Top Ten Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands

Being against animal cruelty and working on becoming a vegetarian or vegan in the near future I decided to do some research on some cosmetic brands and was surprised to see most of my favourites are not cruelty free. Luckily I found some brands that are very well cruelty free and I decided to make a list of them for anyone else looking for cruelty free cosmetics. All of these are confirmed through peeta and crueltyfreekitty. If you add something please make sure it is cruelty free to keep the list accurate. The whole point is to help others find some cruelty free brands!!

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1 NYX Cosmetics

NYX is a brand that consistently performs at a great price.

A note about cruelty-free, whether or not a brand tests its products is one question, but all of the ingredients that are in cosmetics were approved through animal testing-so every company's products are still the result of testing, otherwise we wouldn't have known if that ingredient was safe. I dunno, it's just where the lines kind of blur-y'kno? - keycha1n

They have some lovely lipsticks and some nice quality makeup if you ask me. - happyhappyjoyjoy

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2 LUSH Cosmetics

Lush is popular, but their products have far too much fragrance to possibly be good for skin. There's also plenty of scientifically proven irritants like lavender, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus. All of which break down skin cells and will cause permanent damage over time.

I had a dermatology phase. I'm sure hey have some good products, but just shy away from fragrance in general-it's really bad for skin. - keycha1n

Wow am I obsessed with LUSH. Their bath bombs and facials and soaps smell lovely and are very good on the skin. This company is also completely vegan and you guessed 100% cruelty free - happyhappyjoyjoy

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7 Younique Younique Younique is a multi-level marketing company based in Lehi, Utah. Younique's products are distributed solely by "presenters", who purchase the products to resell them. Their business model has been met with both praise and criticism, with the products' poor quality often derided.

I'm disgusted but not surprised by the fake Younique reviews, the other top ten list shows that just a handful of presenters can post hundreds of fake reviews using identical wording yet it's allowed?
To have them listed as cruelty free is vile, they are NOT CRUELTY FREE and are classed in every country they scam people in as being TESTED ON ANIMALS. They have suppliers that test on animals, it also takes just two seconds to look at their chemically laden ingredients to see there are animal products in there.

The morally bankrupt founders have been caught lying on social media via screenshots and videos, that includes them stating they had applied for cruelty free status when they have never done so and have even been instructed to remove such claims. They now claim they never said that yet screenshots show both Mealnie Huscroft and Derek Maxfield telling presenters to tell potential victims that they are getting certification and to "play it up".
Every ex-presenter that ...more

Best makeup hands down!

Absolutely the right Type of makeup, not just for HIGH CLASS, or those that want to Be like the makeup artist.
YOUNIQUE is for SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST MAKE-UP, Domestic violence and sexual abuse are the #1 cause for "ugly" emotions, I am apart of a bigger plan than just makeup. I HAVE BEEN A REPRESENATIVE FOR 2 YEARS. Beauty is only as deep as ones scars. And when there is a product on the market that Just enhances NATURAL BEAUTY, AND Nourishes The skin, Why would you put something on your face no one can pronounce..
YOUNIQUE helps women and girls of all ages, who have been victims of Above said abuse, And Make up that makes your skin Porcelan smooth, and rendering aid During "A not so pretty"spot in one's life ;Makes Do r a Smooth Look!

Anyone interested in hosting a party to get the chance to try our makeup for free, let me know at Let me show you why we are #1 on the Top 10 Best Cosmetics List. Don't forget about our 14 day Love It Guarantee. If you are not COMPLETLY satisfied, return it...yep that's right, you can TRY your makeup and return if not happy. Why not?

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8 Wet' N' Wild

Definitely a go to for one I'm giving gifts because they're afforable, cute and most importantly don't test! - happyhappyjoyjoy

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9 Physicians Formula Visit Website9

The Contenders

11 Hard Candy
12 Elf

I have seen this as cruelty free, but I did see on crueltyfreekitty that some of their brushes do indeed use animals which is a reason it's low on the list. I have heard that their makeup doesn't test though. Just make sure to always do your research! - happyhappyjoyjoy

ELF's brushes have never exceeded $1, and I know the more expensive studio line has all synthetic bristles (greath brushes by the way). Just seems slim that ELF would sell real animal hairs-so I wouldn't worry. - keycha1n

13 Motives Cosmetics

I love motives. The best I have tried so far.

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