Nintendo Attractions We Would Like to See When Nintendo Makes a Theme Park at Universal Orlando Resort

Guy's, Nintendo is planning to make a theme park at Universal Orlando. Can you believe it?

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1F - Zero GX Themed Race TrackV1 Comment
2Splatoon Battle ArenaV1 Comment
3Luigi's Mansion Shooting Gallery Ride

That would be a scary epic adventure

V1 Comment
4GCN Cookie Land Battle ArenaV1 Comment
5Hyrule Market
6SNES Rainbow Road

That would be the most coolest thing ever

7DK Minecart

That would be a ride of a lifetime

V1 Comment
8Captain Toad Funhouse

That would like Krusty Funhouse

9Bowser Castle
10World 1-1 Obstacle Course

This is too easy. I would prefer the Bowser Castle. - RiverClanRocks

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?Captain Toad's Adventure

Its similar to the simpsons ride but captain toad themed - epictoonsfan1

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The Contenders

11Wii Fit Spa

That would be so relaxing for kids and adults

12NES Spot Arcade

This is an arcade where you get to play old NES games. - RebelGamer

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13Mario's Spaghettiria

It's a restaurant selling Italian food. - RebelGamer

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14Metroid Screw Attack Bungee Jump
15Majora Mask Horror HouseV1 Comment
16Donkey Konga Place
17Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road Track
18Super Mario Galaxy Simulator

Let's not forget my favorite game. - RebelGamer

19The Item Box

Here, it's a Gift Shop full of Nintendo merchandise. - RebelGamer

20Spirit Train

This is a train that transports you around the park. - RebelGamer

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1. Bowser Castle
2. Luigi's Mansion Shooting Gallery Ride
3. Hyrule Market
1. F - Zero GX Themed Race Track
2. Splatoon Battle Arena
3. GCN Cookie Land Battle Arena
1. Splatoon Battle Arena
2. F - Zero GX Themed Race Track
3. Luigi's Mansion Shooting Gallery Ride

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