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Which is the best technique in the entire Dragon Ball series (including Dragon Ball Z and GT)? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Final Flash
A pretty destructive attack!


It looks so much better than the kamehameha I mean come on he is just the best
Seriously? This is number one? Come on guys kamehameha should be number 1. vegeta only used this attack "majorly" ONCE I mean seriously Goku has used the kamehameha majorly ALL THE TIME
[Newest]Vegeta is a fiend I'm glad spirit ball is down farther because it takes other people's powers while final flash just destroys imagine if vegeta went super saiyan God and used this jazz complete annihilation

The most legendary and classic attack, put this first where it belongs. This should be 1st and Spirit Bomb 2nd


The move we've ALL tried doing as a kid.
One of Dragon Ball's classics.


[Newest]One of the most easily recognizable attacks in the anime by almost anyone you ask

3Spirit Bomb
So many people have been defeated with this move
I'm very disappointed to see what position spirit bomb is in. The spirit bomb killed kid buu. Kid buu had ultimate regeneration. He could regenerate just from being vapor!
The most powerful attack of Dragon Ball Z and Gt.


[Newest]The spirit bomb could destroy the world

4100x Big Bang Kamehameha
It is a 100x big bang KAMEHAMEHA just the big bang kamehameha alone almost destroyed Omega Shenron imagine 100x that
I like it its so awesome

5Big Bang Attack
A massive ball of destruction.


6Super Kamehameha
This attack should be listed under the title "Kamehameha" because it is a variation of the attack. It is like saying that Gohan's Kamehameha is a different attack than Goku's Kamehameha.

7Final Kamehameha
So final flash is #1, Kamehameha is #2... Yet the combination of both is #7... That makes sense
Fusion of Super kamehameha and final flash. Think of the destruction!

8Special Beam Cannon
It's awesome can penetrate anything and is used by the best character piccolo even though cell steals it
I tried this move all the time in real life.

My favorite move even though it's a power up. The move was bad ass until super saiyan came along. But I don't understand why you can't use it even in ssj form

10Death Beam
Death beam is the best technique of frieza after super nova and death ball. It can destroy any super powerful man easy enough.
Death beam is a slick and flashy attack used by raising one finger and just firing away. Awesome!

The Contenders

11Destructo Disk
Destructo disk was a interesting one that could be played as some sort of wild card, at least before enemies started regenerating. It would've killed napa without Vegeta there, almost killed Frieza, even bio- broly was stopped momentarily by it
Either this or spirit bomb are the strongest. the spirit bomb failed to kill Frieza but the Destructo Disk managed to cut his tail off, even though Krillin is many times weaker than him.
A disk that can cut through anything.


This is one of the best, even though it couldn't cut through Cell

12Galick Gun
Galick gun is a move that should be at number two because spirit ball is weaker and galick gun did not need everyone power
This move easily compares with the kamehameha, and just go look back at the buu saga when majin vegeta uses it to push back the kamehameha and in that scene it shows that they are both equaly strong.
The person under my has no idea what they're talking about.
[Newest]This should be the 2nd best

Come on this one was a badass
King piccolo had it, then gohan. Great attacl!
Easily the best attack, kid gohan was an awesome charracter :D

1410x Kamehameha
Because its goku ss4 attack

15Omega Blaster
One of the most powerful moves ever used in dbz history, can destroy a planet first of all... What else do you need? It's used by a saiyan who's power is limitless so either you let him kill you fast or we could wait until you run out of power, broly& omega blaster best combo, against spirit bomb um could be a tie but against any other, forget about it just let broly destroy you quickly
It took a Son Goku Family Kamehameha Wave to stop it with Kid Trunks interrupting the stream of Broly's Eraser Cannon blasts charging the destructive green globe that is the nightmarish planet-busting move THE OMEGA BLASTER - BOOM SHAKA LAKA! BEST MOVE EVER!
[Newest]With one hand. This is stronger than a kamehameha.

16Stardust Breaker
If ssj4 gogeta did star dust breaker what do you think would happen
Magic attack and new to dbz attack moves
Could tear your soul apart


17Instant Transmission
It may not be a fancy attack beam or disk, but it is by the most useful technique in DBZ. If you were losing a fight and wanted to take a breather, instant transmition. Get a senzu bean or rethink your strategy, and you're good to go.
You can't kill someone that you can't catch.

A good technique that can be used by weak characters as well as strong ones
A pretty cool tehcnique


19Body Change

20Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
Best move by gotenks, the best kid character


Super cool attack of pure awesomeness this should be in the top tens. Most creative attack too, not another boring beam of ki out of your hands...

21Father-Son Kamehameha
The sheer amount of power that Gohan unleashes during this attack is unreal. He is a walking Kamehameha and obliterates cell.

22Dragon Fist
Um how could anyone leave one of the most awesome attacks of all time? It's super awesome in budokai 3 and budokai tenkaichi when ssj4 goku does it. Unleash the power of a dragon upon your enemies. In budokai 3 he absorbs the power of the spirit bomb and uses it as a dragon fist. Pure amazing
One of the best attacks
Shoryuken is used by ryu and ken and Dagon fist is used by Goku


23Paralyze Spell

24Time Freeze

25Sadistic 18
Well sadistic 18 is very ruthless attack that killed future gohan. I'll rate it top7 for its ruthlessness


27Self Destruction

28Wolf Fang Fist


30Buster Cannon

31Hell's Flash
I had always loved Android #16. He's such a cool character. He beat the crap out of Cell by using this move.

32Spirit Sword

For some reason I find it hilarious that this is on here. On number 32 for that matter!


34Machine Impact

35Hell Spiral

36S.S. Deadly Bomber

Most destructive attack! Fus roh day!

38Hellzone Grenade
That move was pretty damn cool but not the best. Piccolo is of my favourite characters

39Dragon Thunder

40Fusion Dance
Really? When Janemba was beating up Goku and Vegeta, what technique did they use? The Fusion Dance! Then, they formed the mighty Gogeta, who easily defeated Janemba without a scratch! When Trunks and Goten wanted to be strong, what did they use? The Fusion Dance! They formed into the awesome Gotenks, who can go SSJ3 and actually gave Super Buu a challenge! Come on, Gogeta can easily deflect the Big Bang, he can easily take in a Kamehameha, he can LITERETLY eat the Hell's Flash, any True Dragonball Fan will instantly say the Fusion Dance is the best skill ever done.

41Devilmite Beam

42Death Ball
Frieza used this to kill bardock (and 99% of his henchmen) and used this to destroy all of namek

43Burning Attack
Badass move Trunks does a bunch of badass arm movements with. Used this move in his fight with Frieza.

44Soul Excalibur/ Spirit Sword
I mean come on! How could any one not be impressed by a condensed sword of pure energy! Anyone who has played using vegito should know how devastatingly awesome this move is


45Solar Flare
It's swag and effectiveness are over 9,000!

46Galick Burst

47Double Sunday


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