Top Ten Actors In India

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The Top Ten

Rajini the number 1 in Indian cinema man of style and the very good character artist no one can beat him, and he s the versatile actor... "EMPEROR OF INDIAN CINEMA"
Rajinikanth sir is the GOD OF INDIAN CINEMA! AVARODA VAZHI THANI VAZHI, YARALAIYUM THADUKAMUDIYADHU. He has worked so hard in his life to get to where is today, and yet he is the most humble and the epitome of humility. He has the highest fan base of all the other actors combined, his fans are not "rasigargal" they are "veriyengal", we fans appreciate his good heart, valued morals, style, acting etc.. NO ONE IN THIS WORLD CAN REPLACE HIM, ANOTHER MAN HAS TO BE BORN TO EVEN BE COMPARED TO THE SUPERSTAR OF OUR HEARTS!
He is Always No1 In indian Cinema and best entertainer of indian cinema... The one and only super star of india our super star Rajini...
[Newest]God of world cinema

2Shahrukh Khan
Sk is the best. No one can compare with shahrukh khan.
Great Actor... Outstanding films like Chake de India, Swades, Darr, Baazigar... And now DON 2.
He is king of acting like dileep sir & also the king of style so in my view he is always the india's no. Star
[Newest]Indian king to world

He is mostly known as "Illayathalapathy". He has a strong fan base all over the world. His latest movie Nanban is confirmed as the 4th highest grossing Indian film.
Thalapathy tamil next super star
He is a very nice actor and very well talented in acting and dance
[Newest]I love you anna
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4Kamal Haasan
I think he is the number 1 actor in india...
Kamal Haasan (note the correct spelling) is accepted all over India as the only living true actor. He is surpassed by only one actor from the yesteryears - Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan, who also happened to be his mentor. May be the name of this list should be corrected to "Top Ten Commercially Successful Actors in India". Even then Vijay will not make No. 1. He is a great entertainer but not an actor to be compared with method actors like Kamal, Amitabh, Mamootty or anyone else for that sake. Its a shame on the voters for either not understanding the list's focus or just being blind on the most commercial actor in Tamilnadu.
[Newest]He is the dictionary for acting

5Aamir Khan
Its Aamir Khan, the perfectionist the best
Indeed He Is The Best One... No One Can Beat His Perfection
There Is No Comparison... There Is So Many Khans In The Industry But No One Like Him.. Man With The Perfection Man With The Talent... Public Like To See Him In The Silver Screen... In Short A Full Package Of Entertainment, Drama, Action, Emotion & Comedy... Undoubtedly The Real Super Star Of Bolywood
He has consistently proved he is the best. He believes in d power of script and he has don it, E. G TA'RE RAMEN PAR, no super featured in at flim, n d only superstar featured after intermission. So tell me which actor has don it b4
[Newest]The work is the proof, he is the best... The only one who is brilliant actor as well as awesome hero... no one is there of his competition... A person with par excellence

6Amitabh Bachchan
No body can come near to him.. He is the best and others just want to copy him... He is the living legend still going on.. Experimenting and entertaining.
DAMN why he is on 5? He should be 1 or 2 after King Khan. Are you kidding Vijay, Hrithik Roshan, Mohanlal are better then Bachan. He is not only the best actor of Bollywood, he is the LEGEND of india.
He is, was and will the best actor of Indian Film Industry. He has a complete "Acting University" in himself. No any other actor compete with him. If you say that other actors are big or great then you are wrong.
[Newest]He is the young angry man.

7Ajith Kumar
No One Can Be Equal To His Charisma :)
He is a super star in cinema and in real life... He is the mass hero all times.. Mangatha the... Thala... He is the one of a car racer for india... Tamil and world super actor... Thala always rocks...
He is the stylish actor in Tamil. And he is real hero in India. Highest fans in Tamil comparing other actors. And great acting in films. And powerful man in Tamil actors...
[Newest]He is the real hero

For Time magazine, he is India's answer to Marlon Brando...

.. You can't imagine any other actor doing such a huge lot of varieties of characters...
He's is not acting..
He is just "BEHAVING"...
When he is rendering the character.. , every character becomes.. 'mohanlal'...

.. After seeing his renowned VAANAPRASTHAM at cannes, one french director commented that "this man is born at the wrong side of the world...!... If he is in Hollywood.. He would have won numerous oscars by this time... Such a great artist... "

... He is the first ever Indian actor, and the second personality after Kapil Dev, who received an honorary Lt. Colonel post of the Indian territorial Army.
He is the brand ambassador of Indian army...

... Beyond comparison...

The most versatile...
The most flexible...
The most natural actor
In the world...



Padmadree Lt. Colonel Dr. Bharath Mohanlal...!
He is University of acting. Some must watch movies of him are Vanaprastham, Kireedam, Bharatham, Devasuram.
Actors and directors across india is respecting him because of the ease with which he performs complex charaters.
His performances are awesome. He acts like a genius actor or like a gifted actor with lot of talents. He is fit for all rolls.
[Newest]Of course... no doubts
More comments about Mohanlal

9Hrithik Roshan
He's the most talented and versatile actor. A complete hero
Most Dashing Actor in Bollywood...
He is best actor in the world. He is most hardworking hero. I don't need 2 tell that he is best dancer and most handsome. So he deservs much more more respect and love. He chalenge himself in each and every role and make it very very perfect. SO HE IS REALL SUPERSTAR, SUPERHERO, N REAL EMPEROR OF BOLLYWOOD. AND LOTS OF PERFORMANCE ARE STILL HAVE 2 COME IN NEXT FEW YEARS. So he is just great.
[Newest]The movie that you were in I like bang bang cool action

10Salman Khan
Bhai Of bollywood... The person with golden heart and most popular actor in india... The superstar salman...
Salman Khan is the best and the most versatile actor...

He holds numerous records as most number of All Time Blockbusters, Annual top grossers... Etc

LOved by classes n love of masses...
Best person of film industry every body knows what he done with new comers in reel life and real life.
I think he is most popular Vega star in industry of today
[Newest]I love you salman will you merry me I want to sleep with you

The Contenders

The man who won the 3 national award & proved his caliber in both art films and commercial films comes in rank 12 is so hurting. When mammootty appears on the screen one can feel the character over there but not mammooty! The person who watched the films like oru vadakkan veeragadha, yathra, ponthanmada, mathilukal, vidheyan, mrigaya, amaram, sooryamanadam, dani, cbi series, valsalyam, pranjiyettan, palerimanikyam, big b, ore kadal, karutha pakshikal, bhoothakannadi, new delhi, thaniyavarthanam, adi ozukkukal, dr ambedkar, dhalapathi, pazhassiraja, rajamanikyam, adharvam, padheyam, etc.. He just transforms to the charecter not as the same mammootty.. But for mohanlal one can feel that mohanlal is on the screen but not the character.. He is just poor in doing historical character, cbi type character, fisherman, tough police type of roles, Muslim characters, his way of dialogue delivery is almost same in most of the films but mammootty is just fabulous.. Still adoor gopalakrishnan didn't even done a single film wit lal why? And directors like lal jose, shyamaprasad, jayaraj, etc also joins with adoor why? And many young directors choose mammooty as their favourite one why?
Mammootty should place at number 1
You must see the great roles acted by him. Mohanlal and srk are far away from him. Most versatile actor in world cinema is mammootty. One can not compare mammootty with kamal or rajni or big b or lal because they are of different acting skill. The voted people must watch movies like oru vadakkan
Veeragadha, pothanmaada, ambedkar, mathilukal, vidheyan. I AM challenging that anyone in the planet act just like that. I am a big mammootty fan. MAMMOOTTY has a huge fan base in south india. HIS fans hasn't watched this except me.
IF they will see this surely mammookka comes no1. Ithokke manassilavanamenkil sensundavanam, sensibility undavanam, sensuality undavanam...
No one can be compared with mr. Mammootty.
He is the best actor...
[Newest]If considering Acting... Then its Mammootty then only anyone else comes

Vikram is best actor all time compare to others he is only making different roles simple manarisam really superstar
He is ever green actor in tamil industry
He only can act different character's in india.
[Newest]No end of your acting

13Pawan Kalyan
He is king of andhra and south indian number 1 hero after rajini..
He himself is
A brand
[Newest]He is trend setter hero in south Indian

14Suriya Sivakumar
He is the most hardworking young Tamil actor.
His persistent success at box office is the proof.
Varanum aayirum 60 crores
Ayan 80c
Adavan 70c
Singam 90c
Racthacharithram 50c
7aum arivu 100c
His hard work has earned him these achievements and is therefore given names like 'the director's actor' 'kamal hassan's successor' 'versatile genius', etc. By the media as well as critics.
He has earned 33 awards till date including 3 Tamil state awards. Support this magnificent actor for all the years to come
He is a hardworking, handsome, stylish, versatile and a great hero, he brings in a lot to give life to a character and no doubt one day he ll top this list


He is a good actor and a hard work man
[Newest]Hard working actor with good character

15Mahesh Babu
Mahesh was the most handsome, talented and most reputed hero all over. He was being rocking out here with excellent timing and all.
Mahesh is the greatest of all! He is not just a star he is a super star
After rajni he is now shining in india. Only he is after rajni
[Newest]Mahesh is my god

16Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar is the best actor in Bollywood along with srk. He gives his best all the time. He can do any type of movie. He captures the moment. He is even a chef how good can one be. He is so awesome! We love you!
Akshay is one of top actors. He can deliver any kind of action (Action, Comedy, Drama, Sad etc... And is much better than all Khans (Sharuk, Aamir ) who are having one or two modes of of acting skills. But unfortunately he lacks the Luck..
Hrithik, Arjun rampal, Ajay devgan, Sunjay dutt, Abhisake are also very good actors..
But why bollywood industry always praises the Khans and their movies, even though their movies are not good and their's worst action (salman, saif etc)... Why the double standards... Think a while
Akshay kumar I am your fan
[Newest]You are my number 1 hero

Mega Star of South India
No words to discribe his acting or dancing
He was the only dancing hero till 2001 of indian film industry.
In 2009 Prabhudeva, the Indian Michael Jackson named Chiranjeevi as the best dancer in india
Great actor in India, he shows all variations including dance... No one can
He is the greatest actor of india, dancing star and has the largest fan base in south india
[Newest]He is a fantastic actor who has done a variety of roles throughout his entire film career. It is very sad that he was placed in 17th position..

18Ranbir Kapoor
He is so versatile actor
so cute and handsome
He is the star in Hindi films! Rockstar!
He is the best! He has won millions of hearts in just few years!
[Newest]He is the youngest & sexist actor in all time in film industry

19Dilip Kumar
I like so much. He is good actor
A Dilip Kumar can never ever be replaced. May he live long and enjoy his life to the fullest.
Dilip Kumar is one of the best actor if world history. He is the teacher of method acting. It's disheartening that dilip Saab is not included in the top ten.
[Newest]I love dilip kumar

All time best national award actor
The best actor, the best in the world, the legend killer, the number 1 actor and the future of indian movies
This guy is a playboy spoiling his father in law's name. I hate dhanush the stray dog or known as drug addict cause we only can see his bone but we can 't see his skin. He also speaks broken english more worse than a toilet cleaner or a beggar. HE IS REALLY A STUPID ESTATE DOG. Skinless felow.
[Newest]Next super star dhanush

21N. T. Rama Rao
He is the great actor indian film industry
Ultimate actor ever movie industry produced worldwide
He is the only one who kept Indian movies all over the globe
[Newest]He is the great actor Indian film industry. He is reel&real hero

22Nazeeruddin Shah
I think his position should be number 1. This genius actor deserves a lot appreciation than he has got!
Best acting reality classics
Best actor in the world.

23Sivaji Ganesan
He is the greatest of the greatest and actor of the actors. No one can match him. In one film, while he was returning from his sister's house, being scolded by her, he stood at the doorstep and through his back, one can imagine his face which is sobbing. Greatest performance.
He is a great actor in India.
If there is God of acting, That is Mr. Sivaji.. There is no words to praise.

24Allu Arjun
He is best dancer, actor, stylish hero in india
Allu is the worlds best actor
He is the best actor he is the one who can rule India
[Newest]Stylish actor in of Indian cinema

25Puneeth Rajkumar
Great dancer and fighter no one can do fights like him in india
Punith raj kumar is the best actor in the Kannada film industry and all over the India.
Really he is a excellent actor & dancer in south india...
[Newest]Great dancer and fighter no one can do fights like him in India

He is beautiful dancer and talented actor
Most talented, one who can do any scene in single take.. He gonna rock Indian cinema, he gonna rule the world with his love anthem.. ! We all are waiting.. !
He is the only multi talented young actor in Tamil industry.. No movies fa 2 years still he didn loose his single fan..
[Newest]Dancer, actor, director, singer, lyricist, producer etc... One man in Tamil cinemas

27Ravi Teja
Exellent comedy actor india I think. & very thankful to. Him
You are my best hero
He's the man.i love you. You rock
[Newest]He can do any roles no body can act like him

I love darling prabhas so much because he was hand some hero in tollywood. He is the rebel star. He is the smart looking and best actor in tollywood
He is number 1 hero in tolly wood because
1. Action is good
2. Height-6.2
3. Weight-present 125 kgs
4. Handsome and fit
5. Look like perfect man
6. Good character
7. He can kick any 1 in tollywood
Cute guy in tollywood. I love his smile. He is very nice. I watch prabhas movies only
[Newest]He had a good personality

29Raj Kumar
Dude he is the best best best actor of all time. His ability to get transformed into character is just fabulous.
He is not just a versatile actor he also a extra ordinary singer who have got national award for the song naadamaya.
His acting skills are the best.
No one can beat him.
You should watch his babruvahana, mayura, krishnadevaraya all are extremly wonderful, aft seeing those you will definitely start wondering "howa person can person historical characters so well"
One of the Greatest Indian ACTORS Ever. Among the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Hassan, Dilip kumar, NTR & a few others, one can easily notice his superior & versatile talent. He is the epitome of Method acting & perfection. His singing is as epic as his acting (trained in theatre & classical music from a tender age of 7).
Super actor and peak of acting. No words to describe his acting and singing skills.
[Newest]He is the God of all actors.

30Irfan Khan
He is a natural actor and the best
If this voting needs any development then that is take this man 2 number 1
Ifan Khan at 85! Are you kidding me? It seems most of the voters are voting on regional basis... sad...

I first met Dharmendra nearly 40 years ago - great actor, but a really great person too - not many of them about!
I think he is the best human being than any actor...
Dharmendra is the best... he is most versatile and long lasting actor in Indian cinema... he has done movies in romantic 60 's... fun 70's... action 80's... masala early 90's... THE BEST...

32John Abraham
John Abraham one of the versatile actor in actor in India. Now his acting skills are raised to certain level, should be promoted to top ten list.
Will back with a bang. Not so far the day he will be the best actor in India. John Abraham rocks
What, he deserves more... Should b at top 10

33Ajay Devgan
Moral, ethical and brave actor.
Greatest greatest and greatest...
One of the best actor.. In Bollywood... I always watching his movies...
[Newest]Great hero of India

He acting is very nice. I like very much
He was comedian but acting is super
Ivan oru copy cat

35Raj Kapoor
He is the best Actor of India.. He is nice... I like it...

36N. T. Rama Rao Jr.
He is the best actor in south india. Best classical dancer too. He can do any type of role.
Best dancer & actor
He is number one he can dance and his dialogues are the best he can dialogues with high intensity in it
[Newest]You are the next best actor

He is an actor who can do all kinda' films either tragic or comedy or action. He is too cute and handsome.
Naan kadavul best acting ever!
Awesome job in naan kadavul
[Newest]Arya is good talented actor

38Rajesh Khanna
He is the best Actor of india.. He is nice...i like it...
He is the first n only the original superstar of Indian cinema...
I love and all Indians

Most promising indian film actor and youth icon of south indian cinema
The youngest actor to win Kerala state film awards at the age of 24 and he won the award twice. Career spanning in about 12 years he won the title " Young Superstar ", acted in malayalam Tamil Telugu and Hindi languages about 80+ films.

40Fahad Fazil
Upcoming super star...
He z most wanted young actor in malayalam film industry
Best new generaton actor. Only done a handfull of films but still he proved his skills with method of behaving in front of camera

41Vijay Sethupathi
Simple man and good actor
Simply superb actor... And multi talented person 😃

42Om Puri

43Imran Khan
Whatever it is. Looks, personality, smile... Etc. he is the best and the most good looking actor in Bollywood
My favorite <3 he has got that cute looks, style, talent..

44Anil Kapoor
He is a talented actor. He is a versatile actor and prove it

45Dulquar Salman
He is one of the best new heroes of Malayalam Cinema. His films like Second Show, ABCD, Usthad Hotel are big hits.He is a natural actor. He is upcoming star.
He is very good looking
No offense to mammotty but he is better than him.

46Nana Patekar
Sub actor's ka nana!
Best actor in India
I like Nana Patekar

47Shahid Kapoor
He is the a good actor and best dancer in india
Most Under Rated Actor Ever!
He is the Best actor in India. #1 Dancer, Perfect Body, talented.
He should be in Top10!


Try to make films like jab we met
[Newest]He is good in all great dancer actor has it all, wish he would come to US

48Saif Ali Khan
You are the next best actor
He is Superstar for India. He will become king khan.
. My name is Saif so I love him.

49Mithun Chakraborty
He also should be in this list because he won three time national award.
Top 10 icon in India he is first dance superstar Indian histry
He is the best

Govinda is very good looking dancing actor
The funniest guy ever
Govinda is very looking dancer
[Newest]Hero number 1 in whole world

51Dev Anand
The Style Icon of Indian Cinema, Also known as Mr Evergreen due to his victory of Age. The Superstar who ruled in every era of Hindi Cinema.

Dev Sahab, was the first ever to introduce
1. Jeans Pants /denims in 1957 Pocketmaar.
2. Beggi style pants in 1951 Afsar and Baazi
3. Breeches in 1946 Hum sab Ek Hai
4. Cravats and scarves since 1949 Ziddi
6. Slim Trousers up to ankle length in 1965 Teen Deviyan
7. Colored leggings in Pyar Mohabbat 1966
The icon of indian film industry. He was the greatest super star of his time.His movies like guide, jewel thief, des pardes, hare rama hare krishna are iconic.
Dev saab is the BEST BEST and BEST
[Newest]Greatest actor and very decent person

52Akkineni Nagarjuna
He is the handsome hero ever in indian film industry and he acted all type of films like devotional, comedy, action, romance and he is king of romance in tollywood
His age is 55 but handsome well dancer and I like him so much that ever had liked
Nagarjuna is best ever
[Newest]Best work in king number 1

53Amrish Puri
Greatest villian in Indian history.

He is a good comedian but, should look after is health.

55Jagathi Sreekumar
The success mantra of malayalam movies

56Sanjay Dutt
Number 1 hero sanjay dutt

57Sunny Deol
He is the best in action.

58Vishal Krishna

59Ram Pothineni
His acting is super

Very good comedian after goundamani in Tamil industry

61Johnny Lever
The king of comedy no body can be like jonny in bw
He is the no1 comedian of India

62Nivin Pauly
He is the most ROMANTIC Hero in Malayalam
Best actor ever. He acts so naturally

63Vikram Prabhu
He is a very good and handsome actor
He is very good actor

64Emran Hashmi
He is in the top list very good actor...
Amazing sincerity, good looks and style should be higher on this list!
He is a good actor.his stylish and romentic fantastics
[Newest]Very very good actor imran hashmi

65Utpal Dutta

He is extra ordinary actor of kannada movies. He has great talent of getting into depth of character and acting.
He is not just a actor awesome director also. His films like "eega" "my autograph" "shantinivasa" are just fantastic.
He is just awesome no voice of new generation heros of south India can beat his
He is one of the best actor of all time

He is the great great great actor, extra ordinary films given to indian cinema and number 1 best actor in kannada industry most of his films remake to other languages
His s best actors in india
[Newest]God of all kannada actors

68Karthi Sivakumar
He is very talented and cute and also comedy action romance flim all in one short time comes to big hero
Chocolate boy of south India

69Abhishek Bachchan

70Victory Venkatesh
The most talented hero in Telugu Film Industry
The best actor in tollywood and the real mega star

71Kader Khan
Kader khan is greate actor all in one. Love you

He is talented and up coming star. He has high sence of humor
He is one of the smart and talented hero

73Vishal Oberoi
He follows me on twitter
I don't know why he is on 70th number. he should be top 10
I predict a near future superstar

74Santhosh Pandit

He is the perfect clean family actor in India and he is a real actor

76Ram Charan
In future he is the number 1 hero in india
He is the heir of mega star Chiranjeevi and he is the number one hero rather than Mahesh babu
Charan sir good hard worker, good dancer, actor.
[Newest]I love you so much. you r the super duper hero I had see.

77Prem Nazir
Its horrible who has made him in 72 write now change it he must be in number 1 position always as he achieved many things he was for people and he did everything what ever he can do so stop it remove it from 72just check for data what he as done and others whom you have posted at top
He is the guinness world record holder in a acting of hero. He is evergreen actor in Indian cinima.
He is a good man and evergreen actor in film industry. He is giunness world record holder in acting of hero, morethan 550 films.

Indian best comedian ever.after goudermani he can complete his films ever friends, 23 am pulikesi, etc...
He is a king of comedy in the world
He his super star

79Nawazuddin Siddiqui
World greatest actor!
No one is capable of acting like him.. !

The king of verityes in molywood
Dileep is another super star of Malayalam Movies. He has his own peculiar style to introduce a character in front of viewers. A lot of films are in his credit. Meesha Madhavan, Sallapam, ee puzhayum kadannu, thooval kottaram, Kunjikkonan, spanish masala, Kalyanaraman, Calcutta news, etc are a lot of hit movies in his credit.

81Samantha Ruth Prabhu

He's very stylish cute lovable
He a very good actor

Upendra is good actor
He is one of the brilliant and greatest actor and director...
India's difarent & number 1 director and he is best actor

Each movie of his keeps getting bigger and better. The best actor this new age has seen. Take a bow
Best dancer fighter and good looking actor in sandalwood.
He is a very good actor in kannada indusdry
[Newest]He is best and super best in Kannada industry

85Siddarth Malhotra
East or west siddarth is forever the bbbestt!

He is Man of Power... POwer Star is the Power for Indian Cinema... He is the Future of Indian Cinema...
No Tomorrow Cinema With out his Acting & Films...
He is a versatile hero no one can compare with him different verity of acting he is on on the legen in Tamil cinema.. He is even better then rajni and vijay what a natural acting... Wow

87Manoj Bajpayee
Best actor but not utilised by Bollywood properly

88M. G. Ramachandran
Please place him in number 1 position
Why you have placed on 72nd as you said he legends of Legend and he has to be placed number 1 position always plays do chage
The one and only Hero can be called Ever Green Hero Stars star & Legends Legends is Called MGR the Fan base what he has is not matchable to any Hero THAT TOO HE IS PASSED AWAY IN 1987, the who;e Tamil nadu peoples have a dedicated a palce in their heart for this greatest LEGEND THE M G R

89Naga Chaitanya Akkineni

90Uttam Kumar
Legend of bengali cinema
Indian people are unlucky that Uttam Kumar and Kamal Hasan, the most two talented actor not acted more in Bollywood movies. Only Dilip Kumar and Shivaji Ganeshan are considered to compare with him in India. If National award for best actor started before 1969 then I am sure he won more than three awards. No one in India can match his role in Satyajit Ray's Nayak.

91Prasenjit Chatterjee
Best actor I have ever seen
He is the best actor of bengali Cinema

Prabhu is not good actor but best dancer of world

Good looks, good looks, good looks. Bengali cinema is now a gof stars. God help us.

94Soumitra Chatterjee

95Sudheer Babu


97Kunchacko Boban
Superand beneficial
Actor in indian cinema

98Arjun Sarja
Best actor of Tamil, Kannada and Telugu

99Unni Mukundan
He is just awesome! Love his acting in vikramadithyan!

100Irfan Saifi

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