Best Credit Repair Companies

Anyone with a low credit score can tell you that bad credit is no fun. It's expensive, it's embarrassing, and it can stand in the way of achieving your goals. Fortunately, it is possible to legally and permanently fix your credit with credit repair.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been able to improve their credit scores. By removing bad credit, adding good credit, and better managing their credit profile, people have been able to increase their credit scores from 500s and 600s all the way to 700s and even 800s.

If you have had difficulty getting reasonable loans in the past, raising your credit score through credit repair can help you qualify for lower interest payments. These lower payments can help you purchase a new car or even get into a new home.

Even if your credit score is good enough to get a loan, improving it by just a few more points can save you thousands. Using credit repair to increase your credit score from 680 to 720 can save you a hundred dollars or more per month on your mortgage payment; a savings of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your loan.

You can clean your credit yourself or you can get help from a credit repair expert. This is a top ten list of the best credit repair companies out there.
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The Top Ten

Lexington Law
Lexington Law
I used Lexington to repair my credit. Talking to my personal paralegal about my situation helped me to wade through the mess. Lexington helped me get my score up by 247 points! If you're looking for Credit Repair, go with Lexington
Lexington helped me raise my credit score 70 points in 60 days. This gave me the credit I needed to refinance my house to consolidate my debt, buy a new car at a good rate, and have more options to support my growing family. I love these guys.
I used Lexington and my score went up 130 points to 750. It only took four months. My wife is getting hers worked on next.
Has done a really great job repairing my credit. Started at a 632 in July of 2014 and here in SEPT. I'm at a 738.. Great job.
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Free Offer: Credit report summary & consultation:
When I signed up for, I was a little skeptical. I'd heard bad things about credit repair scams and I didn't want to be a victim. But I needed help. It only took a few weeks before I got my first notice of positive results. I know the process might not work that fast for everyone, but I was thrilled. The funny thing is, I had been sitting in church when I got the alert via text message and I just about stood up and shouted! I've found the people at to be really helpful and empathetic. It's the one company that doesn't treat me like a second-class citizen because of my poor credit history.

I would recommend to anyone - and I often do.
Great service, have not been with them long but I like the progress they have made so far!
CreditRepair did very well and improve my credit rating. I keep my faith with this CreditRepair all the way.
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Sky Blue Credit Repair Services
3Sky Blue Credit Repair Services
Sky Blue Credit, one of the more seasoned members of the credit repair community, has been in operation since 1989. Once a south-east regional operation with a significant following, Sky Blue now offers its powerful credit repair program nationally. Completely dedicated to producing the optimal result for each customer they utilize an impressive array of tools gathered over almost two decades of operation.

The hands-on approach utilized by Sky Blue insures that each customer gets the personal attention that makes it possible to produce truly dramatic results. Sky Blue provides their complete range of services for a single low monthly fee without requiring any upgrades or costly program options. The Sky Blue program includes expert credit bureau disputes, debt validation, and comprehensive counseling services. The Sky Blue program is ideal for anyone interested in real and lasting credit improvement.
Sky Blue was referred to me by a friend who described them as a smart, more personal alternative to the big automated credit repair companies. They did an amazing job for me and I thought I'd pass the recommendation along. Here are a few things about my experience with Sky Blue I want to share. 1) They didn't charge me until they reviewed my credit, gave a consultation, and made sure I was comfortable. 2) They went to work really fast, stayed on the case, and kept me updated. 3) The customer service was completely satisfying and I never felt lost. 4) They did everything for me, and I'm a busy person, so that's exactly what I needed. 5) Their program was worth its weight in gold. It wasn't an overnight fix, but in six months my scores improved 120 points and my reports are amazing to see. To sum it up, they were exceptionally professional and effective. I strongly suggest you try them too.
After reading reviews for the top 5 credit repair services, I decided to go with Sky Blue. This was because others had commented that Sky Blue is honest about whether or not they can help you; they won't charge you if they believe you can do better on your own or if there is nothing more they can do. That is precisely what happened to me. I received a call today from a Sky Blue representative telling me that I only have one negative item on my credit report. Because it should not have been on my credit report, she said it would be very simple to dispute on my own. She told me how to do it, and then said they'd refund my money (I had just ordered the service). I would rate this service #1 for integrity and customer service, and I have already recommended it to friends. It's not often that one finds a company that is more concerned about helping people than about getting the business. Thanks, Sky Blue!
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4Ovation Credit
This is a very nice company, highly focused on your account and getting results. They are careful and diligent and will not set off alarms with the credit reporting agencies. Ovation Law will not rush in, instead they take a strategic course of action to clean up your credit reports. There is no such thing as a quick fix for damaged credit, only careful and concise action over time will work. Ovation Law will clearly explain the process, time frame and expected results up front for you. I recommend this firm for your credit repair needs, they have done me a great service so far and continue to provide excellent customer care.
For those of you who may be thinking of starting the credit repair process, but still doing your homework, you can stop right here. I am a client of Ovation and have been on and off since 2006. You will get white glove service here at Ovation. The best part is there is no contract, you are free to cancel anytime. These guys are great! Ovation Credit Services, thanks a million
They are the best of the best plain and simple been there done that nobody compares to Ovation
Awesome! Thanks Ovation!
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I was very skeptical about credit repair industry at first. You hear so many bad things about it. At the same time there are some exciting stories about fellows who used credit repair service, fixed credit and started new life. So I decided to become one of them and start a new life with EXCELLENT credit. So I did lot's of reading about how to choose credit repair company, what questions to ask etc. Etc. And decided to go with There are several reasons why I chose Credit but I will mention only 2: results and price. I read feedbacks about and they did sound good to me, price - very affordable. I don't know about you, buy price is very important factor for me. Anyway, I am very proud to say that I made a right choice (now I know I did! )and with Credit Firm system I was able to fix my credit and get a brand new truck!
My realtor suggested I give a try because a lot of her clients have had such success with them. Well, I did, and they increased my credit score from 520 to 647. I'm happy to say that I'll be closing on my home in 2 weeks, and have to thank for that. I'm very fortunate that my realtor told me about them, so I feel it is my obligation to tell anyone else with bad credit that there is a place where you can get help. And that place is!
I was a little hesitant about hiring a credit repair company at first. I heard about all of the credit repair scams and the people getting ripped off, but I needed to fix my credit so I took a gamble on I am happy to say that this was the best decision of my life, I finally have a credit score which I can be proud of.
Very good company, I will say stay away from CRE Credit Repair, was with CRE for 3 months and they did very little I than went with CreditFirm and they repaired my credit in 90 days. Thanks CreditFirm.
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6Veracity Credit Repair
I have been a client of Veracity Credit Consultants only since June, so one month now. I came to them because I want to purchase a home early next year and unfortunately where my credit score is currently will never qualify me for a home loan. Veracity is REALLY working hard for me! And they are helping me to become so informed about my credit. They do not promise overnight results and I have not had any improvements in my credit score YET. However, I feel SO confident that with Veracity my credit situation WILL improve and that I WILL buy my first home next year as planned. The staff is so knowledgeable and very kind. I am EXTREMELY happy with the decision I made in choosing them.
Veracity Credit Repair help me during a tough time. Not only did they understand a few months when I was unable to pay them, they kept the account open until I was back on me feet to continue paying the small amount. I did it for two months and they removed about 4-6 items. Imagen if I did it for one year. I will be starting back up with them in a few weeks because due to unemployment my bills fell behind. I need there help once again. I will do it for 12 months striaght. I hope my points go up from 575 to at least 680!
I have only been with veracity for one month.. trying to buy a home and credit score had to be at certain number to apply for loan... happy to say veracity gave me great advice and my score is already good enough for home loan. trying to fix your own score even when you have the money to pay off debts is a bad idea... there are certain things you have to know or it can really hurt you... now I don't assume anything without talking to a veracity agent.
Very good the little time I have been with. I have recommended them to other. Thanks
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7National Credit Fixers
I have been working with NCF for a few months now. Matt has done a tremendous job with my credit thus far. They're always available to answer any questions I have regarding my credit report. Matt takes out time to also explain different things about my credit that I may not understand. He's very patient with me. He is very welcoming! Matt builds a rapport with his clients which is important. He doesn't make me feel like he's not into what he's doing. He's very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to friends and family anytime.
I am 100% absolutely satisfied with the results I got from National Credit Fixers and I recommend them to my real estate clients all the time! Over the year Matt worked on my file he solved numerous problems which mostly occurred through my own inability to communicate properly and to understand the system! It's not that you couldn't do this yourself but it would be a full time job and most people, including me, don't even have the knowledge to know where to start. All around best team, changed my life.
After my fiance and I looked around everywhere for help with our credit, we never expected to fix anything within the next 10 years. Then we came across the National Credit Fixers and met Matt! We thought for sure that it was too good to be true, but he is a great guy and you feel like you're actually top priority when working with them. They've kept in touch and e-mailed daily while we made progress and within weeks our credit is better than ever and we are already on our way to hopefully owning a house! Thanks, Matt!
I being know Matt for a very long time and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help to fix their credit. He also is a great guy.
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8180 Credit Solutions
They literally saved me thousands. I was refinancing and my score was affected by over a 105 points from a late that appeared on my report. The refinancing lender told me that based on my low credit score that I would have to pay an additional 1.5 in points. In my loan amount that equated to a little over $4,000.00. Credit Solutions had the damage on my credit removed and my middle score went back to 762 and the points were removed prior to closing the loan. You delivered what you promised. Thanks
I just want to take time to express how much I appreciated the help that 180 credit solutions did for me. I had a low credit score of 498 an in approxiamately 60 days it was at a 602. I know its hard to believe but its very true. Im very skeptic anyways because of my line of work, Im a bailbondsman in Independence, ks an believe me I here all kinds of stories. I can personally promise you if you follow the procedures it WORKS. Im very glad I hooked up with 180 credit solutions and you should too you will be pleased you did.
I wrote before about how I looked into a lot of companies before chosing this one. Let me tell you how it has paid off. Not only did they repair my credit, increase my credit score, but because of their personal attention I was able to not only refinance my home but recently was able to get a new car! This company is second to none! Take my word for it don't even look at any other place. These guys know their business. Thanks again.
Friendly and great at what they do!
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9My Credit Group
This company is legit. Not like other large companies that make you do all the work yourself and just send out generic dispute letters. My Credit Group had a custom plan setup just for me. And so far it has worked great. I have went from a 554 to a 682 in 2 months. They get my vote!
The biggest benefit I got out of my credit group was the knowledge

I feel like I know so much more now. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day - teach him to fish and you feed him for life
My credit group did a wonderful job for my wife's credit. Our program lasted almost 7 months and her score increased by 83 points. We also established our first new line of credit since our bankruptcy.

Money well spent
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10Trinity Credit Services
I was impressed to find that before Trinity would even begin working on my credit they where concerned about any current late payments. They would not do anything unless everything was current. We didn't have any late payments when we went with them; however, we had a few struggles going on when we first checked them out.

You have to be patient with the program as it will take at least 6-9 months to start seeing the best results. They wanted even better results on mine and when even futher to remove items. To date they have removed 19 items off my credit including some that were reporting balances of 2,500 or more. Also, they were sucessful in removing a repo on one of the Credit Bureau. This is one they have continued to work on. Another thing they did for me was to give me good advice on other methods of raising my score. One of those methods was piggy backing off of a resposible friend's credit card. I can tell you that my score was nearly in the 400's when I got started with them and in 10 months I have seen it at a 742 at one point with one of the Bureaus. I was able to get a large line of credit, finance a loan at 6. 69, and refinance my vehicle at 6.93 percent with a credit union. I was paying 17 percent on that vehicle. All in all I have been very impressed and would recommend Trinity to anyone. Just remember the results can take time and they have a login on their system where you can see all the results and them at work.
One of few credit repair companies I've seen that's registered with the Secretary of State and bonded. It's hard to give a company your confidential information if they can't prove that they are legal. At least with Trinity, you can have that re-assurance. They have proof of their credentials posted on their website. I used their services in the middle of last year and was hesitant to refer them to anyone until I had received all of my results. I had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, several collections, a reposession and a whole mess of bad credit. When I started the program, my credit score was 523. The bankruptcy was deleted! I couldn't believe it when I got an updated credit report and it wasn't there. They pretty much deleted everything else as well, but the bankruptcy was all that I really cared about. My score is a 672 now and they gave me steps to follow to get above a 700 within the next few months. I'm so excited and recommend Trinity Credit Services whole heartedly!
I really enjoyed my experience with Trinity Credit Services. They are one of the only companies that I found that I could just walk right in and talk to my consultant directly. I worked directly with Corrie there and she walked me through the process and reviewed my reports in person with me. Since I have started the program a month ago, I have already had over 23 deletions of negative items. She is also coaching me in how to establish good credit moving forward. I would highly recommend Trinity Credit Services as well as Corrie Raymond. Her email if anyone is interested in working with a great consultant is I can't wait to see my results in the next few months!
Thanks Trinity! Very professional, helpful and friendly staff. I wanted a new car, but wasn't willing to pay the high interest rates and high payments. My scores went from 540 to 685 and I got my new car at 3.5% interest! You guys are amazing and I have recommended everyone I know to Trinity!


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11Better Credit Reports Consulting
I began searching credit repair companies. However, I was suspicious with good reason. Many credit repair companies today charge you a lot of money upfront and you end up with little results. It's not unheard of for a person to spend more on credit repair companies than they would paying off the debts on their credit.

After a lot of looking I stumbled upon a new company. One that no amount of looking seemed to reveal much about. There were no scam reports, no positive reviews, just many people posting in forums asking the same question I was, "Does BCR consulting work? "

BCR consulting is a credit repair company that offers repair before payment. It works like this, you send them a copy of your credit report, and then they write you back with the verdict as to whether they can or cannot help you. If they can help they will dispute the charges and bill you only when the items are removed. Their rate is 33 dollars per removal on each credit report. Meaning if they remove one negative account from all three reports, you would owe 99 dollars.

I contacted them and received a, "We can help" as well as a contract which I read very, very carefully, due to still being suspicious of any credit repair company. After I set my magnifying glass down, I found there literally was no way these people could rip me off. The contract made it very clear that ONLY when the items were removed did I owe anything, and that the bill would be only for 33 dollars per item.

I thought, there is no risk, let's give it a go. It did take BCR consulting some time to get started. They are a small company of a mere four credit repair experts. It was around a month before they even began.
However, once they began, I saw results within a month. Negative accounts began dropping like flies and my husband's score began to soar.

In one month they increased his score over 200 points and saved us over six grand in debts that were not even ours. The bill from BCR consulting was a measly $150.

I chose to write this review of BCR consulting as there were none. I wanted everyone looking for a real, no risk credit repair company to know that BCR consulting is legitimate and works, but is not a quick fix.

The agent which was assigned to my case was the only credit repair agent I spoke with. He was polite and helpful. He answered all of my questions whether they were related to my case or just credit in general. His response was always prompt and complete.

Overall I was extremely satisfied with the company and would recommend them to anyone with bad credit.

No, I am not being paid to write this by BCR consulting. No, I do not hold any investment in the company. I'm just one house wife who needed credit repair and found an inexpensive way to do so when my own efforts failed.
No other credit repair company would do the work and charge me only for the accounts they have deleted. Searching on google I've found several credit repair sites who claim at the front page to charge only per results but buried in the fine print there is always a initial payment in advance. Others want my credit card or bank account number to charge their fees as soon as 3 days after sign up. With so many credit repair scams on the internet I wouldn't feel comfortable paying anything in advance, specially when the FTC says that credit repair is not possible.

BCR Consulting really charge only per account deleted, that speaks of their confidence on their ability to take off negative accounts from my report, When I hired BCR I thought "They better do something good for me or they won't get my money".

They did get my money, I like that, they are the only credit repair that never tried to trick me, honest, reliable stand up people. I'm recommending their services to anyone with bad credit, if they can't do it nobody can, but with them you won't have give away a few hundred dollars just to know if its possible or not.

(Working with them for 3 months now, my score went from 587 to 668, they still working on the remaining bad trade lines)
They get results, client support is not too good, looks like this is a small company and they are too busy to answer calls and emails the same day but eventually they write or call back. I found out that this lack of contact doesn't mean that they are not working in my file, letters from the credit agencies and credit cards keep coming even when I can't get anybody on the phone. No hard sale tactics at all, just an invoice by email after they get something removed from my reports.

Another problem is that they don't take debit or credit card payments, its not really big deal for me I don't have any credit cards anyway so I always send them a check but it would be nice if I can pay for they services online with my debit card.

Botton line is that this is a honest and effective company, big difference with the one I tried before, with Lexington I had to pay them every month with or without results and their customer support is just useless. This people got deleted in 2 months more negatives than lexinton in a year
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12National Credit Consultants
This company was God sent to me! After speaking with 5 different companies, National Credit Consultants was the only company that did not try to mislead me into signing up with them and all my credit issues would go away. The Credit Consultant Mr. Richard Rivera explained to me how my money would be better spent and have better results on my credit score by paying down an account I was currently past due on and then come back to start the credit repair process. Very Honest and at the end my credit score went from a 540 to a 690 in less than 60 days, and they tell me to expect more of a credit score increase by the time the service ends next month. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED.
National Credit Consultants is a very Knowledgeable Credit Repair Company. They are accredited by the better business Bureau. Very honest Company, I contacted them to help with my husbands and mine credit reports and where able to help my husband and get him from a 580 middle credit score to a 710 credit score in three months. They told me that due to my currently past due accounts, my money would be better spent paying and catching up my past due accounts rather than paying them. "Now that's Honesty! " Once I did that, they gave me a discounted rate for my credit repair and they increased my score 105 points in 2 months. I am very Grateful to them.
I was very skeptical when my mortgage broker requested that I call National Credit Consultants for credit repair. I researched the company and found them to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They were very honest and up front and the final result was more than I ever expected. They raised my score from a 560 to a 720 in less than 3 months. My wife and I now have a new home, "The American Dream" and I don't think we could have done it without National Credit Consultants. We are forever grateful to the. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!
My credit is horrible currently at 550, sign up with them on 03/20/14. My rep name is Andre, he seems nice but I guess I will come on here as soon as I start to see some changes. Its being over a month now 04/22 not certain if there was any changes bcuz my credit karma is still the same number :( :( ...........I really wanted 640 to get a house next year but a bit disappointed too :( the reviews on here LOOKS so good . Still praying and hoping for some good news


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13MSI Credit Solutions
I applied to receive a home loan through a mortgage company and was denied due to a bad credit score. I didn't even realize my credit score was low at this time and was a little shocked. The mortgage company turned around and told me about MSI and I'm grateful they did. Within 3 ½ months, my credit has increased over 100 points and now the mortgage company has approved my loan request. Without the help of Jason Long at MSI, my chances of buying a home would be near impossible especially within this time frame. So, I would and have recommended MSI to family members and friends and would definitely use them again if ever needed. Well worth every penny!
Rey Solomon at MSI was our savior... they raised our scroes over 70 points! We're now both well above 620 and are continuing with their extended support... MSI gets it done... fast... they don't charge you a "set" fee... they charge for what they work on.. their terms are easy and staying on program is simple... If your not with MSI your not getting your dollars worth.
Mr. Burgos,

Thank you and your staff with the excellent work in helping me get back my credit backon track. My lowest score was a 529, and after working with MSI my credit score jumped up to 684! I was able to get my new home my family and I wanted and I even got a new car to spoil myself with!

I have enrolled in the Friends for Life program and while I am working on my own to maintain my credit, it is a great feeling to know that MSI is still there backing me up. Everyone at MSI is great to talk to and very professional in their work! Once again, thank you! Its not a gimick-if any doubts my name is Ralph P and anyone can email me at if any concerns or questions come up.
Ralph Padilla
Joey Thomas knows his job very well. Thanks to him I can get a peace of mind.
I have tried Lex. Law for about a year, and MSI can do a MUCH better job and in much less time. Not only that, but I learned WAY more about what plan of action I should take for my financial future.
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14The Credit People
I can't believe what The Credit People have done for me. I am not the easiest person to reach and I'm definitely not the most organized (which is why I chose them honestly) but they managed to raise my credit score by 72 points already, so I'm happy!
The Credit People have over 10 years of experience, helped over 100,000 people, and have unique benefits you can't find anywhere. Free Credit Reports, Free Scores, Online Monitoring, and NO Monthly fees (along with their Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee) are just some of the benefits that clients of The Credit People enjoy.
I just signed up my wife for The Credit People's service. They did wonders with my credit so we're going to have them work on hers now too.
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15Academy Credit
Academy Credit has great customer service. I was really impressed by there professionalism.
I was with Academy Credit for 6 months and they were able to remove 39 negative items from my report. I was in a really bad situation and they were very kinda and help me out so much!
Loved Academy credit I was so impressed with my credit mentor she was great to work. I am at the lowest interest rate available through my credit union. My intrest rate alone has saved me so much money.
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16The Credit Pros
Been enrolled only for a short time, and in that short time I have been with them my credit score has gone up by 100pts!
These Guys are Amazing. My scores went up over 75 points in the first month. they are up front and honest. Thank you so much. Chris
I'm a mortgage broker, and thank god for these guys! They are making me money. No joke!
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17National Credit Alliance
Thanks to NCA I was able to get my first home! They are great to work with! Fast and efficient! The staff is very friendly and understanding.
National credit alliance is wonderful! They jumped my score over 250 points in less than 30 days, This company actually cares about fixing credit not just putting band aides on it. They walk you through every step and make it easy to successfully have higher scores. Thanks guys!
Keith the VP of sales was so nice to us, he found us the lowest home rate out there.
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18Fowler and Fowler Credit & Debt Solutions, Inc
I am currently useing fowler @ fowler and the first thing they removed from my credit
report was a bankruptcy, you would have thought it would have been an inquiry but hey,
guess she decided to go for the head of the beast and the rest is a piece of cake.
Fowler and Fowler Credit Services helped me bring up credit score up nearly 70 points in a matter of 5 months, They improved my score enabling me to purchase my first home. Thank you so much for all your hard work and help repairing my tarnished past.
In business doing Credit Repair exclusively for 11 years with a combined experience of over 30 years repairing consumer credit files. BBB members since 1998 with an A rating and a money back gaurentee. What else could you ask for?
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19Credit Scoring Advisor
Our managing partner, Daniel Sater C.C.E. is a Nationally Recognized Credit Expert. Dan had written the authoritative book on the credit industry, "Credit Scoring Secrets... the Credit Industry Doesn't Want You to Know"
I spent months making phone calls and writing letters about a problem with a monthly billing of five dollars. You wrote one letter to them and within one month they deleted all negative information and my score went up 90 points!
When I first inquired about a Credit Repair Specialist my friend gave me Dan’s number. I was very skeptical because you hear all these bad stories about people’s experiences and how it’s a scam to hire a credit repair company.

One year ago my credit was horrible. One year later my credit has been significantly raised and I am on the road towards great credit.

Dan and his team always went the extra mile for me. He took time out of his schedule to educate me. You can tell he really cares and was very passionate about his job. Even after my contract with his office had expired, Dan continued to help me out and never asked for extra money.
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20Best Legal Credit Repair
The best customer service EVER! Very personalized and professional service. They really get the job done! After using another company 1st, I saw a tremendous difference with Best Legal Credit Repair, in their honesty, professionalism and integrity. After 1st round of disputes they got me 5 negative items deleted off of my credit report, including one of the deletions which I thought can never be taken off my report, which was BANKRUPTCY. I would highly recommend this company to all my friends and relatives!
Best Legal Credit Repair did an amazing job on my credit repair. I saw several deletions and my score rise over 100 points. I was with them for about 4 months, and during that time span I truly felt like a valued customer. My credit counselor assigned to my case was knowledgeable and responsive. I would highly recommend this credit repair company to anyone that would like to see real results.
Great first experience... Have used other well known companies that usually shown up in the top 10 lists consistently. These guys have been super helpful in comparison. The other guys were good, but these guys WENT AFTER the creditors
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21FB Credit Law
I was wary of using a credit repair company after hearing and reading so many negative things about them. But the lawyers at Good Life Credit took care of items that I could not seem to get cleaned up despite my writing my own letters - and they were able to handle it. I felt good knowing that they were lawyers because I felt it added an extra layer of validity to the process. Money WELL spent. Just bought a new home, which I think is remarkable in this lending environment.
My husband and I were referred to Good life credit by a mortgage broker. We signed up in October 17 2009.
I was just starting to get discouraged by the responses I was getting. Then all of a sudden we started getting credit reports with multiple deletions.

So far we have had 11 deletions in less than 3 months.

If they can keep it up we will buying our first house in time to get the $8000 tax credit.

I wish that we had started sooner!


The very best in credit correction services. I had mistakes on my credit report and was suffering because of someone else's mistakes. Very happy and no longer financially stressed. Definitely recommend!
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22Attractive Credit
I want to take this opportunity to thank Attractive Credit for the hard work that has been invested in repairing my credit. In just 3 months I was fortunate enough to notice a huge increase in my credit score thanks to you Attractive Credit. Attractive Credit offers professional and exceptional customer service. For a moment I though my credit had no hope, but now, thanks to Attractive Credit I am on my way to accomplish my goals. The economy is bad, and many people feel that there is no way out, that is why I will make sure I let everyone I know about your services. If you ever run into a customer who doubts your services, have them call my office and I will be glad to share with them my experience as a customer with Attractive Credit. Attractive Credit is an example of a company who cares, your company is priceless! Once again thank you.
They pay attention to details and follow up. I got burnt in the past with companies taking my money and not following up as well as having very detailed contracts that were tilted in their favor. Attractive Credit has followed up and has walked my wife and myself through the process and has been very reasonable with their pricing with a guarantee as well. I would recommend them to anyone.
I am in the lending business and I have the opportunity to do business with several diferent companys claiming to do credit repair, for my clients. and I want to tell you ATTRACTIVE CREDIT! really gets the job done.. most important leagally. trust me your score will definitely improve, thank you ATTRACTIVE CREDIT


juan m is perticularly personable and respectful greatful to be working with him
More comments about Attractive Credit
Visit Attractive Credit Website

23Premier Credit Consulting
I cannot thank Premier Credit enough for making the credit repair process so smooth. Not only were they professional when addressing my credit discrepancies, but were prompt in their communication and great to work with. I was assigned my own team of 3 Credit Analysts allowing me access to advise, account updates and coaching at any time. Thank you for restoring the confidence I needed with a good credit score.
You have help lift such a weight from our shoulders! We 're so glad this is all behind us, and now we can move on! You have been instrumental in helping us reach our goals, and we are now able to move forward with our lives! Thank you so much, we appreciate all your hard work over the past months. Best wishes, and keep up the good work!
The team at Premier Credit Consulting helped me qualify to purchase a home in Utah. My home builder recommended their services and they were awesome!
More comments about Premier Credit Consulting
Visit Premier Credit Consulting Website

24HTDI Financial
HTDI Financial has led the credit repair industry since their inception in 2004. They invented the broker portal, have one of the highest fix delete ratios in the industry, and are members of the National Association of Credit Services Organizations, or NACSO.


They are the only company to post a real time fix/deletion rate on their website with a ton of results and testimonials that go from just recently and then going back quite awhile. They have been in business since 2004 and are members of NACSO.
The enrollment process was very easy. They didn't charge my account until they drafted letters... every item, all three bureaus, every round. Online tracking and automatic emails... and they give $100 referrals if you are still an active client!
More comments about HTDI Financial
Visit HTDI Financial Website

25West Legal Credit Repair

26Simple Credit Online
Simple Credit Online gave me such superior professional service from beginning to end.
Visit Simple Credit Online Website

27Credit One, LLC
Robert at Credit One, LLC is very knowledgeable when it comes to credit repair! I had a state tax lien in Kentucky for unpaid taxes and an unpaid collection from one of the cell phone companies. After finally paying off the tax lien, it was still majorly affecting my credit score. The credit bureaus said they wouldn't remove the lien for another 7 years from the date of payment. It was also causing me to be denied any size line of credit! Which makes it impossible to begin improving your score. Credit One was able to get the tax liens and the collections removed. Since then I have been able to open multiple lines of credit. In 6 months they were able to get my score from a 634 to a 710! Now that's progress! I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of any type of credit repair, large or small!
Very very great company extremely legit, had doubts coming in but robert took my score from a 580 to a 725 in the matter of no time which allowed me and my wife to purchase our dream home! Thanks Robert and credit 1 staff amazing job!
Visit Credit One, LLC Website

28Pay After Deletion Credit Repair
Danny takes his business extremely seriously, maybe he doesn't have the hundreds of people these other companies have, but what he does have is his respect and he is true to his word. Sure, there are cheaper companies that send out form letters each month and if they be one whopie! Danny takes pride in his company, if he doesn't call you back the same day as the message says, he'll call you the very next day. I think you are all being bamboozled by companies that have the money to splurge on search engine optimization and marketing. Not Danny, he'd rather spend your hard earned money putting it back in the company. I'VE been working on my wives credit file sine the end of April, and I can honestly say to you that a bankruptcy on one bureau was deleted while the same for a judgment had taken place in only 3 short months, my wife has gotten her 1st credit card! If you're in a jam with $, tell Danny about it instead of ignoring it. Danny will help you. He is truly doing God's work helping others the way he does. My name is John Zerbini and I'm proud to know Danny.
I hired Danny about 45 days ago to address some issues on my credit report. Utilizing his pay after deletion program, I was happy to know I was only going to pay if he could get results. He was able to produce the desired results I needed in a very short amount of time exceeding my expectations. Danny did for me in 45 days what other firms couldn't do for me in a year of service! I have since recommended Danny to several friends and family members. If you have something nagging you on your credit report and need solutions, I highly recommend Danny's pay after deletion program. Thank you for the excellent and quick results Danny!
I was worried that this was a scam to get my initial payment and then not do anything once I signed up, To my surprise they not only worked on my credit but they helped get a bunch of items off my report. The good thing was that Danny didn't mislead me by promising me the world, he told me exactly what to expect and that is what happen. I've been with them 4 months and have had 15 deletions which included the deletion of 3 tax liens, I am very happy
He's a great guy, just give him some time and it will get done. Every case is different, but the average honest case depending on how bad it is, lets say it's a 300, that's real low to get to a respectable tier 1 over 720, its gonna take about 2 1/2 yrs. Others will promise sooner to get your money, but let me ask you this, how long did it take you to screw your credit so bad? Well, its gonna take twice as long to REALLY, TO HONESTLY FIX IT. NOT JUST ERASE THE LINES THAT COME BACK RIGHT AWAY, OR CREDIT LINES THAT WERE PAID THOUSANDS TO PUT ON, ONLY TO BE TAKEN OFF. Go slow and steady and win the race with Danny.
More comments about Pay After Deletion Credit Repair
Visit Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Website

29Best Credit RX, LLC.
Professional, caring, and they get the job fine!
Visit Best Credit RX, LLC. Website

30The Credit Builders
Visit The Credit Builders Website

31Zinu Credit Repair
We at Zinu Credit Repair helping people to restore their credit scores and fulfill their dreams of buying new house/car. Contact Zinu for free consultation. We specialize in removing any negative, inaccurate or unverifiable items from the credit score.
We have helped thousands of people get the following items deleted from their credit reports:
Late Payments
Charge Offs
Closed Accounts
Negative Settlements
Why you should choose Zinu:
Fast, Effective Results
Permanent Results
Satisfied Clients
Money Back Guarantee
Cancel Anytime
Then what are you waiting for. We are just a phone call away. Call Toll Free (800)400-ZINU or visit us online at

I am thankful to Zinu credit for all the help they have done for me. Earlier I used to never qualify for loans or credit cards but now I am getting loans and cards that too with less interest rates. All credit goes to the guy Harry who helped me in increasing my credit and removing down my negative items. He was very patient and answered me all my queries.
Its amazing and I am happy with the work they have done.
Thanks again Harry & to Zinu Credit Repair. Its a thumps up for all the help you'll gave.
I always used to think the whatever on credit report is 100% correct but when I read an article in money Magazine I got to know that at least 79% of Credit Reports has the errors then I searched on the internet for the solution. This is how I found Zinu Credit Repair in the top 10 credit repair companies of 2012. Then I called them and today after 2 months my score has increased more than 20 points and I can express my situation in happiness in words.
Thanks a lot Zinu Credit Repair.
Thanks for repairing my bad credit.
More comments about Zinu Credit Repair
Visit Zinu Credit Repair Website

32RMCR Financial
We are a very easy service for our clients to use and understand. We also care about our clients and the results of our service.
Visit RMCR Financial Website

33Credit Ladder
Credit Ladder helped assess my personal situation and provide the outmost excellent customer service I have ever received. Nick at Credit Ladder was kind enough to evaluate my credit history and offer several alternative options to getting back on track. He treats every client with the utmost respect and courtesy.
A co-worker recommended credit ladder to me when they heard I was upside down on some payments. I was skeptical at first, but the service I received was outstanding and they helped me fix my bad credit score so easily, I was very pleased. has many solutions to quickly boosting your credit score or fixing reporting errors. CL can remove late payments, public records, and add positive credit to your profile.


Visit Credit Ladder Website

34FINIV Credit Counseling
This has been the best credit repair company I have ever found I was victim of another company that charged me 199.00 to enroll and then kept me for 16 months charging me 40.00 a month until I said enough and my loan officer gave me finivcredit's number and Joseph Tobar who is my consultant has been helping me for the past three months my scores have gone up around 60 points and I should be able to close on the house soon. I wish I had found them before the tax credit was going to be over since there program is 180 days oh well live and learn but to any one who has had a bad experience wiht other companies don't be discouraged there are still good companies that do care about their clients and will help them all the way.

Thank you very muchhh
I was a victim of identity theft and after several times I tried to contact the bureaus and disputed myself so many accounts, they kept on coming back even the bureaus after calling them and sending infinite letter they all were ignored. I found finivcredit through a friend that used their service and enrolled with them immediately after 1 month my scores increased significantly to the point that I was able to refinance my house. I am very pleased with their work and outstanding customer service I will post another testimonial when my program is done in about 3 months. I hope this helps whoever is hesitant about their service they are worth it.
I did a research on and their track record is impressing no complains, like they say they are a small company with big results I will recommend this company to everyone I know. They only ask you to do three simple things pay everything on time, send them all your results and don't touch your credit if you guys are able to do that they will take care of the rest no doubt. Please call them before you do anything else you will not regret it. By the way they are not the cheapest company around but remember like they told me you have nothing to loose and a lot to win look at it as an investment and you will do good. Adjust your budget do anything you need to but fix your credit if you want to get out of debt and survive these economy.
Great company to deal with I searched them online and out of most companies I found Finivcredit had almost no negative remarks. Also they were one of the few companies that did not charge me upfront money like the other 5 I talked to and my program was only 299
More comments about FINIV Credit Counseling
Visit FINIV Credit Counseling Website

35Alexander Credit
It took Alexander Credit less than 2 hours to respond to my inquiry - I couldn't get any other company to respond to me. Then Alexander Credit successfully educated me on my case - told me to think about the option of performing credit repair myself. I was shocked. Everyone I interviewed promised the world and never mentioned the idea that I could do things myself. I ended up retaining Alexander Credit and I've learned more about the industry and consumer's rights - a class act company. Alexander Credit is excellent, hands down.
They always want to meet in person, but I'm out of state. I went with them anyways. If you're a client, you can log on and watch the whole process and you get updates regarding your file, which you can see for yourself online. The technology is awesome, the people are awesome at Alexander Credit. They actually CARE. What a concept!?!?
I called them, and they did an extensive review of my credit reports and history. They told me several things I could do to improve my situation, they told me all about how credit works, what does what to your score, they answered all my questions... all of this was BEFORE I even hired them. They're just good people.
Helping veteran and military service members only at this time, but they managed to provide me helpful advice at no charge.
More comments about Alexander Credit
Visit Alexander Credit Website

36CRE Credit Services
I used CRE credit services and so have several members of my family. We have all gotten qualified for homes now! I was kind of shocked when I saw this list, because I used two of the companies in the top 3 first and paid them a lot of money and got terrible results. My sister and her husband used another company that was in the top 5 and had a very bad experience as well. CRE was recommended to me by my cousins wife who manages a mortgage branch. She told me their entire branch used CRE and had great results so we gave them another try. I can tell you these guys are nothing like these other companies. They explained the difference between what they did and why they were different, and how one of their owners worked in a legal department at Experian. I am so happy I gave them a chance, because we were pretty down that we could just not get qualified for a home. We closed on our house september 2009 and since then three of my family members have already closed on houses by using CRE. The great thing is they didn't just get me qualified, but I got such good credit that we got a really low interest rate and saved a lot of money. After all of my bad experiences I can say don't gamble with a company to fix your credit, I still don't understand how CRE is ranked number 1. It looks like the top 3 are "sponsored" and I would guess some of these other ones have employees voting or something. I can't say everyone is bad, but I know 4 bad ones and 1 great one. I don't want to say names, but I can just recommend CRE personally!
I went from the low 500's to well over the 700's!! Brett K. was the consultant I worked with and he broke everything down for me, made me understand how my score is calculated, and gave me a free consultation where we put together a "plan of action" as he called it, and we started repairing my credit right away!! Brett even offered to help me find a job, which I am now currently employed and my credit is AMAZING!! I had 14 of the 24 negative items deleted in just 38 days!! He even helped me with referrals and signed up my sister and best friend which saved me two of my monthly investments, and they are currently in the program seeing great results, and my friends getting more deletions than me!! Best Credit Repair Company!! Can actually TRUST!! I was very hesitant but after speaking on the phone for only 5 minutes I knew right away I could trust this place!! Also they have a 100% guarantee and can remove anything on your report if it ever reports again, and you know right away with their free credit monitoring system they give you for free as part as a benefits package, along with hundreds of other benefits and savings!! A
I used CRE Credit Services at the car dealership I was working at to refer customers who didn't have good enough credit to purchase the exact vehicle they wanted, or sometimes, they couldn't purchase a vehicle at all, or were paying insane interest rates if the bank would give them a loan, because of their awful credit history. I had heard good things about CRE Credit Services on radio stations and I knew they were local in the DFW area so I told a potential buyer about their services. He came back within about 3 months and purchased the car from me. I have sent about another 6 or 7 customers and the 5 customers who signed up with CRE all bought cars from me! And the best thing was, that not a single one of the 5 buyers worried about the price for a vehicle because CRE had gotten each customer very close to 700's. I literally seemed like each buyer had a 1000 pounds liftede off their back. I will continue to send every single customer to CRE because I know that they are for sure coming back to buy the car they wanted. I will never refer customers anywhere else because I know these guys are for real, and as far as credit repair goes, CRE CREDIT SERVICES has set new bar for credit repair companies. A
CRE is the best ever. Thanks guys!
More comments about CRE Credit Services
Visit CRE Credit Services Website

37Walton Credit Repair
They were fast, cheap and wonderful service. Most of all I trust them.
Thank you! I have realized the importance of having and maintaining a GOOD credit rating. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciat all your hard work.
They were not a fortune and they fixed my credit. Would recommend.
Visit Walton Credit Repair Website

38Veritas Credit LLC
Veritas Credit does more then credit repair as this is only one aspect of credit optimization. Veritas Credit Focuses on the entire scoring model for its clients to help them achieve the best results. Simply put with Veritas Credit you only pay for credit correction if we get you a positive results. No result, no charge.

Learn if you qualify for our advanced services with a FREE Credit Report Review.


Visit Veritas Credit LLC Website

39Credit Attorney
I have been with for almost a year and have not seen a lot of change in my score. They do however, have a very fast response time when you contact them.
It's a good company and they never promise more than can deliver. I recommend for every body.
Visit Credit Attorney Website

40Credit Repair Systems, Inc.
We have been the "Helping Hands" to our clients credit repair needs for over 11 years. Serving South Florida and the rest of our nation with all your credit repair.
Visit Credit Repair Systems, Inc. Website

41Onyx Legal Credit Repair
I've dealt with 2 other companies, and didn't have much luck. I ran across the website for Onyx... and completely happy that I did so. Onyx was like a bulldog, they went head on for me and raised my credit score and was able to secure an auto loan. Thank you Onyx for everything, and you definitely get my vote!
By far the best credit repair company in Detroit! I searched long and hard for a reputable credit repair company in the metro Detroit area and finally found one that raised my credit score to a whopping 750. I would recommend this credit repair company to any one the the Michigan area.
They deleted a total of 24 items off of my credit reports raising my credit score 138 points! Iam not at a 705 credit score.. Thank you to the aggresive staff at Onyx Legal Credit Repair
More comments about Onyx Legal Credit Repair
Visit Onyx Legal Credit Repair Website

42Prime Credit Experts
Great company who actually does do what they said they were going to do. I was actually able to follow the process and see it working which would make anyone feel confident they were being taken care of... Thanks, Chad
The employees truly know what they are doing. This place has delivered successes in the past and I have full faith in them as I move forward with my credit repair efforts.
Visit Prime Credit Experts Website

43Credit Mindset, Inc
Credit Mindset takes a whole new approach to credit repair. Most of these companies that you are mentioning do not educate the client on how they got their in the 1st place, and teach them the behaviors needed to avoid going down that road again. Credit Mindset puts education 1st... Just because you have the money to do the program does not mean you will be accepted. You have to prove that you are willing to change because Credit Mindset does not want repeat clients... And the process should not take longer than 3-4 months tops... Why companies stretch it only over years, I have no idea, I guess to get the consumer to pay for a longer period of time? If you want to get a home and get educated... Go to Credit Mindset.. 215.256.4242... Based out of Philadelphia, Credit Mindset is the leader in Credit Repair with Education!
Pretty simple process, just do what they tell you. I know my laziness is mostly to blame for my bad credit, so its on me to keep it going, they did good at helping me get a jumpstart.
560 to a 640 in 3 months! Not sure how they do it, but they did it! Don't know if they are "the best"? but they did what they told me they would do! A in my book.
More comments about Credit Mindset, Inc
Visit Credit Mindset, Inc Website

44World Wide Credit Builders
We have been assisting individuals in the Chicago area for 4 years. We strive to ensure young professional are educated about credit before entering the corporate environment.
Visit World Wide Credit Builders Website

45CommonWealth Credit Repair
CommonWealth Credit has over 14 years experience in the credit industry and is registered with the Sec. of State, and with thousands and thousands of satisfied clients. Are you ready to be one?

Consultations are always free and we never promise more than we can deliver, our clients see averages of 75-150 point increases in their credit scores. Whether you have collections, slow pays, medical bills, judgments, tax liens or any type of negative information in your credit files, CommonWealth can help repair your credit and get you back on the road to a better credit score and future!


Visit CommonWealth Credit Repair Website

46Aggressive Credit Repair LLC
One of the oldest credit repair companies in the US.

- Open since 2004.
- "A" Grade with the BBB.
- 0 complaints with BBB in company history.
- Licensed & Bonded.
- Registered with Division of Consumer Protection.
- Member of National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO).
- Satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Aggressive Credit Repair also offers home loans.


Love these guys. I can tell you that they were genuinely helpful in both repairing my scores and helping me repay my debts.
Awesome! Best reputation in the industry. With this company you work directly with the owner. This is really helpful.
More comments about Aggressive Credit Repair LLC
Visit Aggressive Credit Repair LLC Website

47Teamer Financial Service Agency
A great company I would recommend to everyone. Great service and very honest.
Visit Teamer Financial Service Agency Website

48Creditease Credit Service
Meet Bradley thru tweeter @creditease and talked over the phone for 10 minutes, I felt comfortable talking about my personal affairs, and we set
A game plan, I will follow up in a few weeks
Great Service and I would recommend Creditease Credit Services
I enjoyed working with Brad, who recommend using their services.
More comments about Creditease Credit Service
Visit Creditease Credit Service Website

49Credit Care Corp
Credit Care Corp has been in business at the same location for the past 23 years. They are members of the BBB and are known for doing Debt Negotiation and Credit Repair.


Are currently running a 50 percent discount and A BBB rating.


They are now running a 50 percent discount program due to the tough times.


They not only eliminate unsecured debt but they restore your ccredit also.
More comments about Credit Care Corp
Visit Credit Care Corp Website

50Credit Saint
Credit Saint is a company that strives to separate itself from the competition. You can always get a human on the phone but no receptionists, everyone there is a credit specialist who can help you with whatever you need. No getting sent to voice mail or bounced around from department to department.

As far as costs, they are not the cheapest credit repair firm out there but you do get what you pay for and they are very easy to deal with if you need to move a payment back a few weeks or can't afford to pay your inital fee upfront.

Credit Saint is all about speed speed speed. Some Credit Repair companies limit the number of disputes they will send out per month to drag out the time it takes to get your credit fixed, Credit Saint disputes everything on your report the first day. And then gives you progress reports each month to keep you informed of the status of your repair.

They also offer nice options, like once your credit repair is complete, they will refer you to a mortgage lender who will credit you back every dollar you paid them for credit repair.

I worked with Peter. My repair is complete I have my new house and car and I still call him just for the free credit advice.

I would recommend Credit Saint to anyone who is serious about credit repair.

I truly enjoyed working with Credit Saint, when they fixed my credit. They were very attentive and committed to dealing with my account. I called often with questions or concerns and they were always happy and willing to help.

When I was looking at some different sites to explore credit repair companies I found Credit Saint was a very user friendly site. You can make appointments to speak with representatives or even request to speak live with one.

I would highly recommend Credit Saint to anyone who wants fast, personalized, and committed service.
Choosing Credit Saint is the best decision I ever made. They raised my score 115 points in 5 months and now I am able to buy a house (with 6% finance). I have recommended them to everyone I know because they really are that good. They are a great team of people and always so nice and understanding when you call.

Visit Credit Saint Website

51Credit Help Texas
Strong financial background, a lot of experience, and are easy to talk to. I thought I had a real complicated situation, because I owned a business, and had a UCC loan, which fell apart. Well, these guys really went after the lender, and got it all taken care of. They are local, and no BS. They actually came recommended from my mortgage agent when I wanted to buy a house. Now, 8 months later, I'm in it.


Visit Credit Help Texas Website

52Online Credit Attorney
I can't stress enough how thankfull I am, I'm a 32 year old single father- I know I'm like a unicorn or something! three years ago my wife decided to up and leave the family wich in hand left me with a lot of bills that in no way possible I could afford on my own. one thing lead to anouther I couldn't afford to send my kids to day care and pay all my bills on time, what can I say I'm human for the lack of a better word, STUFF happens! so like what any other parent would do I paid for the essentials while letting my credit card debt get out of control, I didn't think that I was going to be able to get into a credit card much less a home- not only did OCA do both of those but they got me into a $6500 tax credit that my rep Justin explaind and walked me though! Like I siad from the get go I can't say enough about this comapny changed my life if your at your office or just your computer room staring at your computer screen wondering if stuff like this really works give them a call I promis that you wont regret it. remember god works in crazy ways and if I didn't take the risk of trusting someone that I never met I would still be renting and worring about what the heck I'm going to do!

Thnks OCA!
I was up late one night looking at websites on credit repair and trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do about getting my family into our first home. I made the mistake of being young and dumb for the first portion of my young adult life and felt like I was going to have to live with bad credit. I called a couple of companys that over promised things and made it sound to good to be true- I applied for a mortgage with a couple different companys and was turned down by all of them for credit reasons... OCA gave me a call the next day letting me know that they understood how stressfull it was and how crazy you feel about being a first time home buyer! they let me know that I wasnt approved for the house but they had a solution for my problem- within 6 months My mid score went up over 150 points landing me and my family in our dream home. due to the credit score increase I got to spoil myself with a new car and boat! I want to thank Justin Howard and the whole team if you have bad credit and are sick of being turned down call OCA and ask for Justin!
Great company the Techknowledge and the sheer excellent customer service they provide is second to none! I started with OCA two years ago, around 9 months ago they completly satisfied all of the deraugatory information on my credit report... the only reason I'm still with them is for consulting purposes any time I have a question and or concern about the market I call and they take care of the problem. Great service fair price couldn't ask for anything more! Thanks Justin and the whole OCA team if it wasent for Yall I wouldn't be in my home!


Im a single mom that needed help being that I'm a single mom I was really tight on funds, I'm glad that I found a compnay that does what they say they can for a fair price! Thanks OCA...


More comments about Online Credit Attorney
Visit Online Credit Attorney Website

53United Credit Education Services
Over 170,000 Clients
Money Back Guarantee
Top rated with the BBB With no unresolved issues
Removed over 500,000 Derogatory items from credit reports to date - over 50,000 just in public records
Been in business for 6 years
Debt free company
Is a Credit Union Services Organization (CUSO)

I personally used their service and within 45 days saw my score go up 90 points and had nearly 80% of my items removed off my credit report!

Hands down this is the best company!
I was referred to United Credit by a friend who spoke very highly of the company and decided to take a chance and enroll in their services. Was definitely worth it, my score went from a 522 to a 749 within 12 months! Finally a credit repair company that does what they say they can do!
This company is in business for 11 years. Grada A with the BBB. Offers money back guarantee! And great results in their 11 year history.
More comments about United Credit Education Services
Visit United Credit Education Services Website

54The National Heavensent Company
This company is owned by a Combat Wounded Disabled Veteran. They are a Christian company and do wonderful business. The have a multitude of experts and provide Credit Repair Service, Home Loan Lending, Commercial Lending and Financial Planning. Many of the credit repair companies if you look on BBB have so many complaints. NHC has been in business for over 7 years and they do not have a single complaint ever filed and their bonding has never been inquired for a refund. They do amazing business and are true experts in the industry of nation wide credit repair.

Credentials for NHC:
* Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
* Maintain an (A) rating on BBB with 0 complaints ever!
* Back and monitored by Dun & Bradsteet (D&B)
* Federally registered in accordance with the FOCA
* Licensed nationally
* Bonded Nationally
* Combat Wounded Disabled owned business
* Lifetime guarantee on services

Credit Repair Service: Free Consultation & Lifetime Guarantee

NHC's Credit repair service is what we are known for world wide. We say world wide due to the fact that we work with a lot of Soldiers, displaced civilians and US citizens living abroad who need help fixing their financial situation, no matter where they are in the world. We have an amazing software and a group of financial experts to work with you to get started on the financial path you deserve.


I visited their office in Fayetteville, NC and took advantage of their free consultation. I was not in horrible shape but my identity was stolen while I was in Iraq. Nikki helped me dispute inaccurate items on my report, file proper police reports, put a fraud alert on my reports and advised me on ways to build positive credit. That was a couple months back and I reffered 6 Soldiers to them since and they have done an amazing job with their credit and saved one Soldier's security clearance. They are an amazing company and I am please to say last month, they financed my first home and got me the $8,000.00 tax credit. This is truly a great company and they provided me with all my rights and the credit repair laws. Highly recommend them to anyone.
Great Veteran Owned Business.. Did my Credit and Home Loan in Virginia. They also did my brother home loan in North Carolina, excellent and pleasure to work with.
Visit The National Heavensent Company Website

55Andorra Credit Repair
Visit Andorra Credit Repair Website

56Credit Repair Pros 1.2.3.
We have been helping consumers for over 15 years to analyze their credit reports. Over the years we've developed a program designed to analyze your credit giving us over 100 points of correction to help raise your score to 720 or better. And we work hard for you
Visit Credit Repair Pros 1.2.3. Website
We are a compliant, ethical credit repair company that has consumer's best interest in mind.
No up Front Costs
No Enrollment Fees
No Reoccurring Monthly fees
You only pay after we achieve results for you!

Visit Website

Visit CreditUs Website

59American Credit Auditors, LLC.
Highly effective with proven results! A online credit services company that is the most cost effective among the rest. They actually encourage consumers to use there "Do It Yourself CD-Rom Kit" in lieu of there services for educational purposes. Awesome company!


Visit American Credit Auditors, LLC. Website

60Prime National Credit Repair
The best company on the web! I have used a few companies to repair my credit and this company was the only one to do it successfully. I would recommend this company to anyone that is serious about improving their credit
The best company in Credit repair by far! I used to believe that all of these companies were scams until I did business with Prime National Credit Repair. Eliminate your frustration with the rest and deal with these guys for real results.
Awesome to deal with and great pricing. Finally a company who can actually repair credit. I have gone through two other companies previously and was charged a lot more. I am blessed to have gone through the process with this company.
More comments about Prime National Credit Repair

61Consumer Credit Capital
Consumer Credit Capital is a Registered/bonded Credit Service Organization in Texas and a Registered/Bonded Debt Management Company in Oregon

They Never-Ever Charge any Up-Front Fee. Call them for a free Evaluation.

Here is what one of their clients had to say. A real testimonial.

"I was well aware from the news reports about the many false promises made by companies claiming to be credit repair companies and guaranteeing to fix a persons credit. So I was skeptical, but we were also in need of expert help. I appreciated your honesty and the fact that you did not make guaranties about her credit.

I was also wary of the contract and how much help we would get for one round of service. I realized owning a business myself that you need a contract to define what work will be completed for the agreed payment. So at first I figured we would take the chance because we needed the help.

Wow, was I impressed by the amount of work you put in on our daughters behalf. I am not sure how much you went above and beyond your standard contract but I feel like we under paid you. While it proved difficult to improve her credit dramatically and it still took time waiting on the companies to update even with your writing all the letters and addressing all the envelopes, we could not of accomplished what we did or as fast as we did without you. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs advice and help with fixing there credit. It is apparent to me now that starting right away is the best approach but also doing things the right way when dealing with debt collections companies makes all the difference in fixing your credit.
I learned a lot working with you and thank you again for your diligent work.
Bert I. "


Great free credit repair evaluation, which included a review of credit reports and scores. As good as the free evaluation was the credit repair service was even better.
Great Service and program as there is no upfront fee and their specialists take time to teach credit reporting and scoring during the free evaluation process.
Visit Consumer Credit Capital Website

62Legacy Legal Services
Legacy Legal cleared the negative items off of my credit reports within 3 months... I had NEVER used my credit, but that didn't stop the credit bureaus from adding negative accounts to my reports. To my suprise when I applied for a credit card, found a list of negatives that had been paid off long ago, and didn't belong on my reports. Legacy Legal also explanied to me that the Bureaus are not motivated to removed negative items on their own as consumers are not the ones that pay the credit bureaus... BOY WERE THEY RIGHT! Even with a letter from the CREDITORS saying oopps that doesn't belong on your reports, I still had to have Legacy Legal help me, Thanks for you help Legacy Legal and I am now the proud owner of my first home!
Legacy was great!!! I had been with Lexington Law Firm with only one deletion in a year in a half. When I canceled Lexington I had five tax liens left on my reports. Then I joined Legacy Legal they removed them in about six months. Where I couldn't get a hold of anyone at Lexington, I had a great experience with speaking with the paralegals at Legacy. They taught me how to build my credit while they removed the negatives. My scores ended up in the mid 700s. I would tell everyone to trust their credit to Legacy Legal!
Legacy Legal really helped me get my credit scores up so i could get my new truck! The customer service was great they were really nice and down to earth and explained everything to me. The best part they help answer all my questions about my credit AND DELETED MY BAD MARKINGS... I send everyone i know to them because they helped me so much!!! Thanks Legacy Legal Services!
More comments about Legacy Legal Services
Visit Legacy Legal Services Website

63National Credit Solutions
There isn't another credit repair company out there
I used to do investment properties and got sick and lost everything I had several Properties and do not show on foreclosure on my report now! I have not seen any Items return on my credit like some companies!
Visit National Credit Solutions Website

64Innovative Financial Service
Visit Innovative Financial Service Website

65Accomplish Credit
Accomplish Credit is beyond amazing! In just three months my credit score increased a wopping 152 points. The staff is firendly and work very hard to get your score up. Thanks Accomplish Credit

Visit Accomplish Credit Website

66Go Clean Credit
Very good results. Tons of education. I never knew everything worked that way until their team sat down and explained everything to me. Would highly recommend!
I am so thankful I went to go Clean Credit. They raised my score from 493 to 665! They changed my life. They remove items as quickly as possible and have great one on one service.
Their Customer service, experience, and knowledge was the BEST! Thank you for your help!
More comments about Go Clean Credit
Visit Go Clean Credit Website

They really are the best in the business. I have been lied to numerous times in the past by companies who claim to be able to work magic. Credit CPR is NOT like that at all. They actually turned down my money because they felt that they could not truly improve my score, and that was definitely the first time any business has declined to take a payment for me. It's that type of INTEGRITY that makes Credit CPR the best. They will only accept your money if they genuinely feel that they can make a difference.
Credit-CPR Helped me and all my family members improved their our credit reports, saving us literally thousands of dollars in high interest rate. This company has been in our community for many years as they came highly recommended to me nearly 10 years ago. I can tell that Credit-CPR was successfully doing business years before many others even decided to get involved in this business after the credit crash.
Credit CPR is all about getting things done fast. Some Credit Repair companies will limit the number of disputes they will do for you each month to drag out the time it takes to get your credit fixed. Credit CPR disputes everything on your report the day you get started. In the first 30 days you get your updated reports with all the results of their efforts. Very pleasing to say the least.
Somebody in the is business who tells you the truth?! Way to go Andres at Credit CPR!
Thank you, you were a world of help.
More comments about Credit-CPR
Visit Credit-CPR Website

68NCA Credit Repair
I am confused as to why nca credit repair is so far down on the list. I had been a client of lexington and dsi for nearly a year before finding nca. I cancelled with the others and in less than 3 months, nca credit repair removed my bankruptcy, tax liens, and 12 collections from my credit reports. It was the first time I felt like a credit repair company actually cared about getting me results.
I used these guys back in 2004 to clean up my credit. They did a great job and removed several judgments and my bankruptcy. I was just searching for them again and came across this site. Since 2005, I have messed up my credit again and need their help. I would not even think about using anyone else.
I also used nca years ago and they did a great job, only worked on things with my permission and within my budget and timeframe I could handle. I only had to pay for things when they got them removed. There were great. Highly recommended!
More comments about NCA Credit Repair
Visit NCA Credit Repair Website

69Ascent Credit Restoration Inc
A responsive company that has a holistic approach to financial difficulties. They aren't just interested in a quick results, but provide all the financial planning tools to embrace a better future.


Visit Ascent Credit Restoration Inc Website

70Unique Consulting Group
Visit Unique Consulting Group Website

71Monarch Credit Repair
Monarch Credit Repair was very helpful and compassionate. Answered all my questions and raised my fico score by 103 points in 2 months.
Excellent Service and value. Fees were very reasonable about $675.00 less then other companies. And my Report is accurate now.
I called Monarch to repair my credit and was very pleased. Honest, friendly and kept on it until my credit was corrected.
More comments about Monarch Credit Repair
Visit Monarch Credit Repair Website

72Fortress Credit Services
They put their money where there mouth is. I did not pay for any services until my repair was complete, no monthly fees, no long term contracts. I did not pay until the work was complete. I knew that they were going to work hard for me, and that I was not given a line of BS, just to get me to sign a contract with monthly payments to be put into a pile of other problem cases, and then have to deal with canceling the contract once the repair was complete. I tried some of the larger firms, and did not get the results of fortress
Visit Fortress Credit Services Website

73Beaufort Credit Services, Inc
I used them to help me repair my credit, and they increased my score over 182 point in a matter of 21 days. I got the referral of merchant circle and these guys are GREAT!
Thanks to Beaufort Credit Services I have a second chance to life again. I trusted them with my personal information. All of the foreclosures were deleted and other collections were deleted also.

74Appling Financial Solutions
Excellent credit repair services. They offer free consultations to explain service. Great company!
Visit Appling Financial Solutions Website

75Green Credit, LLC
Visit Green Credit, LLC Website

76Trey Hall & Associates
What a lifesaver! I was trying to buy a new home for me and my family, when much to my dismay, I discovered that my credit scores had become down right embarrassing! 543, 570, 601 to be exact. WHAT? Just a little over a year ago When I bought a new car they were all 3 above a 700. "What in the world happened? " I asked the loan officer at the mortgage company. He was very honest and replied, "I'm not really sure? You have great payment history on your auto loan and your credit card accounts with no late pays, but there are several collections. All are medical except one that seems to be a cable bill. " MEDICAL BILLS!? I have full coverage insurance through my job and have had for 14 years. Then the loan officer told me that he knew someone who could figure this mess out. He told me to call Trey Hall & Associates and I did. Within ten minutes of looking at my report and asking me a few questions, the senior consultant told me that he had good news and better news. Good news is - He told me that by making some adjustments to the balances on my credit cards, my scores should improve enough for me to get the home loan. (This was free advice! ) I was excited to hear this. The better news - He said that he could help me by working to remove the erroneous medical collections. The cable bill however, should not be disputed because it was really mine and it was reporting correctly, he said. However he told me that he could negotiate a settlement for me on that account and could probably get them to remove their reporting of the item from my credit, as part of the settlement agreement. (He also said that I could do all this my self for free) I told him that I didn't have the time or proper know how to do it myself, but I wanted to use their services. So I did... And it worked exactly how he explained it to me! I paid down the balances on my credit cards, while they worked to remove those erroneous med bills and settle the other account. The end result? By the end of just 90 days they were able to get those negative collections removed, I had paid my cc balances down as they advised, and my scores were higher than they had ever been! 715, 726, 760 Amazing Results! Amazing service! Great Advice! I encourage everyone with credit issues to give Trey Hall & Associates a call!
Finally a truly unique company that takes the time to properly educate people about credit and credit scoring! Not only do they tell you straight up what they can or can not do and what you can do yourself, but they even will show you how to fix your own credit! They offer do-it-yourself credit solutions, as well as credit repair seminars. Their website is packed full of useful information and not just a bunch of flashy graphics. They offer full service plans that include every thing from credit bureau disputing and direct creditor disputing, to creditor negotiations and personal budgeting... All for one price! They offer different length contract terms to fit your specific needs, ranging from 3 month to 12 month programs. All programs include a satisfaction guarantee in writing, and easy monthly payments. My favorite thing is that it is always easy to talk to someone who knows whats going on. All of the top consultants and partners contact info is on the website, including thier cell phone numbers! I actually speak to the senior consultant and primary partner on a regular basis! Now thats service! Oh and did I mention that my scores have already improved by 80 points and I'm only about halfway through my 6 month plan! Great service, great price, great results!
Excellent customer service! They really make sure that you have a better understanding and awareness of credit scores and reporting. Fast results and great prices! My scores increased about 75 points during my three month program, putting me at over a 700 score!
More comments about Trey Hall & Associates
Visit Trey Hall & Associates Website

77Credit Assistance Network
My husband and I have been members of Credit Assistance Network for the past eight months. In that time my husband's credit score has gone up by 90 point for one agency and 83 points in another. We are pleased with his results. My results have not been nearly as impressive. My best increase is only 38 points with one of the agencies. Still overall I would highly recommend Corey and his team to anyone that would like help improving their credit scores. It is rare to find a company that does what it says they are going to do all while providing excellent customer service.
Even though my wife's results were better than mine; we both really appreciate all the extra attention Credit Assistance Network has given to us and our scores have helped us more ways than you could imagine! If anyone needs a reference, please don't hesitate to e-mail myself or my wife.
Since I have worked with this group, they have been excellent in service, very comfortable to work with, and provide timely service and fast responses. They DO followup, and have improved my scores greatly due to erroneous information found in my scores.
More comments about Credit Assistance Network
Visit Credit Assistance Network Website

78Credit Solution Group
I have never talked to anyone who understands the complexities of credit scores more than the people at Credit Solution Group. I have been in the lending industry 13 years. I have seen what some so-called credit repair companies do. No one gets better results faster than CSG. All of my clients who need help, regardless of how much or how littlethey need, go to Credit Solution Group. Everyone is extremely happy and so am I. They have 100% customer satisfaction with us.
If you are looking for a company who cares about you as a client and getting the credit you want Credit Solution Group is the one. They are not like most business who just care about making money. You know that they truly care about getting your credit better.

I am very happy to say that I have no regrets and now am able to have the credit I always hoped for and have been able to purchase my first home!

I have been a mortgage loan officer for the past ten years and have now for the past three years been using Credit Solution Group to help my clients restore their credit. Credit Solution Group has had 100% success in helping my clients. They are the only credit company I would ever use or recommend.
Credit Solution Group truly cares about their clients. They help set goals and give us the tools to make it happen. I would recommend them to anybody serious about getting there credit fixed once and for all.
More comments about Credit Solution Group
Visit Credit Solution Group Website

79National Credit Care
Visit National Credit Care Website

80Gateway Financials
Gateway, it was a great experience being enrolled with this company. To know that my credit was being worked on these guys have a client log in on there website I could log on anytime, day or night and look at the accounts that they had in dispute also my payment history and balance. I had tried another company before it drove me crazy not to know the flat fee it was going to be for my credit, they just had me paying $99.00 every month until I wanted to end it. I felt it was set up, just to keep me paying every month. Gateway gave me a flat rate for my file this gave me a peace of mind, and once payed then I'm done paying. They even gave me free credit advice months and months later I can call them anytime and ask questions, they have been so helpful.
When it came time to get a bigger home I was kinda stuck with credit that was stopping me from closing my home loan. I was kinda in a spot where I just needed someone to trust. There are companies that just care about another customer. I did not feel that way when I talked with Gateway. I did shop around Gateway had fair prices I paid monthly and customer service was wonderful. I felt like they were always there for me when I had questions its been about a year my family has been in our new home and we are happy and we love it. I'm so glad I found Gateway. I wanted to say Thank You for all of your hard work!
The customer service is outstanding. Other "Credit Repair" companies just process, you can not talk to a live rep. These guys answered all my questions. Gateway was not the cheapest I talked to and I did business with "the cheaper" companies. And they did not take the time to explain and help us understand the way this worked. We had questions they had answers. At no point in the process did I have to ask where do I stand in the process. They are just as happy to see my credit score go up as I am. Thanks Gateway for caring about my situation.
This was a very great experience working with this company there so hands on and they are always there to talk with you and go over your report with you. I have moved my family into a home and that's exactly what they said that they would help me with. I'm so happy for me and my family.
More comments about Gateway Financials
Visit Gateway Financials Website

81Credit Doctor Company
They were pretty good. Got approved for the home loan I wanted. They also showed me hot to refinance my car through a nearby credit union.
Decent results received... They offer free consultations to explain service.
Toni Mendoza helped me understand different problems with my reports
Plan Advance is just exactly what I need, thanks for the help! By the way, great customer service!
More comments about Credit Doctor Company
Visit Credit Doctor Company Website

82Easy Solutions - Financial Credit Services
As being a credit advisor at Easy Solutions Credit Repair, it is always a pleasure and honor working here. Easy Solutions Credit Repair changes people's lives and gives them hope in finding financial solutions. My experience here at ES Credit Repair has been enjoyable and life changing experience for me as a person and for whoever seeking our professional credit repair services. Easy Solutions Credit Repair is creating a new image with honest and professional assistance. When people walk through the door here at Easy Solutions Credit Repair Services, they walk out through the shining light with financial solutions.
After the 1st 45 days, I have seen a drastic credit score increase! Easy Solutions are credit experts, they've been very helpful during their service and they've shown they know what their doing. So I strongly recommend anyone who's trying to improve their credit to take advantage of their credit repair service.
Easy Solutions offers a great service. They were able help reduce negative marks and drastically increased my credit score. They provided a flexible payment plan, because of them, I am now able to better provide for my family. Thank you Easy Solutions Credit Repair
Visit Easy Solutions - Financial Credit Services Website

83Edit Your Credit, LLC
My wife and I were pleasantly surprised with our credit scores after 4 months. I went from a 548 to a whopping 669 on Equifax, a 572 to a 654 on Experian, and a 571 to a 666 with TransUnion. I am so happy we had stuck this out with this company. They were courteous and professional at all times. The thing that I like most was they were very responsive and knowledgeable. They continue to answer any questions even after completing our service with them. They really do care about their clients. Thank you so much Neal. We have our lives back on track. Financially we will now be able to purchase our first home within the next 30 days. You have given us our American Dream. The Brown's
My husband and I had very little knowledge about our FICO scores; we started looking for a house and started to learn a little more as the days past. We were starting to get really frustrated with the responses and thought we would have to rent and deal with the high interests rates in the future due to mistakes we made in the past. After sitting down with Neal we have regained our confidence, he shows us monthly how our scores are improving. Sitting down with Neal is the best decision we have made. "
Thanks for everything Neal.

Visit Edit Your Credit, LLC Website

84Credit Assistant Service
This company is great, they kept me in the loop and within 60 days I had 10 out of 15 items deleted

85Credit Unlimited
Loved how upfront they are, no contracts or cancellation fee's. If I had a question I was always able to get in-touch with my case worker and I noticed my credit score increase much sooner and higher then expected.
Good price, simple service, great results
Visit Credit Unlimited Website

86CCRS Credit Services
"They are the best company iv's seen in a while. This company is in McKinney TX and has a great customer service department as well as research division. They took my score up 120 points in 5 months. " I would refer them to everyone I know...
CCRS are true professionals in every sense of the word. They do not advertise because they don't have to. Real estate and finance professional use them over and over.
Visit CCRS Credit Services Website

87Coast to Coast Consulting
Credit repair done the right way
Visit Coast to Coast Consulting Website

88The Credit Doctor Is In
I am still in amazement as to what the credit doctor president mike antonelli was able to achieve in a matter of days. Without mr. Antonelli my family would be without a home. Thank you Michael. Our entire family owes you immensely.
It took only 3 months and I had a score increase of 163 points! Thanks Dr. and all your staff.

89Nationwide Credit Clearing
I have had the opportunity to work with Nationwide Credit Clearing over a period of time to help me resolve numerous credit issues. I have found their ownership and support staff exceptionally helpful, professional and eager to provide current updated information as well as other advice to help me in the future. I would recommend their organization without hesitation to anyone seeking to work with a company that goes overboard to help YOU the client succeed in your efforts for a better life.
All of my clients have benefited from using Nationwide Credit Clearing. I work with a major bank all of the bankers at my branch have had the same success with getting mortgages. They are a pleasure to do business with! And their results far exceed our expectations. We've been using them for 5 years. I also know another major bank that uses them as well. We call them the "miracle" credit repair company. Our clients rave about them!
Simple, easy, effective. Highly recommended. They are very professional.
More comments about Nationwide Credit Clearing
Visit Nationwide Credit Clearing Website

90New Age Credit Corporation
New Age Credit gave me a step by step report that told me how to raise my credit score 90 points in 30 days. Now I'm getting somewhere.
The only business that did not sale sunshine and delivered exactly what I needed.
They just removed my Bankruptcy Chapter 13! Wow!
Visit New Age Credit Corporation Website

91Advocate Credit Repair
Excellent service! No wasted monthly fees. You only pay for performance! I highly recommend this service.
Visit Advocate Credit Repair Website

92Beacon Credit
These guys fixed all of my negatives
Visit Beacon Credit Website

93V G Consulting
I live in Los Angeles and this is plastic city, what can I say I got caught up, I was going out with my successful actor friends, they were spending money, I was spending money... You get the picture. I needed a credit repair company in Los Angeles, I was not comfortable working with a company in New York, San Francisco or any other place, yeah like I'm gonna trust some random guy with in Miami to do this. I found this great little company who does credit repair in Los Angeles and they really worked. They have a money back which made me feel comfortable, and in 5 months, I was even higher than I have ever been in the past. They ask their clients to review them if they feel that the job was done well, I guess this is my way of saying thanks, so thanks VG Consulting.
Fastest results I've ever seen. I tried a few others, some of them are on here, some even in the top ten, all I get are promises... These guys were reluctant to make very big promises, and honestly, thats why I chose them, they surpased my expectations by a lot! I salute them, and price is good too. Special thanks to Alex and Mark if they ever read this, but I've already left a review on Yelp :).
This company is fantastic people working for them. I am not only beyond satisfied with the service that VG Consulting provided; I am exceptionally pleased with their customer service. I am really blessed to have received this second chance and will never make the mistakes I had made in the past, this is all thanks to VGC. Thank you.
More comments about V G Consulting
Visit V G Consulting Website

94Credit Cleaners, Inc.
I have had 3 clients use this service and I am very impressed with the results. Errors on thier credt reports which seemed insignificant yet materialy impacted thier scores were removed quickly and professionally. I will recommend this company to other clients.
Service is great, price is all inclusive and communication is excellent
The staff was excellent, very responsive. Received the results I was looking for
More comments about Credit Cleaners, Inc.
Visit Credit Cleaners, Inc. Website

95Nationwide Financial Advocates
They dispute every negative item I asked them to, all three bureaus, every round. Reasonable rates and online tracking with auto emails. Nationwide Financial Advocates is a great credit repair company!
They were honest and took their time to explain the program to us. Very nominal pricing with a great track record of results. So far I'm very happy with NFA.
Great results with online tracking and automatic emails. They get the job done!


More comments about Nationwide Financial Advocates

96Credit Repair 1st
I was denied for a new car loan over the holidays but after only 4 months of credit repair services, I was approved for a loan 50% higher than the one before. A special thank you to James over at Credit Repair 1st, he really walked me through everything step by step and made sure I knew how to get an even lower interest rate after my credit was fixed!
The Best Credit Repair Company in los angeles I signed up with Credit Repair 1st and just sat back and received all the updates in my mailbox. My credit score went up over 60 points in the first 2 months. It was that easy. This is probably the best credit repair company to go with if you're in the market to fix your credit.
Credit Repair 1st has been great since day one. Every time I called in with a question, I had my own personal Account Rep to answer all my uncertainties. Thanks for such great customer service would recommend to others.
Visit Credit Repair 1st Website

97Get Credit Healthy
GCH is a great company.. HONEST and EDUCATES... I have tried other companies including Lexington Law and NOTHING compares... I refer them to everyone..
I followed the Plan and all the results happened!
Visit Get Credit Healthy Website

98Context Credit
Context Credit and Portland Credit Clinic, LLC only work with commercial businesses and business principals. If you are a business owner searching for financing and need to have inaccurate items corrected, Context can quickly turn your file around.
Visit Context Credit Website

99Intensive Credit
This firm offers the utmost service in regards to Credit Repair advocation, Credit Education as well as loan brokering services. Work with Intensive Credit to consolidate debts and increase your credit scores. Nationwide service with office locations across the country.
Visit Intensive Credit Website

100Credit Innovations
Credit Innovations restored by credit by 150 points. It did take about 6 months but I am very happy with their service. This is the only credit repair service I will ever use.
Credit Innovations does work. I'm a local mortgage lender and they've closed dozens of my bad credit clients and got them approve for a new home purchase.
Visit Credit Innovations Website

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