Top Ten Mario Super Sluggers Characters

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The Top Ten

Funky Kong
Funky Kong is awesome! He's amazing in the field, and awesome at batting! Well, he does have a surfboard, after all. Slow, but awesome pitches. Funky is the best!

Awesome batter and awesome runner, not to mention his anger dive!
He hit 126 homeruns
A very, very, very fast character but favorite is Boo and I sometime choose Wiggler for sevral reason.

3Bowser Jr.
His star swing slips the person from getting the ball I mean it is practically flawless also his star pitch makes the batter blind if you facing someone you can do his special move and do balls to them and the would swing without even noticing he ahold be number one.

4Donkey Kong

He hit five home runs in one game!

6Fire Bro

7King Boo


9Brown Kritter


The Contenders

11Princess Peach
Peach to slow yoshi too fast


13Hammer Bro



16Petey Piranha
He is the strongest Character.
Why is she so low? She should be at the top. great hitting and decent pitching and outfielding, her only problem is she's slow but hey! Put her as the catcher and she's easily the best.

She's so powerful and stronh



19Red Dry Bones


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