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1 Blue-eyes White Dragon

The strongest normal monster deserves to be on the list. - KilMii

My all time favorite and most overused card in my decks - Ryuu

This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale. there are many ways of winning with this legendary dragon.

2 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

Its easy to summon, its strong and its effects are devastating. - KilMii

As powerful as a blue-eyes, has amazing effects, and easy to summon... MY FAVORITE CARD!

3 Slifer The Sky Dragon Slifer The Sky Dragon

In the anime, they make it seem that all the Egyptian God Cards are equal, but in real life, this one is the strongest by far. 1000 attack AND defense points for each card in your hand, combined with a card that gives you an unlimited amount of cards per hand? Game Over.

"Combined with a card that gives you an unlimited amount of cards per hand"
Do you mean infinite cards? Also, how do you get very many cards in your hand, and slifer on the field. It is also beatable by any piece of spot removal. - Yugi10

This Egyptian God is hard to beat because for each card in your this Dragon gains 1000 Attack and Defense points allowing it to destroy your opponent.

This Egyptian God is a powerful beast if played well it can increase 1000+ ATK and definitely by simply just drawing each card but however this Monster can be defeated by using the right cards

PS: It's OP.

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4 Exodia the Forbidden One Exodia the Forbidden One

Every one knows why exodia is on this list. Though it has its weaknesses. It can get discarded from hand with a card such ass drop off or card destruction. - KilMii

This monster is hard card to summon but it will win you the game

Exodia is a very powerful beast that is separated into 5 cards once combined all together you automatically win the duel this monster even makes Blue eyes look like a chump.

If all pieces of Exodia is in the graveyard you can activate the Contract with Exodia and Summon Exodia Necross which is technically Undead Exodia not only that but Exodia Necross gets 1000 ATK per standby turn

5 Dark Armed Dragon

Its hard to summon but its pretty strong and has a good ability. - KilMii

6 The Winged Dragon Of Ra The Winged Dragon Of Ra

This Egyptian God is a very powerful dragon if used well. This dragon will can have many attack point it needs to destroy your opponent completely.

In the Series this God may be very most powerful but he can beat in multiple ways in a duel


Because you can actually special summon blue eyes dragon, and there is an entire archetype centered on blue-eyes white dragon, while their are only 5 winged dragon of Ra support cards. - Yugi10

7 Obelisk The Tormentor Obelisk The Tormentor

Taking of top of all on this list is the Egyptian God of eternal slumber awakening to crush anyone that stands in its way of destruction. Obelisk has a every powerful effect that if you tribute 2 monsters he will attack every monster on the field.

Obelisk The Tormentor is a very powerful beast to beat there is a reason he is called the "Tormentor" but he isn't invincible but he is hard to beat in a duel

8 Shooting Quasar Dragon Shooting Quasar Dragon
9 Majestic Star Dragon Majestic Star Dragon
10 Shooting Star Dragon Shooting Star Dragon

The Newcomers

? Shapesnatch

ThE oNe WhOsE sHaPe HaS bEeN sNaTcHeD - Yugi10

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11 Blue-eyes Shining Dragon

Spells, traps or monster effects don't work on it and it has good attack and it gains more attack for each dragon type monster in your grave. What could be better? - KilMii

Spell, traps, and monster effects work on it, as long as they do not specifically target Blue-eyes Shining Dragon. - Yugi10

12 Stardust Dragon Stardust Dragon
13 Victoria

There are many many many good dragon type monsters so your opponent probably has a few in his/her deck. Once you destroy them you can take control of them with no cost. - KilMii

14 Red-eyes Black Metal Dragon

A card that can be summoned from the deck? That is really good because the last thing your opponent waits is that you summon from the deck directly with no spells or trap effects. - KilMii

15 Dark Magician

The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense. This spellcaster can win in many ways such with fusions and with equipped traps and spells

16 Summoned Skull Summoned Skull

An Archfiend that can destroy the Gate Guardian and Great Moth with its power lighting attack

17 Cosmic Blazar Dragon Cosmic Blazar Dragon
18 Red Eyes Black Dragon

A ferocious dragon with a deadly attack. The Legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon is strong but like any other strong monster there is a rival and that is the Ferocious Red Eyes Black Dragon

19 Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode
20 Raviel Lord of Phantasms

Hard to summon but a monster with 4000 atk and effects that give even more attack and some tokens as a wall is worth it. - KilMii

21 Magician of Black Chaos Magician of Black Chaos
22 Red-eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Effect gives lets you to summon dragon type monsters from hand/grave so it gives you a chance to summon many monsters in one turn. - KilMii

23 Reflect Bounder

4 starred monster with an effect that can inflict good amounts of damage to your opponent. - KilMii

24 Magical Scientist

Lets you summon fusion monster for free, which can be used then for synchro, xyz, or link summons. Evenu before synchro, xyz, or link summons it was banned for its ability to FTK if you had catapult turtle and magical scientist. - Yugi10

25 Gaia The Fierce Knight Gaia The Fierce Knight

A Knight with incredible speed that can destroy a monster quickly

Yugioh is my other favorite show I like gaia the fierce knight Timaeus the knight of destiny and black luster soldier their so cool and I collect the cards

26 Jinzo
27 Electric Snake
28 Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon
29 Dark Necrofear

A silent ghoul with an strong attack and strong defense

30 Celtic Guardian Celtic Guardian

With lightning fast sword swipes and elfin agility, the Celtic Guardian is the best monster of all time, Fek de h8ers

31 Lava Golem

Lava Golem is great!

32 Jowls of Dark Demise
33 Sinister Serpent
34 Cannon Soldier
35 Fire Princess
36 Marie the Fallen One
37 Amazon Archer
38 Catapult Turtle
39 Giant Germ
40 Gravekeeper's Vassal
41 Gravekeeper's Curse
42 Gravekeeper's Cannonholder
43 Dice Jar
44 Gravekeeper's Guard
45 Frontier Wiseman
46 Ryu Senshi
47 Banisher of the Light
48 Tyrant Dragon
49 Fiend Skull Dragon
50 Minar
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1. Slifer The Sky Dragon
2. Obelisk The Tormentor
3. The Winged Dragon Of Ra
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