Top Ten Stupidest Last Names


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Gaywad is an insult to gay people but its wow funny. Hey, Jemimah Gaywad! Hey, Kitty Gaywad! Hey, Stupid Sana Gaywad! LOL
O. O are you serious? That weird word is a last name? I feel sad for the people who has that name. Sad sad sad ss
is that reallly a last name? rofl!
[Newest]Lmfao! This is really a last name. That would suck!

this name is really pathetic who wants to be related to miley bbbbbbllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...
Take a wild guess what you shouldn't name your daughter if you have this last name.

Imagine if there was a guy called jake hi if he said his name to a friend it would be like this
Jake:whats your name
Jake hi:jake hi
Jake:hi and I said your name
Jake hi:that's my name
Jake:you're weird I'm going away (runs away)
Jake hi:what a weirdo that's normal
Bully:hi you're stupid
Jack hi:stop wierdo
Bully:what did you say
Jack hi:what
Bully:(beats him up)
Bully:and stop saying that
And why is smith on here I like it


I would hate this

My dad knew a guy, Edward Ward. They called him Ed Ward.
No offense to those with this last name, but wow would they have a hard time getting through life...


Well, I do think it is pretty weird, because it's kinda like (or it reminded me of) the frozen (ish) drops of rain in the sky, you know, hail? I'm on this page because I write a newspaper about dorks, and all of my names need to be stupid. It's just a newspaper that I give to my family, though, it's not published or anything. I sure wish it were, though. Anyway, Hale?! I am lucky, being half Italian, my last name rolls off the tongue, and it is very beautiful. Also, my name. My sister and I have Irish (first) names, from my mom. No thank you, Hale!
For some reason this makes me think of ugly green vegetables o-o
When I saw this I just randomly thought of Lzzy Hale

I would jump of the roof I this was my name
I would die if my last name was beiber

usually people have this surname have committed crimes or having in the news


That's the name of my teacher! This is stupid because...


That last name is everywhere.

I would hate that last name... what's wrong with smith


This is the name of my history teacher

Zip just doesn't sound like a name. oh, hi, my name is Alana Zip! That sound horrible!
It sounds very weird!


I mean really zip hi misses. Zip if that was my last name I would die or whoever has the guts to name name your kid juston should be punished for naming there kid after a retarderd druggy

Lala22, If you make good points then explain this: Did your parents make up a last name for you? I don't think so. And plus, you make good points = you are full of yourself. don't say I make good points unless your narcissistic, especially if you don't even make good points in the first place!
Shao Kahn is the Emporer of Outworld. He shall execute you.


Hey! Take this off the list! My friends last name is khan! It is a good name if you are a muslem. but the rest... no so much... the rest of the names sound stubid... hi?! Hanby?!? ZIP?!?!? Who names there kid zip? I would not. yeah so take khan off the list. I make good points.. I am telling you.


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I've seen a company name with this as the founder's second name... I had to do a double take. Seriously.


The hunger games president has that last name
I would LOVE Snow to be my last name! It's just so amazing!

Love you Winter! Xx

It's just... So... Boring! It's just another everyday last name, and it's not even that good. Especially when your first name John.
Johnston is cool, but Johnson is another name for your crotch


Kelly is the best teacher ever! Don't insult Johnsons!


I know someone with this last name.


A kid in my class has this last name. It's sort of weird.


Oooh I'm telling the prez

Somebody was neutered to have dis name... :o

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