Best EOS Lip Balm Flavors

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1 Coconut Milk

It's so moisturizing!

2 Vanilla Mint

Mint I'd actually pretty bad for your lips and skin, the tingling effect is a myth-it doesn't mean something's working-it means it's damaging.

I have an entire box of lip balm and I love this flavor. Its one of my favorites.

Makes my lips tingle in a good way.

Best flavor ever I have it and every time I smell it makes me feel happy

3 Sweet Mint

Makes my lips feel fresh and soft. Also makes my lips look amazing. The smell is absolutely refreshing and makes your lips feel tingly in the best way possible. I was a bit doubtful when buying it first but I've grown to love it and there are absolutely no regrets buying it. BEST FLAVOUR!

Sweet mint is the best EOS
Lip balm by far! It's super moisturizing and makes the lips look and feel smooth and soft! The scent is so amazing! This performs better than lots of my other drugstore and even some of my high end lip balms. Definitely a must have!

Hate this one. It made my lips wrinkly, and I thought I was seeing stuff. I tried it on the back of my hand. Still wrinkly.

This is the best one. Refreshing, awesome flavor!

4 Summer Fruit

Really fruity and wonderful flavor, soothing to the lips!

Just bought it, and it's amazing you need IT!

I absolutely love it

5 Strawberry Sorbet

Best scent, color and moisturizes your lips a lot. My favorite till now!

I really hate this one, the flavor is nasty.

Their so good!

6 Vanilla Bean

For a lip balm I prefer the one that is simple and good for myself.

Quite good. This is the one I use when I don't want a strong flavor.

Feels and tastes great; got it for Christmas and I love it!

7 Honeysuckle Honeydew
8 Pomegranate Raspberry

Fruity but not overwhelming, perfect amount of scent!

9 Passion Fruit
10 Pink Grapefruit

I love this flavor it is so good. It smells exactly like grapefruit unlike passion fruit or strawberry sorbet. This has to be number 1. It is only number nine because it was limited edition and not everybody got it. Vote for this!

The best. Most real and unique.

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11 Honey Apple

Why is this one so underrated? It literally smells and tastes like a candy apple dipped in vanilla and sprinkled with cinnamon. MUST TRY!

Best lip balm ever. Smells like heaven!

12 Lemon Drop
13 Wildberry

Such tasty fruit extracts!

14 Cucumber Melon

It smells so good and fresh, best new lip balm.

Soft and soothing, very moisturizing!

Ok so my name is ERICA TANG today is the day date that I buy this lip balm it smells incredible and it pretty good for winter and summer also other seasons but I personally think this cucumber melon lip balm if pefect for winter!

15 Strawberry Peach

Satisfying smooth, made my lips plump up a little!

16 Blueberry
17 Strawberry Kiwi
18 Orange Blossom
19 Blackberry Nectar
20 Cherry Vanilla
21 Cranberry

Very fruity ad moisturizing! Definitely recommend it!

22 Fireside Chai

This one has a more subtle smell than others but is still extremely nice. Not as good as some others I have though

Great scent, but not great for the lips, it wasn't very beneficial

23 Toasted Marshmallow
24 Vanilla Bean Latte
25 Fresh Watermelon
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