Top 10 Prettiest Anime Girls

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The Top Ten

Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
She needs to be the first or at least at top 3. She's even more beautiful than lucy... In attitude, strength and etc really complete her beauty!
Titania-san, the fairy queen and a brave young girl. Her compassion and love for her friends, her graceful swordsmanship as though she is dancing, her mesmerizing scarlet hair and her deep brown eyes brings joy to my heart whenever I see her. She is not pretty, but beautiful... Sophisticated... I would say she is a beautiful fairy that roams the night.
Well of course it's got to be Erza Scarlet ( AKA Titania/fairy queen). Well she really needs to be first to be honest! Well she's pretty, strategic, strong, smart, sexy. Even though she sometimes is scary (don't deny! ) she has a soft side as well, which makes her an awesome character. :) -SofiaScarlet
[Newest]Erza is serious but also funny. She is hot and cool. Her powers, ability, strength, beauty, sexy body made her perfect. I think she the funniest girl in fairy tail and she have more fans than Lucy and I'm proud that I'm one of them.

2Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid
Miku is cute, beautiful, gorgeous, and hot. I love her design so much! I thank KEI for designing Miku as a angel.
I cracked up as soon as I saw Miku at the top of this list! :D she's not in an anime or has anything to do with anime and yet she's leading it! YAY! Go Hatsune! Anyway, yeah, I generally have this hair fetish with anime girls that has long, unusual hair color and even though she's not an anime girl, she is my favorite vocaloid cause of her hair and voice (mostly hair though ).
Hatsune miku... I LOVE HER! Her hair is so long and cute! She's beautiful and her voice is beautiful too! GO MIKU! Oh yeah, did I mention that I LOVE her so much? I love her even though she isn't really an anime girl. She's just gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
[Newest]Why second? She must be the first! Go people, vote for this fantastic, great angel!

3Hinata Hyuga - Naruto
Love her beautiful hair! Especially in Shippuden Her eyes are amazing too!
She's adorable :) I love everything about her, especially her eyes
She is beautiful that's it I don't have anything 2 say.
[Newest]Hinata is very beautiful, I really love her attitude!

4CC - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
There is a lot of Code Geass manga out there, but Lelouch of the Rebellion really rocked. CC played a great deal in the story, is beautiful and her pizza addiction is something you can't resist!
Cc a total foxx and smart to boot no anime girls can hold a candle to her and I mean no one. Oh yeah she's immortal too so she can't age
Cc or c2 so good looking she's so damn interesting as anime lead women go she's immortal she can give the power of geass eats more pizza they a man and got lolo to full in love with her.

5Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail
Search google lucy heartfilia sexy. I like her please please please please please please please
Lucy actually looks like a human, she doesn't have bright blue or pink hair, except that shes skinny and her body is appealing to others she's still the most realistic anime character which makes her beautiful.
I absolutely love Lucy. I think she is overall beautiful. Her personality brings me joy, and because of her and Natsu, I have fallen in love with the characters of fairy tail. Not only that but her determination makes me want to try harder. You go girl!

6Rias Gremory - High School DxD
The only reason shes so low on the list is because no one knows her. I think at least.
Rias Gremory is the prettiest anime girl!
My favourite girl! He is so pretty and strong at the same time.
[Newest]She can't be compared

7Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran High School Host Club
She is so pretty in manga especially when her hair grew long
She's so pretty. She's even prettier with long hair.
No wonder hikaru and tamaki have fallen for her

8Sakura Haruno - Naruto
Well... To tell you the truth I wouldn't say her appearance is that attractive, especially to many guys. But watching her in Naruto you kinda start to like her. So she actually isn't bad :I
She is one of the most beautiful and strong anime heroines...
She is cute, strong and awesome

9Hungary - Axis Powers Hetalia
Good cook! Very cute in both maid and military outfit! ~ Love her wavy hair~
Gorgeous hair. Pretty, nice, adorable, but also the most manly character in the series.

10Megurine Luka - Vocaloid
She is awesome and her sexy is so so cool! I love her hair and her eyes most. Her hair is wavy and long and "pink"!
Her blue cat-like eyes is so adorable and it shows that she is neither cute, awesome and cool! I love Luka and it is not a big surprise for me to see Luka Megurine in second place on the board and somehow I think that she is even cuter than Miku Hatsune, Miku's style is way TOO NORMAL but Luka's style and attitude is way TOO INCREDIBLE and so... As I told You before, Luka is Cuter, way Cuter than The others anime girls even Miku and Rin(she is at no.16 ya know)! If your anime eyes are good enough, You will see how awesome Lyka is and HOPE YOU GUYS WILL VOTE FOR LUKA
She's so sexy and elegant. Her wavy cyan hair looks so soft. Her body is sexy and also her calm temperament makes me fell in love with her. Love you Luka-chan!
Her hair is amazing, and there's one strand on her shoulder that NEVER MOVES that proves that shes the best
[Newest]Beautiful appearance and beautiful voice. She's perfect.

The Contenders

11Asuna - Sword Art Online
She is one of my favorite anime girls because of her character and he is so sweet in her armor and without. ^^
SHE IS AMAZING! She is beautiful, sweet, and is a awesome fighter! Please vote 4 Asuna!
Great look, as well as fighting skills
[Newest]My favorite anime girl ever

12Ino Yamanaka - Naruto
God ino is so sexy. How can anyone think sakura (or anyone for that matter) looks better?
How can You ever compare the ugly warthog, Sakura, to ino? She looks so much better! All You people who vote Sakura are high!
Prettier than Sakura and Hinata thought Hinata is gorgeous.
[Newest]No one's like ino no one.

13Shokuhou Misaki - Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

14Misaki Ayuzawa - Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!
I can't believe she isn't in the top 3! She is so funny and strong and tries her best at everything. She is one of the most beautiful anime girl I've ever seen.
She's the coolest anime girl I've ever seen! So cute yet so strong! She fits wether she act as girl or a guy!
She's the best anime girl I've ever seen! Even usui takumi is her boyfriend! Why is she in number 21? Pweease vote for her! She's so adorable AND HARDWORKING!
[Newest]How is she not pretty?

15Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist
Riza is not just pretty or sexy, she is BEAUTIFUL. Not just her appearance, but also her actions and words. She is both a lady and a soldier, and acts the part. Possibly the greatest female anime character ever.


Riza is so beautiful, especially with her hair down!


16Eucliwood Hellscythe - Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
I like her. Would've loved her if she had short hair.

17Misa Amane - Death Note
Her gothic lolita outfits are so beautiful, and her hair looks so sleek and shiny. Her makeup really suits her clothes and hair great too.
Although annoying she is also extremely good looking.
[Newest]I wish she would live me as much as Light...

18Kagamine Rin - Vocaloid
Rin is adorable! Look, just because Miku and Luka have more sex appeal, doesn't mean she can't have a chance to be called the prettiest one. She's adorable and we all know it!
She's cute and proves that don't need to have big chests to be pretty
She's so pretty! With her fluffy yellow hair and clips and her round eyes which is so cute! I think she is the prettiest.

19Sherry Blendy - Fairy Tail

20Yuki Yoshida - Koreha Zombie Desuka
She looks so sweet and innocent :3 But if she wants he is sooo strong. And her character, sooo sweeet. c:

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