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1Earth Eagle

Earth Eagle is number one because of it's stamina, and defense. Don't judge it cause it's attack it is really good it beat my friend's best bey rock scorpio and his dark serpent that we have been training so if you have a Earth Eagle you are very very lucky like me cause when I first got it could not be beaten and you can have him to if you got to and look for the metal wing smash 2 pack collection it comes with dark libra and The King Earth Eagle.

Its wide defense performance tip is wickedly awesome and it has a solid earth fusion wheel

I definitely recommend using Earth Eagle. I even won with it in a tournament and was crowned first out of 20. This Beyblade is the best to my opinion because of the fusion wheel and the WD performance tip

It's a really strong bey

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2Kiler Beafowl

This Beyblade has very good stamina and balance plus this bey also has two modes attack and defense so you can change your battle in between battles.

I'm just getting this guy 2 morrow 2012 1/7 its pretty good at balance plus it has 2 modes "attack" mode "Defense" mode so yes this guy is good please do make this guy the king/queen of the peacocks

I have an evil befall and so far it is one of my best beys

Just because it has two modes and one is attack, it wouldn't be called a balance type bey, still a stamina type.

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3Dark Bull

Dark Bull should be closer to first. I K.O. ed Earth Eagle very easily without any practice with Dark Bull. It isn't the best bey ever but it is pretty darn good. How in the world he is fifth I really cannot understand. He is fifth of ALL beys on my list. I have only two beys that are the first on the attack list and first on the defense list that can beat him.

Dark bull is a balance type my friend and I were playing he chose dark bull I chose gravity destroyer dark bull beat 5 other Beyblades in 2 seconds dark bull should be the best

Vote for dark bull! It's so good and it can beat my meteo l drago and my friends super deck libra. It was my first bey and I just love it.

Combines stamina and a little bit of attack.

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4Big Bang Pegasis

Big bang pegasis is the most awesome bey! When I launched it it broke my brothers bey into half!

He called cosmic pegasus so I will say it the best Beyblade in the universe

The best bey of all! Not just attack, but defense is good too.

Pegasis and pegasus are the best

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5Flame Byxis

I like Flame Byxis also is because of its 230 spin track. Its very tall and other beys is not able to reach its spin track which can receive the most damage. And Flame Byxis is like a compass as its sticker says so, which is so cool-looking! I don't know how to describe it, but, I surely recommend this bey because not all beys like that tall but I did not say that no other beys is like that tall, example flash saggitario. But I still recommend Byxis, is worth buying.

FLAME BYXIS ROCKS! YOU HAVE GOT TO BUY HIM. I have him and he beat my earth eagle, meteo l drago, and killer beafowl.

If he beat l drago, it cam beat any kind of Beyblade. I wish I hade a byxis myself, but I cannot find any cheap ones on eBay, in stores, or on any other websites.

He is awesome he can attack from above and has pretty big stamina power please get

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6Diablo Nemesis

Okay, all of you who voted for Earth Eagle are morons. Earth Eagle is defense, not balance! Diablo Nemesis is arguably the best beyblade there is, not to mention it's mode change. One form gives it boosted attack, and the other gives it great balance. In anime as well as real life, Diablo Nemesis is THE best blade you can get.

This bey could beat every one on the list! Rock aries, earth virgo, hades kerbecs, rock leone, and grand cetus aren't even balence! Vote for nemesis!

It is the best balance type Beyblade. It is heavy so it carries defense and its fusion wheel acts like attack. Its x is the most speciality of diablo nemesis. It can change mode from attack to stamina and stamina to attack in few seconds without knowing opponents

The person who voted arguing that Diablo Nemesis is the best is somewhat right in my choice. Earth Eagle is a defense type.

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7Grand Cetus

This bey is better than that stupid Poison Serpent SW145SD. The RS tip that it has makes it hard to knock over and KO. I would recommend this bey to everyone. The white one is better and you should get it.

I bought grand cetus a few days ago and it beat loads of my other Beyblades. Its tip rs is top tier and is highly recommended that all bladers own this bey. Even though its tip is made of rubber it still spins for over 4minutes. Please vote for grand cetus.

Grand Cetus is a defense type Beyblade
Grand Cetus still is pretty good ( both of them) I recommend grand Cetus WD145RS because of it's awesome spin track

It is a defense Beyblade.

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8Dark Cancer/Gasher

I don't allow this! I don't allow this because tedsuuya wateragaame is a greatest cheater in beyblade so I don't allow this
Who think I am correct please thumbs up! And it is better for him to be in 10th not in the 6th but even better is for him to become in the last

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9Rock Leone

Rock leone is my strongest it even beat my phantom orion and he's legendary

This is the best ever it should be #1

"Rock Leone is so strong it was able to beat dark helm

Rock Leone is a defense type. It just has attack power as complementary.

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10Meteo L-Drago

Meteo l-drago beat twisted temple, earth eagle and strom Pegasus

The only thing bad abiut meteo l drago is it's balance, but you can customize it to give it better stamina and balance!

Meteo ldrago can beat everyone because of its rubber which is absorbing - ahaz

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The Contenders

11Flame Libra

Flame Libra is a king. Its eternal sharp tip allows it to have great balance and stamina

It has amazing balance and stamina and should be at the top of this list

Flame libra is so x COOl! With his enteral sharp praformance tip it's able to move freely so libra should be on the top #1!

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12Dark Wolf

A good balance type bey. The metal wheel 'Dark' is superb for balance type customizations. It can beat most Beyblades. However, if your going to buy a dark wolf I recommend a recolored version.

My Wolf defeated Tempo a few times but Tempo won back several times. At least Wolf has got much power sometimes.

Best bey ever! Beat all my beys in a royal rumble, (dark wolf was spun first! ) I suggest buying the double pack, because it looks a lot better...

An excellent balance type bey

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13Thermal Lacerta

The perfect balance of upper attack and stamina. The w130 spin track allows for it to be a competent mid height attacker.

Thermal lacerta has the best attack and stamina and it beat my cousins Rock leone and his gravity destroyer

The best bey I plead you to vote this as every one knows that thermal lasis is the best balance type.

Awesome and coolest bey.

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14Poison Serpent

Poison serpent is a good beyblade it can out last my burfireblaze in stamina and it beat my cyber Pegasuses when it kept attacking it and it didn't stop

Yeah baby poison serpent is so cool then other balance type Beyblades because it is strong and cool. We can change its spin track from attack to defense. And the cool thing is when it attacks it never stops.

Cobras rule! Also, perseus is a defense type. Get your facts straight! Though it is niceto see that somebody knows what type of bey earth eagle is

I think Poison Serpent is the best because it got a cool name

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15Hades Kerbecs

Hades kerbecs is the best. It can defeat gravity destroyer, rock leone, galaxy pegasus, burn fireblaze etc. I don't know why it is 12.

Hell Kerbecs RULES! He owns the stadium and has excellent stamina and balance and is super strong in boost mode

Hades kerbecs is the best awesome coolest awesome beyblade ever

It is the best Beyblade of all. It should be in the top of the list.

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16Beat Lynx

It can change between three heights, 170, 195 and 220. It also has one of the best attack type fusion wheels in the whole of the franchise with excellent smash attack. I have this beyblade and it beats earth eagle, killer beafowl and hell kerbecs (by the way kerbecs is stamina). In fact the only balance type better than it is diablo nemesis.


Beat Lynx is a super awesome beyblade and it the ultimate Balance type beyblade on Google. The special move. I came up with for Beat lynx is Ferocious Demolition Scratch. Its where Beat Lynx smash's the bladers beyblade's around with its Big claws.

I have beat lynx. He beat every beyblade I battled you really have to buy beat lynx!
His metal wheel has two little spikes. One is attack and one is balance GOTTA BUY HIM HE the BEST

It is the best - hamdan

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17Death Quetzalcoatl

This should be at least be in top 5 because it has 2 modes attack mode and defense mode and even the defense mode can knock beys out of the stadium

Just change the performance tip and its one of the best. You've got to have serious power to beat twisted tempo.

If only it didn't have plastic covering it. That's what gives it terribly poor spin loss. Too bad.

Because of the tip it can balance

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18Burn Fireblaze

It extremely hard to beat but fury capricorne100 HF just managed to beat using it low height so make sure you not going up against fury capricorne who is owned by a good blader with burn fireblaze

He is so cool he beat earth eagle and ray stricker, pegases and l drago

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19Basalt Horogium


It's higher weight causes greater deflection than earth eagle.

This Beyblade is unbeatable, it defeated all the top 10 on this list as well as hell kerbecs, all the Pegasus and the L-dragos, trust me when I say that it is the best!

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20Earth Virgo

Great I have two

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