Lightning L-Drago

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Lightning L-Drago


I have this one and it beat all my others, at once, but of course I customized it, I mixed it with another tip I think it was the defense tip with the wide cone shaped tip, oh and a high preform. Tip.
Lightning L-Drago can beat all Beys except defense types without batting an eye, and when it does blink, it still wins! Its Energy Ring (L-Drago) Fusion Wheel (Lightning) have 2 modes, Upper and Rapid Attack, of which the latter is the best. Its Spin Track (100) gives it a good low profile, and the Performance Tip (HF) gives it good movement and stamina. L-Drago for the win!
Lld is the best it sent my earth eagle flying. It is the best attack type. Lld sent all of my beys flying. I have dark libra, meteo l drago, earth eagle, storm capricorn, rock orso, rock scorpio, flame saggitario, thermal pisces and l drago. GO Lightning L-Drago! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! PLEASE VOTE FOR Lightning L-Drago!
He's the best he beats my friends ray unicorno, flame and dark libra, my storm pegasus and beat earth eagl three times. Lightning l drago should be where storm pegasus is because he has more stamina and power
I play with my friend with the lightning L-Drago. I can win most of the bay blade but it can't win most of the fusion. And I found out that attack is very good. I am happy with playing this Lightning L-Drago
I love Lightning L-Drago! So awesome! He is great because he beat Meteo L-Drago 10 times in a row. He is so better than Meteo L-Drago! It should be number 1! I love Lightning L-Drago! Go L-Drago! I totally recomend getting it! I saw it beat an electro battler! It beat all my beys! The rapid attack mode is so good!
This was my first Bey. It is my only Bey. I'm getting more soon and gonna enter a tournament! So far I have beaten every other Bey I battled. GO LIGHTNING L-DRAGO
The Lightning L-Drago will assume 9th position because he won Storm Pegasus and in addition he will lose Counter Leone
The reason I put lightning L-Drago number 1 on the list is because I added up meteo L-Drago and Lightning L-Drago's points and Lightning L-Drago had more.
Lightning L drago was awesome. It beat my L drago destroy, Big bang Pegasus, galaxy Pegasus, meteo L drago and basalt horogium. It beat all of the strongest Beyblade, it just to awesome
it is my first beyblade and it beat beys like fireblaze and capricorn. it is the forbidden bey and it also spins left which is fascinating
Yeah your right it rocks that it beat rock scorpio 3-1 15 attack all together and defense 3 quite bad stamina 4
It rocks bro because it has full attack even though I don't have it I just saw it on the Beyblade website
It's better than the best! Can do a pulp of meteo l drago, storm pegasus, flame libra, rock scorpio, dark bull, dark wolf etc. If you don't believe me just use a longer ripcord and see!
Lightning L-Drago has beaten my Galaxy Pegasus at least 2 times. It beats my brother's Storm Aquario and Hyper Aquario all the time.
My lightning l drago is like a devil from hell.. It send my ray striker flying, made EARTH EAGLE 'OUT', made upto 50, 000 scratches in my stadium, even defeated galaxy PEGASIS, ROCK LEONE AND FLAME LIBRA within seconds.. Well most of the time my cousins and me plays beyblade I am RYUGA... Well I love my hero RYUGA (NO probably ENEN HE IS A VILLAIN), my favourite bey hero LIGHTNING L'DRAGO.. Please everybody vote for my hero.. Vote for lightning l'drage... Plea vote for lightning l'drago...
Should be number 1! Great bey, high stamina and attack, beat every beyblade that I've got (about 30! ) VOTE NUMBER 1 LIGHTNING L-DRAGO!
Can take out Meteo L Drago hed on but gets lanched out of the areana hed on with L-Drago Destroy relly cool but his performence tip gets destroyed easaly.
L drago Is the best he was My very first bey and kicks ass
Hes the best bey ever so vote for him he can't be beat
best bey ever it beat all my beys rock leon metel ldrago storm pegasus cyber pegasus galaxy pegasus
Lightning L-Drago is the best Beyblade because I saw a video where it beat 30 Beyblades at once! I ordord it on amazon but it didn't come yet but it will probably beat all my beys.
The best of all. Can easily beat meteo l drago, storm pegasus, flame libra, rock scorpio, dark bull etc 'cause of its superior smash attack. Don't believe me? Just use a longer ripcord and see if Iam wrong!
I too have l drago and it is left spinning bey so I love it thank you guys
By far this is the best bey ever, its got defense, attack and stamina plus it beat my meteo l drago.
Lightning l drago is awesome. He kept on smashing into my unicorn ray in till it was crusted in to little bits. Like the pre fore tip a lot

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