Fragrance great use of needs but lasts not so much

I think Apollo is the best because all the girls say next next to me in my classes

Yo yung wals on spotify

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2 Chocolate

superb smell
girls fled on me

It's super sexy and it will attract all the fatties who like chocolate. But don;t worry they won't try to bite your ass.

Chocolate is one of the best axe sprays. For other oppositions black chill is also a great scent.

Is the best axe product ever girl field on me everyday

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3 Phoenix

Phoenix is my favorite. Try it! It's my girlfriends favorite and she is all over me. Great the bottle is blue and black. Hope you try it.

This is the classic Axe smell. Phoenix has been around over 10 years and is just a nice smell to have.

I got this one all the time when it came out, I still buy it now on occasions but I get Apollo and Peace now more.

Phoenix is amazing! I've used a few of them, but Phoenix is my absolute favourite!

I like this smell. Girls keep saying that I smell great.

I love the convenience of this being very common to find, and I think I smell great with it. It’s a bit on the agressive side though, I can smell it from mars.

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4 Africa

Africa and Kilo are the same thing, its called Kilo in america.

woah is this real nvr heard of it? def trying to get this now! - ballaboi17

This one is just the best there is

Smells good and stays long

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5 Hot Fever

Never seen this. Is this older?

Best axe ever

Made me fall in love with AXE!

Is the
best of the best
with fruity taste and this great fine particles rubbing the skin - I liked it a lot.
sadly they have problems with it
now it is named
AXE YOU in the same color (orange) - the taste is the same
but I miss the aluminium particles there, I liked them.
I have worked with metal and aluminium and it isn't as bad for the body as they say. They panic around and I think they have forbidden it. You can't even buy it on amazon. :-/

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6 Kilo

I constantly get compliments on this scent from women and I love the scent ad well. By far the best one ever. People are shocked when I tell them its axe body spray because they think it's cologne

This is the best axe scent because it has a very strong and classy smell. It would be the closest thing to expensive cologne.

This is insane long lasting strong smell almost a herbal vanilla mint or basil scent hands down the best axe body spray

Reminds me of some callsign in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. I think it smells quite nice, it’s not as agressive or overwhelming as Phoenix is, as you can smell that stuff from mars.

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7 Apollo

This the number 1 axe scent any girls like me now with just a axe apollo body spray their, head they put in my shoulder

Apollo has such a fresh smell and so fragrant. I also bought the body wash too.

I only get this one or the one called, "Kilo". "Apollo" reminds me of fresh, blue, Carribean skies...and beaches. I couple it with the same deodorant and body wash.

Apollo is the best. It smells incredible all other axe scents get boring after awhile to me, but not this one

It's is best girls keep saying '' what is that smell it's so good ". Then I get to hangout with one of them

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8 Clix

Smells superb after 5 minutes of putting it on besides girls like the "fresh" scent.

Smells AMAZING! Too bad its discontinued.

The scent is fantastic

It's is amazing deo I like it because of this is use at business meeting.So I request you please sale in India.I hope you do it

9 Vice

So many hot girls always follow and always stay close to me as there is a forbidden smell and nothing can be as juicy as this

It is small but more than enough to make girls come behind you and fall in love

Man I'm best. Before this no one knew me in highschool. Now I'm most popular


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10 Excite

It's good for either a girl or a guy, which makes it a very good universal smell. It has a sweet smell, which it's amazing, but it's neither masculine or feminine.

Me too love the smell so does my girlfriend I highly recommend it to guys every if your looking to attract girls

Damn the smell is unique and that ass will be all over you trust I always get excite its purple by the way

I tried them all. Excite is by far the best to me. I use the body gel and the body spray every day. Recommend if your tryna attract girls.

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The Newcomers

? Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla

Best in my opinion lovely strong scent

that has a nice calm tone to it 👌

? You

I can't find this anywhere anymore, but it smells damn good. I still have a small daily fragrance bottle of it, but I only wear it on a too-special-for-gucci-cologne occasion. It smells kind of like a citrus candy, and never fails to make a girl follow me to my next class!

Smells like cinnamon! Be YOU

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11 Touch

Why can't I dyin find the scent at any stores anymore?

I like it because it reminds me of weed so if you smoke just spray this deodorant and nobody will know

Had one can left but my father found it and used it all. Really need to bring this one back!

They need to bring this one back... All time best...

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12 Deep Space

Why is this scent not sold anymore?

13 Marine

Hard to find in most countries but definitely my favourite. Masculine but not too "aggressive"

The best lynx out there. Axe marine all the way!

14 Dark Temptation

Best by far, every girl in my classes try to sit next to me.

Definitely buy this, this is the perfect combination of fragrances and keeps you smelling great all day!

Great scent that isn't like all the other generic scents of deodorant.

It smells superb just love it

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15 Anarchy

Best of all of them, especially if you combine it with Gold Temptation in the same armpit, it has a very masculine, subtle, long-lasting, lady-charming smell.

The absolute best smelling axe spray, especially when mixed with the deodorant

I like this one because it has a very nice moderate sent.

Smells damn good

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16 Axe 2012

Awesome smell, newest and the last axe spray there will ever be.

17 Peace

Have it love it. Smells like Fahrenheit

I think this smells great.

It smells like pine trees

Easily the best. The ladies love it.

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18 Pulse

Really like it! Give it a go guys!

Un beatable

Asuh dude

19 Gold Temptation

Gold Temptation is by far the best smelling... Always have girls asking what kind of cologne I have on

The best-- panty dropper

The simple best. No questions.


20 Black

I'm a woman and I buy this for myself because it smells so good.

Smells great. Id say it smells more manly then some coconut stuff.

Use it since 3 years now - smells just too good.

It is so good how is it not in top tens! also it is not as strong as the other sents so its hard to over use it

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21 Dark Temptations

Dark Temptation is by far the one my girlfriend likes the best.

Love the dark temptation

It works well and doesn't smell horrid

22 Music Star

the latest & the best of them all... - tayal5001

My favorite body spray sent I can't find it anymore even on websites they should make a new design for it

I Been wearing this for a very long time now, it's getting hard to find and getting more expensive I wished it came back out in stores.I wished I could find another product that smells like this before it's gone for good.

The smell is strong and rich in this one. I certainly recommend it.

23 Alaska
24 Twist

The best axe body wash scent ever. Too bad it was discontinued.

Wish they would make it again. Really liked it

This the ultimate axe hybrid formulate.

Greatest ever... Can't find it anymore.

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25 Gold

Want to smell like a successful man? This is the one you want.
Want to smell distinguished and classy? This is the one you want.
Want to smell like you DESERVE to get laid? This is the one you want.

I think this could possibly be the fifth best smelling AXE Cologne in my opinion necause it is for likemcasual and professional use.

its great

26 Black Chill

Awesome smell

Dope bruh

27 Bergamot

Discover the Power of Subtlety.

28 Adrenalin
29 Air
30 Forest


31 Harmony

It takes me back to the sixties. Fresh inviting aroma!

It's so compelling.

32 Cool Metal

Even guys comment on the spray, appeals to both sexes.

Never fails smells perfect

33 Blast

Strong and spicy fragrance

34 Unlimited
35 Axe Wild Spice

Best by far

36 Rise

I used this before and it smelled alright. Then I started using Apollo and my life was instantly changed forever


37 Musk

Fresh barbershop smell

By far the best

Smels like barbershop. Love this smell but can't find it in local stores.

38 Summer

Never smelled it before always wanted to smell it can't find it anywhere

39 Intense Signature
40 Ready

Best scent ever, and it was only a limited time about 10 years ago. Wish I could find it.

41 Googly
42 Malibu


43 Jet

This is basically the best and first axe I've ever used. I love the scent of it

Where can I get this? The best I have very tried.. please come back to me jet.. 😭

44 Axe Below Zero
45 Black Night

I prever Black but this one is nice to

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