Top Ten Best Cornerbacks in NFL History

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1Deion Sanders

I could have put him at 1 but the 20 year career of green was hard to beat. Deion was the only corner I have ever seen that would 100% take out your best receiver to the point the QB was afraid to throw to him - tcfreeman69

What Lawrence Taylor was to the line backing position, Deion Sander's was to the cornerback position and more. The man made the CB position a glamour position. I have seen some great dB's in my time, but none has ever came with the swag that Deion brought. He was more PURE substance than hype. If Deion was playing today, He could still take out the best. Just ask Jerry Rice and Mike Irvin #21 prime time

Quarterbacks refused to throw to his side of the field. He was a poor tackler, but when you can take away half the field with your ball hawking abilities, that can be over looked. One of the best athletes in the history of sports.

Have his football card

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2Champ Bailey

Lined up against the best receiver around all parts of the field from his second year all the way through 2012. There is absolutely no other cornerback that has ever done that for that long. He also had the best ever season for a cornerback in 2006. If you had to pick a corner to start your franchise this would be him because no other corner did what he did for how long he did it. Rod Woodson had to move to safety much earlier and Deion was mediocre towards the end and couldn't tackle. Rod and Deion is their prime were equal but cannot compare to Champ's body of work and production over time. Like I said, that's because he line up against the best for 12 years, all by himself. Other corners can say they did that for maybe 5-6 years.

Top to bottom best all around corner. Deion can't tackle to save his life

not only can he defend and intercept passes amazingly he can also tackle, force fumbles and lead the team greatly - Puppy_Dawgie

Incredible talented, probably put up some of the most impressive all-time performances in his prime. Would turn all-star receivers into dead zones.

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3Rod Woodson

He is the best corner back ever. He can cover man to man. He can play zone defense just as good as any corner back in NFL history. He's also very good at tackling. Not to mention he is a great safety. On top of all of that he's third all time in interceptions and in the Hall of Fame.

Rod was awesome at corner, I don't think I have ever seen a CB who could blitz/tackle like him and still outrun your best guy. Amazing hands and the ability to always be around the ball. - tcfreeman69

He was the complete corner, and could excel in today's NFL. Deion was one-dimensional, and ranks high only because of his flamboyance/popularity.

The Best I ever seen Steelers Baby

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4Dick "Nightrain" Lane

Vicious tackler, great interceptor. Best corner of all time there is nothing on the field he couldn't do. If he was playing modern day, coaches would think twice before they threw or ran to his side

Probably the greatest and toughest CB of all time. Everyone in that era was terrified of his control of the backfield. He makes Deion look like he's running through mud. Look him up.

Maybe the best that ever played? I put him here because I wasn't around to watch him and all I have are films and from that you can see he was dominating at his position, again, lower on my list because I never saw him first hand (i'm 48) - tcfreeman69

Greatest at Man&Zone coverage, has most interceptions in a season with 15 (I think)

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5Darrel Green

Darrel Green was the best DB in NFL history. His speed made him very dangerous to quarterbacks. I still remember him catching dorsett just before the goal line in the playoffs. Awesome!
- OfficerNegativeIII

Played for 20 years and even when he was 35 he skunked Randy Moss in their first meeting.

He is so fast. He could shut down any wide receiver and once he gets a pic he can run it back for 6 he is the best. - AlexHeiberg

Green was the greatest think of his playoff stats compared to other guys

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6Darrelle Revis

The only person to shut down recievers like Revis (or he shuts them down like they did) are darrel green and deion sanders. Different generations make them hard to compare but ill never forget the season reggie wayne had 111 receptions and peyton manning was on point with him and then revis shut down wayne for 1 catch for 1 yard (it was a screen so it shouldn't even count) in the AFC Championship

Revis, even though had Cromartie to help him out a lot along the way never really had a great pass rush, or even help from a decent safety and he managed to make the most out of what he had shutting down receivers like; Megatron, Reggie Wayne, Dez Bryant, Randy Moss (with the exception of once), Chad Johnson/Ochocinco, Roddy White, Greg Jennings, Julio Jones, Mike Wallace.. I think you get the point.. There isn't a single "#1" receiver that revis hasn't shutdown.

Revis dominates the best athletes on the opposing team on a weekly basis. Completely shutting down the best wide receivers in the NFL is something no one else can say. He makes them non factors.

He is 1 of the best

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7Charles Woodson

Total annihilation of the other teams passing game, that's what can happen if this guy gets on a roll, he can shut down your biggest wide receiver and force you to pass to the other hungry packer cornerbacks, watch the superbowl, the only time Pittsburgh's offense seemed to do anything is when this guy went out of the game

The position of Cornerback is more than just shutting down Wide Outs. People tend to forget that some teams best receivers were Slot receivers and Tight ends. Woodson covered them all. Revis, Bailey, Sanders etc, would cover a Jason Witten like skilled tight end. Champ Bailey fumbled the ball 4 times and lost 2 in 2002 and was never utilized as a punt returner again! Woodson at 38 was utilized on the good hands team for a squib kick and as a Punt Returner in bad weather to secure what few wins Okland had in 2014. When a player has the ability to be utilized as a Blitzer, as well as cover anybody on the field who is a Playmaker! That is the TOTAL package for what the position of Cornerback is!

Look at his stats no way he is not at least top three all time top interceptions for a cornerback 27 force fumbles. Number 3 in int return TDs.

He intercepted Peyton multiple times he deserves to be in the top 10

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8Mel Blount

The NFL had to make rule to prevent Mel Blount from killing wide outs. He has big, fast and physical and is far better than anyone else on this list.

How is Deion Sanders #1? That guy was afraid to tackle. I'm sure he'd excel in today's NFL where Roger Goodell doesn't allow DBs to hit anyone anymore. Deion is the #1 touch football corner. Real football though... Its all Mel Blount!

Please, please... This guy was simply the best ever. Defensive league MVP at CB! The league had to change rules due to his dominance... And he continued to be an all -pro! Could over match tight ends or run with the likes of Cliff Branch. Even stood up to Jack Lambert. Sound like a Deion?!

If it wasn't for Mel Blount, Deion probably would have been a special teams player because he couldn't tackle. Remember, they changed the passing rules because Blount was beating up people

Changed the rules because of him, enough said!

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9Richard Sherman

By the time his career is over Richard Sherman will be in the top five in history. Not only is he physically dominating, he is also one of the most intelligent players in the game. Anyone saying otherwise would do well to research a little more diligently.

Couldn't agree more, the best in the game right now and could easily be in the top ten of all time by the end of his career.

A lot could happen where sherman ends up falling out (but that is unlikely). But if sherm keeps it up he will be top 3. And, to add a little icing on the cake, sherman can actually tackle. He's laid some people out. But, PrimeTime COULD tackle, he just didn't want to ruin his career hitting the big guys, He was a great tackler against people in his own weight class.

Richard Sherman is their best in their nfl

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10Ty Law

Ty was an elite corner who never got as much credit as he deserved because he was on a great Patriot defense and was overshadowed by guys like Champ Bailey. This guy could shut down great recievers, and he was clutch. Just look at his playoff performances against Manning and in Super Bowls.

Underrated, tough smart player. He made the defense work, along with Rodney H. , another underrated great.

Should have been at least in the top four no questions...

Bro, this guy is better than Revis, Sherman, and maybe even Champ Bailey

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?Malcolm Butler

He's not the best but he's done something a lot of great corners can't say they've done and that's saving the SUPERBOWL

?Willie Buchanon
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11Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes reminds me of the picture in the dictionary if you look up CB. Not the greatest athlete at the position but an absolute master of it. - tcfreeman69

The bump-run coverage was his specialty. Quarterbacks also stopped throwing to his side of the field because of his cornerback skills.

2# best cornerback of all time

Mike haynes is amazing

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12Nnamdi Asomugha

He had a season of only allowing 8 receptions in man coverage. To top it off the raiders are a horrible team/

Not even top 50 of all time

Quaterbacks were scared to throw at him in 08 so don't even

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13Ronde Barber

Only CB in NFL history with over 25 sacks and 40 interceptions and What a Tackler. Consistent, respected greatness for 16 years. He did it all with precision and tenacity. In my mind he is the complete Cornerback. Able to do more than just intercept a pass.

Don't understand how he isn't in the top 5. Was a lock down corner and a perfect tackler. Also did this for 16 years. Should be a lot higher.

Ronde is tank same with tiki!

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14Willie Brown

Willie was Deion before Deion, he would take your best guy and take him out of the game. - tcfreeman69

Willie brown is better than Deion Sanders

Old Man Willie! Picking off Fran Tarkenton and returning for a touchdown in the Super Bowl! On top of that he's a Hall of Famer! Vote for this legend!

Top ten for sure!

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15Charles Tillman

Best conner at least best conner to force fummbles no doubt about that one

16Ellis Hobbs
17Asante Samuel

Not the best all time, but a really great corner that could be depended on. Unfortunately he missed a pick against Eli in Super Bowl 42 on the play before the helmet catch that would have sealed the game. That pick would have made him a more remembered figure.

Clutch most pick six in playoffs

Man he roped his balls

18Lester Hayes

My first CB hero! Lester was everything a the position, he could swallow up the field with his range and speed and his ability to get interceptions (stick-um! ) was outstanding, great CB. - tcfreeman69

Before there was Deion and Regis there was my eminent domain. When you mention shutdown corner look at this man. He can tackle, play bump in run and cover. Remember Super Bowl 18 and the shutdown him and mike Haynes did on those redskin WR 's and lets not forget helping ground air coryel..

Brought bump-n-run to a whole new level... may be one of the most underrated players in history!

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19DeAngelo Hall

Fast tall and good at zone

20Jimmy Johnson

SI's pick on their all-time team. Rafer Johnson's brother also an Olympian track star. Remember him shutting down a wideout when he had his arm in a cast!

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