Top Ten NHL Hockey Names Someone Should Have Thought of for a Team


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1The Dragons

its really cool. why is there a team named the maple leafs and thrashers and not a team named the dragons? - 2234

2The Vampires

The Vampires are cool, but it's not common in sports. Heck, I'm pretty sure there isn't a team with that name.

3The Tigers

The Leafs name is a classic spelling and has lots of heritage behind it. Their was a tigers team, but they decided to not because if greed. The Wild is an Awesome name because it talks about the place the team is from. Just the same with the Leafs and the thrashers. Although I'm glad they became the Jets. Because hockey in Atlanta is like ice in the desert.

This is probably the most obvious team sports name. So why go with Wild, Maple Leafs (It should be Leaves), and Thrashers when Tigers was still available? - booklover1

4The Hawks

Um, the BlackHAWKS? Their nickname is the Hawks

5The Falcons
6The Griffins
7The Guard Dogs
8The Knights
9The Serpents
10Ice Devils

We already have the New Jersey devils

The Contenders

11The Snipers
12The Egyptians
13Ice Warriors
15The Scorpions
17The Vikings
18The Wolverines
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