Best EOS Lip Balm Flavors

The Top Ten

1 Vanilla Mint

Mint I'd actually pretty bad for your lips and skin, the tingling effect is a myth-it doesn't mean something's working-it means it's damaging. - keycha1n

I have an entire box of lip balm and I love this flavor. Its one of my favorites. - cosmo

Best flavor ever I have it and every time I smell it makes me feel happy

Makes my lips tingle in a good way.

2 Coconut Milk

Lo amo!

3 Summer Fruit

Just bought it, and it's amazing you need IT!

I absolutely love it

4 Sweet Mint

Hate this one. It made my lips wrinkly, and I thought I was seeing stuff. I tried it on the back of my hand. Still wrinkly.

This eos is absolutely amazing. it moisturizes my lips, unlike any of the others, and has this amazing minty scent that's great for when your sick, just a carrying around item, or if you just have chapped lips! it tingles your lips and makes them feel nice and fresh, it cools them down and feels very relaxing. Definitely recommend for everyone. an absolute must-have

5 Strawberry Sorbet
6 Honeysuckle Honeydew

I don't really recommend this eos. it gives me a headache and kinda makes me nauseous.

7 Lemon Drop
8 Pink Grapefruit

The best. Most real and unique.

I love this flavor it is so good. It smells exactly like grapefruit unlike passion fruit or strawberry sorbet. This has to be number 1. It is only number nine because it was limited edition and not everybody got it. Vote for this!

9 Passion Fruit
10 Blueberry

i love it

The Contenders

11 Orange Blossom
12 Blackberry Nectar
13 Vanilla Bean


14 Wildberry
15 Strawberry Kiwi
16 Pomegranate Raspberry
17 Fresh Watermelon
18 Medicated Tangerine
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