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Pizza Hut
This place is my favorite for some reason their pizza taste the best out of everyone's. We just had it last night... I want it every night now!


This pizza place is the best! I've tried many that are good, but this place is just TOO good! Actually, it's awesome! My son and daughter love it. Thank You Pizza Hut for all that you have given me! PIZZA!
Pizza from Pizza Hut is my favourite food. It's also the cheapest Pizza in the world. But it's certainly the nicest Pizza in the world. I love Pizza Hut.
[Newest]Not even close... Pizza Hut is superior to all other pizza places.

2Papa John's Pizza
If you are not in Italy and you want to have pizza with taste of Italian then you have to try Papa John's. I love papa john's pizza. Who will try once papa john's pizza, he will never enter in pizza hut again. Its a challenge. Hi i! There is no papa john's in Bangladesh. I have so many time Italian pizza in business tour. We are doing leather business so this is why we have to go Italy for attend leather exhibition and pizza is my favorite food. So when I go Italy then I only have pizza but when I am in my country then its not happened. First time I try papa john's pizza in Dubai festival city. And that is one of my best time in my life. Now a days I can't think any other pizza shop except papa john's. But in Bangladesh there is no papa john's pizza shop. And this is why in Bangladesh pizza hut doing business along. But they don't know for pizza papa john's is the best choice. I LOVE PAPA JOHN"S PIZZAA
People always complain about the wait here, but I could wait 4 hours for a pizza that's always fresh and out of the oven rather than one that's been sitting under a heat lamp. Papa Johns is always make fresh with natural tomato sauce and the best ingredients. Beats Pizza Hut by a long shot!
This pizza place is worldwide, they have papa johns in countries you don't even know exist, Papa johns tastes lovely, like heaven turned to pizza. Why is this not number #1

3Domino's Pizza
Best pizza now with the improved crust and amazing deals. They also have the greatest amount of toppings I have seen to choose from. So when choosing choose dominoes
Domino's gets everything right. From the very addicting crust to the all-natural toppings to the great cheese to their rocking chicken to the chocolate cake to cinnamon sticks to... You get the idea.


Um... Dominoes actually beat Papa John's in quite a few contests. It should be number one for that reason, and the fact that pizza hut is crappy.

4Little Caesars
Nothing can beat Little Caesars.

Pizza = 5$
Hot wings = 5$
Bread sticks = 5$

Can any other Pizza place beat this? They are always ahead of everyone. Go up to them ask for a Pizza, your expected to get a "COme back in (so and so minutes)" WRONG, they have your Pizza READY on the spot.


I think Little Caesars is better than all other pizza places. They have your pizza ready right when you get there and their pizza is $5, and they have more than just pizza. Dominos has crazy prices, Pizza Hut doesn't have as much advertisement compared to the others, Papa Johns is ok but it is newer and Little Caesars would be more popular than them. LITTLE CAESARS
Their sauce is surprisingly flavorful for a chain restaurant. Not quite as greasy or thick as many other places. Their cheese pizza was one of my absolute favorite smells when I was little.


[Newest]Do the deep-dish combo-mambo!

5CiCi's Pizza
I love cici's pizza there pizza is the the best but I'm not done yet do you want a pizza or anything other of our AMAZING buffet cinnamon rolls delicious salads delicious cakes anything there is delicious!
I like CiCi's pizza. The best one in the United States is the one in Albuquerque, NM.

I have to say, their pizza is very addictive.
Best Crust and taste
Best New York style pizza
Better than little ceases crap

7New York's Pizza

8Jet's Pizza
See, that's what's wrong with America. Those top 5 are absolutely crap. The best pizza is the Mom & Pop pizza places across the U.S. Ours, is Sir Pizza. But as far as chains go, Jets is by FAR the best.
Deep dish is the best. Regular crust not so good.
By far the best pizza!

9Noble Roman's Pizza


The Contenders

11Plank's Cafe (Columbus, OH)

12Papa Murphy's
I think this is the best and I like that you bake it at home and HOW ARE dominos pizza and Pizza Hut on the top I think they both suck they are my 2 least favorites
They make pizzas shaped like a punkin
There pizza is so good

13Lupi's Pizza

14Godfather's Pizza
The combo pizza and taco pizza are both my favorites. I love their crust and sauce.

15Nano's Pizza
This is a lot of (insert name here)'s pizza places

Is it wrong to eat pizza while reading this?

16Donatos Pizza

17Marian's pizza

18Cecilia's Pizza

19Delanie's Pizza


21California Pizza Kitchen

22Marco's Pizza
I'm from Indiana, they used to be in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, now I seen them in San Antonio Texas. I'm so thrilled. The House Of Pizza was close to the taste, but still not as good as marco's.


They are now in Florida, I'm a NJ pizza guy and have eaten top shelf pizza all my life, when I need a fix Marco's is by far the best franchise pie. Pizza Hut, Dominos and the rest
Just can't cut the mustard.

Ken... Jersey Boy
Best pizza finally are expanding true italians started first store in Toledo Ohio love this place.
Marco's is good pizza. We also like Pizza Hut.

23Campisi's Pizza

24Pizza My Heart
Was rated best by New York

25Pizza by the Guy
I am disgusted that this many people haven't voted for papa Gino's. ill admit, many people likely haven't had it because its almost exclusively based in Massachusetts, but god damn is it good,
Awesome sauce so cool #pizza night for football

26Pizza Pizza

27Hungry Howie's
Best pizza with so many different crusts! Love it! If you live near this place, GO THERE! Just first look up its locations! You will definitely be 100% satisfied. Yummy!
I get this every monday I love their flavored crust, yummy, it is so god it is one of the best pizza I ever had and luckies haha
Best pizza ever and there adding lots of new locations.

28Papa Gino's
Best pizza there is.

29Pizza Nova


31Sam and Louie's
It's in the Omaha area only, so it mayn't get many votes, but it is great pizza.

32Frank's Pizzeria

33Pizza Delight

I love the pizza and the fries.

35Round Table Pizza

36Nick and Joe's: East Coast Pizza
This place is one of the nicest pizza places that I have ever gone to in my life! The restaurant has a very pleasurable atmosphere that comes with great service and options as far as seating arrangements and the menus. The waiters are very prompt as well as knowing what they are doing. The pizza has high quality Organic ingredients that you can actually taste that are actually fresh and imported every day from Italy come together very nicely in their pies. Overall this is Number one out of all the pizza places I have visited over the years and I give it a perfect 10 out of 10 with Two BIG thumbs up
Best pizza ever! This is the only amazing pizza in the midwest, absolutely stunning.
Incredible, much higher quality than lousy pizza hut.

37Lou Malnati's
Lou malnatis should be #1 it's amazing

38Mater's Pizza & Pasta Emporium
pieces are so big and thick with toppings you can only eat 1 piece

39Lil' Cucci's

40Avalanche Pizza


42No Man's Land Pizza and Grill

43Peter Piper Pizza
The pizza is so delicious. It so crunchy, good flavor, and mmhmm I'm lovin' it

44Pizza Depot


46Fox's Pizza Den
Rural Valley Pa. Great pizza and great wings! Nothing fried!


48JV's Pizza
It's good. Pits really isn't a pizza place but the pizza is good. It's not a chain either.

49Pizzeria Regina
Pizzeria Regina is amazingly fresh and makes my taste buds happy! Best pizza in the boston area

50Vern's Pizza

51Pagliacci Pizza

52Sally's Apizza

53Pizza Pino Restaurant

54Vince's Pizzeria

55John's Pizza Place

If you don't know, it's a Pizza Restaurant from Spain


57Theo's Pizza & Catering

58Mellow Mushroom

59Ingleside Village Pizza

60Papa Romano's

61Rey's Pizza (Miami)

62The Pizza Company

63Rustys Pizza
Just the best pizza ever made in the history of pizza believe it!

64Prince Pizza

65Di Fara

66Yellow Cab Pizza

67Brooklyn Pizza

Mazzio's is amazing! I love it and it should be on here!

69Twice the Deal Pizza

70Boston Pizza

71Pizzeria Hej

72Abitino's Pizzeria

73Tops Pizza

74Giovanni's Pizza


76Mama Maria

77Ledo Pizza


79Fergie's Pizza
It has delicious pizza

80Rocky Rococo
Far better than the top four. Granted, it's a tad expensive, but once you get over that, its absolutely Amazing. I would recommend it to anyone traveling in to Wisconsin.

81San Remo's

82Branchinelli's Pizza

83Colony Grill

84Tree Guys Pizza Pub
It's very dry and nasty

85Old World Pizza

86Debonairs Pizza

87Romans Pizza

88Scooter's Pizza

89Pizza Station

90Pizza Del Re


92Pizza Guys

93Pep's Pizza

94Mountain Mike's Pizza

Worst pizza! It's like they throw topping and ingredients on it so fast that they don't know how much they're putting in!
Rosati's is the greatest thin crust you will ever have! It's amazing!

96Sir Pizza
The BEST Pizza in the world! If you are ever in Nashville, TN... you have to try it.

97East of Chicago Pizza

98Pop A Wheelies Pizzeria

99Pizza King


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