Top Ten Pittsburgh Steelers Players

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Mean Joe Greene
I can't knock anyone on this list cause they're all Steelers, but Mean Joe has got to be at the top. If you saw what the Pittsburgh Steelers looked like before Mean Joe was drafted, it was sad. He was the best player on the best defense in the history of football and changed the Steelers from losers to winners!
Mean Joe Greene he is part of history. New guys are good but Green is the Best
He's cool! He's my favorite definitely
[Newest]The best defensive lineman ever

2Troy Polamalu
I think troy polamalu is the number one player and thats what other people should think too!
How can you not like troy polamalu? He's hard working and he's a beast on the field! One of the greatest football player of all time
How can you not vote for the greatest Saftey ever? There is not one player in the league with the same intellegence that Polamalu has. Best ever, no competition...


[Newest]Tory is the best he the fast on the team he so good he pull players out of the air that why he is the best

3Ben Roethlisberger
He's the man most clutched QB in the leauge!
Big Ben is just so awesome he is the best quarterback on the steelers team
Makes playes when they are needed, and a star and coach on the field
[Newest]He's good but not better than terry bradshaw

4Jack Lambert
I think that he really should of been in the #1 spot! To me, mean Joe Green didn't play anywhere near as good as Jack Lambert! I mean at least put him in the #2 spot for sure!
just the best team player ever would die for the team
Together, Jack & Terry were the best I can remember, to make them winners on both sides of the ball (not that they both didn't have a lot of helpers).

5Terry Bradshaw
he lead us to 4 super bowl but ben is kinda canging on
Together, Jack & Terry were the best I can remember, to make them winners on both sides of the ball (not that they both didn't have a lot of helpers).
Terry should at least be in the #2 spot

6Jerome Bettis
He's the bus no-one can stop him
This guy trucked Brian Urlacher
He is in the hall of fame
[Newest]A mack truck who was also nimble of his feet

7Franco Harris
2 words: Immaculate Reception
Nobody could have done that.

Read "

8Hines Ward
He is simply Unstoppable. Agreed without that amazing pass from Ben Roethlisberger Ward would not be able to make such huge runs leading to Touch Downs
My favorite! One of a kind player. He's an outstanding receiver, committed to his team, and does everything with a smile!
I love Hines ward.
He never misses a catch from rotheliestburger.
Ward is a MVP.
He also always have a smile on his face.
He is also very strong and he is my favorite player.

9Lynn Swann
Lynn was the most acrobatic and graceful receiver in NFL history. Truly a treasure of the best Steelers team in history.


10Rod Woodson

The Contenders

11John Stallworth

12Jack Ham

13Mel Blount

14Le'Veon Bell
This man was the team MVP for us and he deserved it.

15Mike Webster

16Antonio Brown
He can run really fast and can do front flips catch really good
I think he deserves a better spot then 21st cause this guy right here has brought us how many wins in the past few years with them wins
Best wr ever. Only people in front of him are nine ward, Lynn swan, and mike Wallace

17Brett Keisel
He's not the most popular player but probly my favorite

18James Harrison
Really old but plays like he was 28 years old again.
Because he never backs down

19Dwight White

20William Gay

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