Top Ten Best Things About Makeup

Honestly, if doesn't work out with art or science, I'd definitely become a makeup artist.

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1 It's a great creative outlet

This is easily the top spot for me. I used to be ashamed that I loved makeup artistry back in fifth grade because everyone assumed it was for superficial reasons. I just love art. And if I can wear it? That's the ultimate artistic self-expression. - keycha1n

I don't wear make up much, but when I do I really like the whole emo,scene sort of thing because if you met me in real life you'd notice I sorta act like that. - ToptenPizza

I agree - RoseCandyMusic

2 It's fun to apply/wear

It's SO FUN. I can spend hours applying makeup with no intention of ever going outside the house. I just enjoy the process of spending time doodling on my face, lol. - keycha1n

I don't really care how I look, but I play with makeup because it's just like face paint (fun to apply - RoseCandyMusic

Nah. Drawing on paper or phone is more fun than drawing on your face - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

3 The confidence if can give some people

Something I don't quite find legitimate. I don't think your confidence should come in your outwards appearance, but if looking amazing makes you feel amazing-go for it. Always take pride in your presentation, as long as it doesn't consume you. - keycha1n

Makeup is fake confidence which wears off as soon as the person washes their face. - tinocean

I feel very unconfident whenever (forced to) wearing make up - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Of course you are forced to if you like wearing makeup then you would be confident wearing it - RoseCandyMusic

4 The self expression it offers

I'm sure Gene Simmons could learn a thing or two from this list. - PetSounds

What I wear and apply on my face reflects my mood, and being able to be myself and having it translate physically is very therapeutic! - keycha1n

5 It makes you feel good

Most people say this. I personally find makeup quite uncomfortable to wear, and I feel judged when I do wear it. I just enjoy the application process. - keycha1n

If I was a female, I wouldn't wear makeup to be honest since I'd be a tomboy. - EpicJake

I feel like makeup is just a bird of alone but I like it it makes you feel like a girl named mary luck
i like it but I got scammed out of makeup

6 The skills you acquire once you get good at it

Trust me, my ability to draw people has greatly improved after learning how to apply makeup (facial bone structures, features and proportions). It also taught me what colors, finishes, and intensities look good when. - keycha1n

7 Special FX makeup

This is mostly what I do instead of the classic beauty stuff (which I still love, I just think special FX offers more creative freedom), but its endlessly fun to transform into the Terminator, or the Mad Hatter, or a mermaid or something. Whatever you're feeling that day. Getting it to look realistic is so satisfying. - keycha1n

8 It enhances features you like, while toning down those you don't

Once again, if you like the way it looks and there is something you're really insecure about, go ahead and use makeup to cover it up. Makeup is for you, in the end. - keycha1n

9 It can make a powerful statement

I feel like girls (and even boys) have used make up to defy gender roles, society, etc. The goth, emo/scene culture is anti conformity and self expression. It can be anti conformity. - ToptenPizza

10 The constant opportunity to shake up your life with a new look

Feeling bored? Try a new makeup look or something bold and colorful. It can make you feel fresh and confident! - keycha1n

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11 You can look like a cute zombie

Nah, worse than a "cute" zombie. When I wear make up, I look worse than a mutilated rotting corpse just pulled out of a river - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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1. The confidence if can give some people
2. It's fun to apply/wear
3. It's a great creative outlet
1. It's a great creative outlet
2. The self expression it offers
3. It's fun to apply/wear



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