Flame Libra

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Flame Libra


I love flame libra I just got him today and my friend to to beat me with all of his beys like gemios pegasus and even burn fireblaze whoever said that dark wolf easily takes out libra is a liar because my flame libra pwned my friends dark wolf today my first day using him he beat like 20 beys that were all my friends HE ROCKS if you love playing beyblades and you like stamina and attack libra is your bye
Libra is incredible and reliable. Libra was meant to take down popular beyblades like rock leone and L drago. Libra is the bane of all pegasis types, except maybe galaxy. But unpopular ones that are extremely good but not very noticed like Dark Wolf or even Earth Bull easily destroy it. But for any serious beyblade fan, this is a must.
One of my first beys was flame libra. I thought he'd be good because of ES. I was right. It had epic balance and it beat these: Burn Fireblaze, Dark Bull, Rock Aries, and many many more. But sadly, I lost it at a relatives house. Now, it should be packed in one of many, many, many boxes in the attic of my house. It might take a while before I find it... ( P.S. flame Libra, R.I.P. )
Flame Libra is the best bey around. It has SO MUCH stamina- more than even Thermal Pisces! Flame Libra could beat any beyblade! The stamina is good no matter where you battle because of the awesome performance tip that spins separately from the bey. Also, the power that the ES performance tip has can be EQUAL to an ATTACK TYPE BEY with all the stamina and bunches of balance! BUY HIM then VOTE FOR HIM!
Flame libra should be 2 because he can beat earth eagle I test it and libra won
I don't really agree with the parts they give Libra in the beginning, but, if you change some of them, you WILL HAVE THE BEST BEY IN THE WORLD! My brother forced me to play Beyblade with him, so I just threw together my current Libra. Now he can't beat me. HE HASN'T EVEN COME CLOSE! Oh course, this only makes him want to play with me more, but it feels good to win. If you want the best Bey in the history of the world, experiment with Libra. You'll be, I guarantee it, surprised by what you can bring of him.
(Hint: My current Libra is also the smallest Bey ever. See if you can figure out what parts I used ; P )
I swear that when you get flame libra you will get addicted to it. When mine came in the mail in 2008( YES 2008 I GOT FROM JAPAN! ). I hugged it the whole day. It beat: all L-dragos, Gravity Perseus, Rock Leone, Earth Eagle, and about a Billion more. Buy it and VOTE! You will never regret it.
Flame libra is awesome and when he's on his side he gets back up!
Flame Libra was my best one when I was 10 years old now I'm 11
it's awesome it has incredible stamina
flame libra is awesome and can beat most any beyblades thrown at him!
Flame libra is a stamina type but it also has attack because of its performance tip I find that to awesome to imagine. It can even beat flame sagitario in a stamina battle.
Me and my dad played against each other he was storm pegasus and I was flame libra and beat by so much
Libra is an excellent bey, even if I don't own him, I still know he has an awesome tip and fusion wheel
flame libra rocks hardcore because I fought it againist every beyblade I had and it still won even when I spun libra first flame libra is the #1 beyblade in the world! 1
I had a flame libra, I used it to battle my friends after school and I was 1st place! But somebody stole it and I became 2nd place.
flame libra is awesome I beat like everyone I know
Flame Libra could beat 15 beyblades at once if theres room for the power of Flame Libra!
I love flame libra when I went to mumbai with my father then their I bought my flame libra it is stamina and it spins for a long time it is one of the best beys
libra is the best bayblade in the usa
Flame Libra is my friends best bey, it nearly defeated my Burn fireblaze but Burn fireblaze finished Flame libre by knocking it off the stadium.
Libra is awesome! He beat my Hell Kerbecs a million times and lost 7 times. He beat all my Beyblades including Galaxy Pegasus, Gravity Destroyer, Earth eagle, Evil gemios, evil befall, Ray byxis, Poison Striker, Nightmare Herculeo, Hyper rex, Hyper orso, Cyclone aqurio. I don't remember my last 10 beys.
One day I had 20 bucks and bought a flame libra. Then it beat all my beys and all my friends and tied with my cousins thermal pisces.
Haven't actually got this bey yet (not in my local retaller) wondering if I should get this bey online I've only seen it on the show and on youtube it looks really cool some one tell me if I should get it please...
I think libra is the best because it beat all my other beyblades and I have burn fireblaze, storm pegagsus, rock orso, storm aquario, galaxy pegasus, poison serpent and dark wolf. Libra is the best

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