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1 Alien X

Alien x can do anything. He can fix every thing. His power is unbelievable. He is the strongest of al

Ben is afraid that alien x may be too powerful to control. And only uses in dire situations

alien x has extreme power which allows hin to destroy any thing in his way, but because of this immense strenght he freezes for a long time

He create a world also but there is also alien that is most powerful than alien x and that alien is atomic x he is mixture of two aliens atomic and alien x

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2 Ultimate Way Big

Ultimate way big is the most powerful of all because he has the ability to fly and is three times bigger than the old form and can shoot from his arm instead of crossing it

He is big enough to throw waybig

How is way big higher than ultimate way big ultimate way big can do every thing that way big can do plus more can way big fly no see and alien x is like number 20 you need to make sariina and belakus agree first wich is like the hardest thing in the world to do

He is a beast. I love him. He should be number 1.

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3 Ultimate Ben

This is so damn stupid ultimate ben the power of alien X and every other alien! So how are way big, ultimate way big, and alien X better than ultimate ben!? Ultimate ben is the best! People can go on and on but this guy is gonna come out on top. For the last time, ultimate ben is the best

He is every alien! He should be number 1!

He should be on top those are all is aliens at the top he can even be better than them

Well people, ultimate ben can turn into alien X and for a matter of fact every other alien so pick up your head and vote for this guy

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4 Waybig

Way big threw vilgax into space and toppled a giant vilgax

way big can cause an earth quake just by punching.

he is the biggest alien that use in strong aliens like huge vilgax

If the problem is earth quake well armodrillo is able to do it too

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5 Ultimate Humungousaur

At the peak of his power he will beat the thing, hulk, and even the juggernaut.

No he can't are raving mad hulk is strong like thor and thor in old days was invincible

He is the best he can even defeat way big he should be the third

He is very strong. He can turn his arms into firing missiles. He is the best

Ultimate Humungasor has lost more battles than any other Ultimate, so putting him so far up is unrealistic.

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6 Atomix

Its true that Alien X is the most powerful, but what's the point if you can't even use that power? Atomix defeated Ultimate Albedo, even when he used 2 Ultimate Aliens! Now who can beat that?

Atomix is explicitly noted by Derick J. Wyatt to be Ben's second most powerful form after the omnipotent Alien X. The surface of his power hasn't even been scratched, and considering that he has the power to make tiny, stable green stars with minimal effort, that's saying something.


Alien x is the most powerful but atomix deserves to be second so I am voting for it

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7 Ultimate Echo Echo

Ultimate Echo Echo can knock almost anything out easily

What isn't feedback on this list? He's by far one of the most powerful transformations and should definitely be on the top 10. Ultimate echo echo on the list but he isn't? Come on people!

Ultimate echo echo sound wave is op making his enemies fall unconscious or even worse deserves to me in the top five or more

He can survived powerful nuclear blast, able to travel as fast as jetray and manipulate sounds that no villians can withstand

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8 Diamondhead

Diamondhead is made of hard crystals and can morph his arms into effective rudimentary weapons.

He was the only one other than way big to beat vilgax, he has amazing strength, diamond hard skin, and controls diamonds! He's hard to stop!

Diamondhead would be be one of the strongest because Ben's had most experience with him, as he practiced as Diamondhead the most. He beat Vilgax really easliy with him

Diamondhead is awesome he is invincible (almost) and he can shoot diamonds! (the diamonds should rip through a person's skull).

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9 Rath

Lemme tell ya something! Rath is the strongest alien and don't try to argue because you'll just make him ANGRY!

Rath is amazing if any alien tried battle him rath would win by a mile.

Rath will rip you with his claws

Lemme tell ya something alienx you want a piece of rath you will gett it

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10 Upgrade

When there's ben 10 and generator rex crossing episode, ben upgrades rex's building machines! And that's so awesome!

I think upgrade is not best alien because in ben10 destroy all aliens movie, when he transforms upgrade alien Gwen wears her power, his omnitrix is destroyed
But I not saying totally waste, I want to give him 16 grade( rank)

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11 Humongausaur

humongausaur is strong enoung to bench press pick up truck. and his strenght only increase with his size

He's getting bigger and stronger

Humongasaur is strong enough to hold way big
The strongest at ultimate

He is strong enough to beat alien x

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12 Swampfire

swampfire might look a walking compost heap. but he's the one of ben's strongest alien

swarp fire is powerful alien because he never broke

Swampfire is cool in omniverse

Swamp fire should be way higher

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13 Chromastone

CHROMASTONE IS A POWER ABSORBING, LASER BLOCKING, INVINCIBLE CLONE. did you see how IN THE GAUNTLET he took on every single attack by cash and wasn't harmed at all. He must be made of crystal. All his energy bolts sting the baddies. No matter what attacks him he will survive.

He is awesome he is the original feedback but 10 times better he brought ben back to life and then HE CAN FLY feedback can't do that he is just a cheap remake of chromastone

He looks so awesome. It is like he is a powerful chrome stone.

Should be on top I love this alien

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14 Feedback

My best alien FEEDBACK! Do you know how he kicks his opponents on the face dude he's awesome! But do you know before he was bens favorite alien

He connects with Ben the most and beat a giant malware who even way big couldn't defeat

He and take energy away and dish it out 10 times stronger

He saved ben fromy email argument in last episode of ben 10 omniverse which alien x could not do even "cromastone"

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15 Benvicktor

Ben victor has an electric body that is a good advantage for his body

He is avery strong and full of electricity

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16 Big Chill

Big chill can pass through solid matter and drop the temperature of anything he choose to nearly absolute zero

I love how he talk and also I think that big chill could beat up ultimate way big because he can invisible and go through anything

He can change the temperature of a place and is invisible

Ivisiblity, flight, eats metal, freez attacks close and ranged.
One of the few alien that can survive out in space.

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17 Eon

Eon is awesome! He can travel through time! He can destroy every time line and can rebuild them in his image!

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18 Clockwork

He can't destroy alien-x as alien-X doesn't need time and it won't matter if time is stopped or not Alien-X will never move but even when it is frozen you cannot make a scratch on alien-X

Clockwork should be much higher

Clockwork should be number one when he's in a fight he can just slow down time and beat everyone up

Could he stop time by the way? (my doubt).

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19 Goop

there's more to this giant glob of goo than meets the eye. goop is able to change of his body at will

Goop is the best alien ever. I mean seriously he is made of acid and goo he is the BEST! You can not damage him! PERIOD

It is the best alien it should be first the most powerful alien who produces dangerous acid su

Invincible its just goo can't kill it

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20 Four Arm

4 arms, mean double the punch, He could fight any monster and win! The strongest by far.

I love four arms he can kick everyone s butt

Because he was chosen for a feat of strength when competing.

Four arms should be 4

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