Top 10 Nintendo Franchises That Should Get an Anime

When Star Fox Zero was released, we got an anime of Star Fox Zero. Now that it proves that Nintendo can make Animes, I thought of franchises that should get an anime. Today, I'll be listing the franchises that have the best chance of getting an anime

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1Super Smash Bros

Duh! Of course this is #1. They should make the Subspace Emissary a real show, OR they can make a new story including ALL of the newcomers in Smash 4. - SmashBall

2A NEW Pokemon Anime

Let's give Ash a little break, and get the MAIN protagonists. The new anime can be from region to region, like Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, AND maybe the new region from Pokemon Sun and Moon. It'll be like the Pokemon Origins but different region and the main protagonists from the region. - SmashBall

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3Legend Of Zelda

Back in 2008, Nintendo was actually planning on an anime for the Legend of Zelda, and it looked good compared to the one before, but it never happened. So maybe, with the Legend of Zelda for the Wii U coming, we may have a chance for an anime. - SmashBall

This would be really great! Except, Link has always been mute in the games. The only time he did talk he was really annoying. Like the CDi games and that other Zelda cartoon that was made. - eventer51314


Who doesn't want see Captain Falcon, Falcon Punching someone!? That would EPIC to see! - SmashBall

There was already F-Zero: GP Legend back in the early-mid 2000's, but cool, I have no problem with seeing another one made.

5Super Mario Bros

As much as we love Mario, I really don't have an idea of what can happen. But knowing Nintendo, they can make anything happen and they never disappoint us! - SmashBall


I never actually played Metroid before, but I bet a lot you guys know. Let me know in the comment section if you have an idea. - SmashBall

7EarthboundV1 Comment
8Fire Emblem

If we can see our waifus on an anime, I'm perfectly fine with any idea. - SmashBall

9A NEW Kirby anime

Kirby has actually had an anime before, so why not give our favorite puffball another one! - SmashBall

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10XenobladeV1 Comment

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12Kid Icarus: Uprising

While I do agree with a lot of these like Xenoblade and a new Kirby anime. But a Kid Icarus Uprising is one I'd want the most. It'd be funny and epic. - Pkpower

13Golden Sun

Golden Sun has a good atmosphere, lore and setting for an anime. I'd love to see how the elemental psynergy is handled and there needs to be an interesting dynamic between the four character Isaac, Mia, Garet and Ivan.

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