Top 10 Best Yugioh Shippings

This is all the yugioh shippings that I think are the best please if you have a deferent opinion tell me and if threr is any other shippings that you know that are not on this list that let me know thank you

The Top Ten

1 Puzzleshipping

My first ship! And it's still beautiful after all these years. It will always be near to my heart!

Best ship they are destined to protect each other

They're beautiful together. Besides the fanart is great.

They are hoe I LEARNT how to ship. they brought me to the holy land of fanfiction and perversion. and I'm never looking back.

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2 Puppyshipping

Joey deserves better than to be belittled by this stuck-up prick all his life

3 Prideshipping

Well, at least there may be some hinting that seto is also from the destent past as well? I don't know, I have no idea what the whole drawings on the wall ishizu was showing seto really meant...

4 Thiefshpping

Marik x yami bakura - jadenx

5 Phycoshipping

Tru love right here

Yami bakura x yami marik - jadenx

6 Heartshipping

This is pretty cute

Ryo bakura x yugi - jadenx

7 Tendershipping

Ryo x yami bakura - jadenx

8 Bronzshipping

Marik x yami marik - jadenx

Their actually really cute the phyco and the boy that wants to be normal

9 Revolutionshipping

Again, nasty having a 3000/5000 year old dead guy with a young girl. Plus she can't see his side with knocking down seto off the edge and he always believed he should've. Also, yami yugi seemed to have no interest in her, it was just a dumb crush tea had

Anzu x yami yugi - jadenx

10 Peachshipping

Yes, they're cute together.

The Contenders

11 Shrimpshipping

One of my all time favorite pairings.

They where always together cute

Yes. Rex x Weevil. There are just so many moments with these two. I love it.

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13 Polarshipping

They're so cute together

14 Wishshipping

Only one that makes sense and could work out for me. They just do above and beyond for each other and always had each others backs. It's just too cute.

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15 Sharkbaitshipping
16 Angstshipping

Both sweet and like to help I think they'd be cute together

17 Revelationshipping
18 Rivalshipping
19 Foilshipping

Yuma x Vector

20 Skyshipping

Skyshipping is awesome

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