Fastest WWE Wrestlers of All Time

The Top TenXW

1Rey Mysterio

The guy is just a flying Mexican. Too bossy!

Barley see him when he's doing is finishers

All those flips and the 619 wow just wow!

Just as fast as the flash

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2Sin Cara

Nearly the best high flyer in history

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3Kofi Kingston

Why is kofi behind John Cena?

Those royal rumbles though...

What! He should be #3

4Rob Van Dam

He is fast he's is agile and he is a very good high flyer

Loved his match in royal rumble

5Jeff Hardy

He's fast, he's an amazing high flier and in my opinion he's #1

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6Shelton Benjamin
7Shawn Michaels
8Dean Ambrose

He is awesome I love how he figths against other people that are more strong then him he is brave and talented great job keep your hard work I'm so proud of you I love how you one the game so hapy!

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He is very fast wrestler, kalisto is king.

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10Stone Cold Steve AustinV1 Comment

The Newcomers

?Randy OrtonV1 Comment
?Eddie Guerrero
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The Contenders

11Triple HV1 Comment
12Santino Marella
13John Morrison
14John Cena

He is my only fan in WWE I love you John Cena

Lets go cena cena sucks. John Cena sucks John Cena sucks John Cena sucks John Cena sucks

He is the bets of the best a great fan of me to you from Mexico to WWE yesss!

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15Kelly Kelly
16CM Punk
17Kung Fu Naki
18Seth RollinsV3 Comments
19Roman Reigns

Roman reigns is very fast that he can win kane and randy orton with a spear

Wow so hard man to fight he is awesome!

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20Alberto del RioV1 Comment
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