Top 10 Reasons Why Mario Kart 8 is Awesome

I love this game! It's awesome! The only game I like better is Double Dash.

The Top Ten

1 It Has Fantastic Courses
2 It Has Tons of Characters

Except for Pink Gold Peach, Metal Mario, and babies which are not important. - Metts

3 It Contains Awesome DLC

New characters, 16 new tracks, new cars, and new skin colors for Yoshi. - Metts

4 It Has Great Gameplay

The gameplay is definitely the best Mario Kart gameplay yet! - Metts

5 It's a Ton of Fun

It would be better for me if I didn't have a rude boy at my heels complaining how second is bad and first is the only good place - SeeU

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6 It Has Beautiful Graphics

One of the most beautiful graphics I've seen. It looks so cool. - Metts

7 The Only Thing Bad About It is the Battle Mode

The only con I'll give for this game is battle mode because you're playing on race tracks while you should've play on battle stages. - Metts

8 It Has Great Karts and Parts

You can customize your kart in this game and it way better than the Mario Kart 7 version. - Metts

9 It Improves the Retro Tracks

The retro tracks improved big time except for Dry Desert from Mario Kart Double Dash. - Metts

10 Lakitu Picks You Up Faster Everytime You Fall

It took a little extra time on the older Mario Kart games but for Mario Kart 8, you get pick up fast. - Metts

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