Best Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 3 Episodes

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The Top Ten

1 Conquer

Better finale than the series finale. - Gabriola

2 Butterfly Trap
3 Total Eclipsa the Moon
4 Booth Buddies

Starco's grand reprise! - Synchronocity

5 Skooled!
6 Battle for Mewni: Moon the Undaunted 

I loved seeing young Moon and her backstory!

7 Tough Love
8 Sweet Dreams
9 Deep Dive
10 Princess Turdina

The Contenders

11 Battle for Mewni: Toffee 
12 Lint Catcher
13 Trial by Squire
14 Stranger Danger
15 Scent of a Hoodie
16 Conquer

This ones so good its on the list twice

17 Club Snubbed
18 Rest in Pudding
19 Sophomore Slump
20 Demoncism
21 Monster Bash
22 Lava Lake Beach
23 Battle for Mewni: Return to Mewni
24 Ludo, Where Art Thou?
25 The Bogbeast of Boggabah 
26 Is Another Mystery
27 Battle for Mewni: Book Be Gone
28 Battle for Mewni: Puddle Defender 
29 Stump Day
30 Starfari
31 Bam Ui Pati!
32 Death Peck
33 Ponymonium 
34 Holiday Spellcial
35 Battle for Mewni: King Ludo
36 Battle for Mewni: Marco and the King
37 Marco Jr.