Top Ten Best Axe Sprays

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1 Essence

I haven't tried many, but this is the greatest. Of course the music is good too. All the others smell similar, but music doesn't. But Essence is my favorite, and everyone elses so.

It's like a more citric version of Lacoste Essential. Take any hint musk away from Essential and you have this citric 'Essence' from Axe. I wear before every sweaty cardio work-out, and it masks EVERYTHING while keeping you fresh.

Literally All girls smell me and tell me I smell like heaven when I have essence on. The best Cologne to compare this to is Platinum Egoiste for men by Chanel. This has a strong fresh scent that will keep the ladies coming

Best fragrance by far! Women love it!

2 Dark Temptation

The first time I smelled it in the hallway I stopped and started smelling people. It was awkward for the first three people but I found the man wearing it... we later started dating. Absolutely love it and you can find me in the cologne section smelling this bottle when I am bored at Walmart. Absolutely sexy and addicting, it's a must have ❤️

Not to strong but has a sweet hint of chocolate smell by far my favorite axe. Need more subtle sweet smells from axe so many are way to strong

Definitely buy this, this is the perfect combination of fragrances and keeps you smelling great all day!

It's super sexy and it will attract all the fatties who like chocolate. But don;t worry they won't try to bite your ass.

3 Phoenix

Phoenix is my favorite. Try it! It's my girlfriends favorite and she is all over me. Great the bottle is blue and black. Hope you try it.

I love the convenience of this being very common to find, and I think I smell great with it. It's a bit on the agressive side though, I can smell it from mars.

Phoenix is amazing! I've used a few of them, but Phoenix is my absolute favourite!

I receive more compliments from Phoenix than the others. I've tried them all.

4 Hot Fever

Is the
best of the best
with fruity taste and this great fine particles rubbing the skin - I liked it a lot.
sadly they have problems with it
now it is named
AXE YOU in the same color (orange) - the taste is the same
but I miss the aluminium particles there, I liked them.
I have worked with metal and aluminium and it isn't as bad for the body as they say. They panic around and I think they have forbidden it. You can't even buy it on amazon. :-/

Made me fall in love with AXE!

Best axe ever

5 Kilo

I constantly get compliments on this scent from women and I love the scent ad well. By far the best one ever. People are shocked when I tell them its axe body spray because they think it's cologne

My favorite. Girls always hit me up. Need to sell it in target again. It's hard to find and I hate that part.

Best fragrance around. Try it for 30 days. Promise girls will ask you about it

Reminds me of some callsign in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. I think it smells quite nice, it's not as agressive or overwhelming as Phoenix is, as you can smell that stuff from mars.

This is the best axe scent because it has a very strong and classy smell. It would be the closest thing to expensive cologne.

6 Clix

Smells superb after 5 minutes of putting it on besides girls like the "fresh" scent.

Hate this was discontinued! My favorite one my wife!

The scent is fantastic

7 Apollo

Its masculine enough for a girl to like its not too strong or light. It's perfect for someone that just wants to be masculine but not to much.

Many girls told me I smell good, some didn't tell me but had that curious smile, some girls got literally obscessed about my smell and could not get over it. It's amazing whatever what is truely causing this attraction, Apollo definitely helps laugh out loud.

Ok, its time to proof! That! This! Axe apollo it's the best! The number 1 axe ultimate body spray. Of all body spray! Buy this! Its very aswsome! Guys! The girl love this in my servey! There comment is:can't I get you're number with 16 girl their smelling me in my back true! This the very good smell!

Apollo is my personal signature scent. I nonstop get hugs from girls in and out of school. Not that I'm the boy type but I have to admit that this cologne is pullin fire. I have the set and it's great. This has to be the number one scent!

8 Vice

Man I'm best. Before this no one knew me in highschool. Now I'm most popular

Magical. There's just something about Vice!

A boy died to using this!

Its small is so sexy

9 Touch

By far the best was Touch, I just got a bottle off Amazon. Phoenix is no where near as good as Touch yet Phoenix is still in stores? Touch/Kilo/Dark Temptation/Clix/Excite/Fever <Best ones!

Had one can left but my father found it and used it all. Really need to bring this one back!

Why can't I dyin find the scent at any stores anymore?

They need to bring this one back... All time best...

10 Anarchy

Best of all of them, especially if you combine it with Gold Temptation in the same armpit, it has a very masculine, subtle, long-lasting, lady-charming smell.

I like this one because it has a very nice moderate sent.

I'm a girl and I literally just bought it today for myself. I adore the scent so much

By far the best one. Definitely deserves top spot.

The Contenders
11 Excite

It's good for either a girl or a guy, which makes it a very good universal smell. It has a sweet smell, which it's amazing, but it's neither masculine or feminine.

I tried them all. Excite is by far the best to me. I use the body gel and the body spray every day. Recommend if your tryna attract girls.

I use the whole product line for this because I love the smell(Axe Dry deoderant, Body wash and body spray). Not over powering like other Axe fragrances. Smells sweet and its subtle. My wife loves it.

I tried others but find this, the best one. It has light and sexy fragrance which even sometimes allures me so strong.

12 Pulse

Really like it! Give it a go guys!

13 Black

Smells great. Id say it smells more manly then some coconut stuff.

I'm a woman and I buy this for myself because it smells so good.

Superior for me to other Axe scents I tried.

Use it since 3 years now - smells just too good.

14 Peace

Pairs perfectly with Mercedes Benz Eau de Toilette, which has similarities to Dior Fahrenheit...awesome smell!

Have it love it. Smells like Fahrenheit

Easily the best. The ladies love it.

I think this smells great.

15 Gold Temptation

Want to smell like a successful man? This is the one you want.
Want to smell distinguished and classy? This is the one you want.
Want to smell like you DESERVE to get laid? This is the one you want.

I think this could possibly be the fifth best smelling AXE Cologne in my opinion necause it is for likemcasual and professional use.

Gold Temptation is by far the best smelling... Always have girls asking what kind of cologne I have on

Why are they not making this anymore...

16 Deep Space

I miss this sent. It was the first one I liked enough to try. It has a clean really refreshing smell. If I could choose any to bring back, it would be this sent hands down. If you ever do. Please email me

Why is this scent not sold anymore?

17 Marine

Hard to find in most countries but definitely my favourite. Masculine but not too "aggressive"

The best lynx out there. Axe marine all the way!

18 Music Star

I Been wearing this for a very long time now, it's getting hard to find and getting more expensive I wished it came back out in stores.I wished I could find another product that smells like this before it's gone for good.

The smell is strong and rich in this one. I certainly recommend it.

19 Alaska
20 Black Chill

This is my favorite. Its masculine and I buy the deodorant,body wash and body spray

21 Twist

I agree that Twist was the best scent. I got compliments on it all the time. I don't like any of the others that are currently available.

The best axe body wash scent ever. Too bad it was discontinued.

Wish they would make it again. Really liked it

My all time favorite. Wish they still made it!

22 2012

Awesome smell, newest and the last axe spray there will ever be.

23 Ice Chill

This is number people

Ice chill is great

I really like the ice chill it really smell good on me its really my favorite

24 Bergamot

Discover the Power of Subtlety.

25 Cool Metal

I didn't get to try this sent much. I got it on sale one time and it was discontinued before I finished it.

Even guys comment on the spray, appeals to both sexes.

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