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1 Dragon Ball Z Abridged

I learned something new. Mr. Popo is the strongest being in existence. No one shall break the rules of Popo's training.

We here at team four star do not condone child violence. We do, however, find it hilarious.

Amazing voice talent and funny recurring anime improvements

Should be Number 1

2 Sword Art Online Abridged

Hands down, one of my favorite SHOWS of all time, not just abridged ones.

Absolutely hilarious and genuinely better than the majority of actual anime in terms of character building. I thought hellsing abridged was good when I watched that but this blew it out of the water

Funniest abridged anime I've watched, plus I honestly feel like they made a better version of SAO.

Honestly, this show is even better than the canon show. It's characters are more likable, and the bonds created between the characters are much more believable, and less forced. Not to even mention the humor in the series, which is absolutely perfect. This series deserves to be closer to the top of the list, as it gives us a better series than what we were given in the first place (in my opinion.)

3 Yu-gi-oh Abridged

It's what you need to love more the original cartoon. Absolutely unique

They always have original jokes and references that aren't to obscure. They are also amazing at keeping running gags throughout the episodes. Plus Yugioh is Life

Fun jokes that are fun from the beginning and callback that make them even funnier! I tried watching many different abridges series but none of them could reach that level of humour right from the get-go!

First abridged series. Funny story, catchphrases, and characters. The show is able to make the stale seasons and episodes of Yugioh hilarious.

4 Naruto: The Abridged series

'And I'm Gaara. Of the FUNK.'

5 50% Off

Let's just say the thug life kidnapped me. Characters are genuinely interesting!

I love this abridged series. I tried searching for other abridged series but none were as good as this. This is just gold!

I've watched this so many times and shown it to so many appreciative people...

Watched the whole thing twice in a row

6 Danganronpa Abridged Thing

Extremely creative with its content and wisecracks, this hilarious take on the Danganronpa animation lasted only about half of the actual series but still enough to leave the viewers bashing their heads and fists against their desks laughing. The abridged voicing is well done and the characters themselves are a little too true to their individual backgrounds or hilariously updated for the viewers' amusement. Overall a funny abridged series worth watching if you're fans of the Danganronpa franchise.

The voice acting is good, but over all it was meh.

They made Maizono speak in Weebanese & changed Naegi's talent to the "Super Duper High School Screams-Like-A-Bitch." This series is a masterpiece.

7 Hellsing Ultimate Abridged

Hands down, best abridged series ever. Actually better than cannon. Abridged alucard is my headcanon alucard.

This abridgment is not my first favorite, but it manages to make Alucard an interesting and funny character. That is no small task.

This should be #1 on this list, it isn't long for a finished 10 episode abridged but it's the funniest damn abridged with the best voice acting I think I've ever heard from an abridged series!

I love most of the others on this list, especially Sword Art Online abridged, but this one is just so perfect. It was my first abridged series and it's still my favorite!

8 Friendship is Witchcraft

It's really funny, has well made original songs, original animations sometimes, great character voice acting that is very similar to the original voice acting and sometimes completely different and hilarious. It's humor is weird and subtle but still hilarious. And has a lot of stupid puns that are great. This is a very weird show and if you like weird humor, this show is perfect for you.

Loved by some and hated by others. This is a parody series based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and only lasted 9 episodes.

Not an anime

9 A Slap On Titan

What, I actually have to justify this objective fact? Just watch it. How is this not in the top 10?

The humour is priceless on this abridged series. Highly recommend to watch it. (Sarge's epic rant segment is a classic)

Oof I kinda want this to be higher.

Extremely hilarious. Those who have watched the real anime Attack on Titan need to see this parody. Characters who you might not have liked in the actual series become your most loved in this abridged. The lists of references this abridged shares is too many to count.

I swear I never liked Armin, but having him as a messed up person with sick desires as well as wishing to be a dark overlord is just priceless. Also, Pastor Nick is bada** going savage on Mikasa.

10 Pokemon 'Bridged

"Venomoth has evolved into Golbat to confuse our enemy! " - Koga (Pokemon 'Bridged)

This is number 1, whatever that means...

"we all live IN THE SACK! "

The Greatest Reboot of a Series Ever! Episode #1 has become my defacto YouTube video I ask my son's to watch with me to celebrate "It's my Birthday? " - BobGoliath, The Hamlet of Selden, Long Island USA.

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11 Code MENT

Code MENT, None Piece, and Soul Whatever have the greatest crossover episode of ALL TIME

The quintessential one-man series, Code Ment takes Code Geass to levels of brilliant comical insanity that only a mind like PurpleEyesWTF could concieve. I would rate it higher, but sadly I can't find the button; there's only soup.

This needs to be higher up. Top 5 at least.

The soup skit came from here, so ir is automatically amazing... But really though, you should watch it.

12 Mega Man Legends Abridged

Might be boring to some but kinda decent to most.

13 Ultra Fast Pony

Also not an anime

Yet another My Little Pony parody series that is doing very well up to this day. It even has it's own wikia from what I've heard.

14 Noragami Abridged


"Uh... Kofuku's not here right now."
"I can hear her yelling at the plants."
"GROW, YOU LITTLE F***ERS! I didn't kill all those cats & grind them into fertilizer just so you'd shrivel up & die on me! "

15 The Seven Deadly Schmucks

This is personally one of my favorites, would like it to be higher up this list.

Other than the princess voice this series is effing awesome

16 Scootertrix the Abridged

An overall well rounded series, with an intriguing story arc, decent humor, clever plot twists, and dramatic/ heartwarming moments.

The people who work on it are strange, but the series itself is highly entertaining.

It's pretty good, but it takes for ever for an upload

17 Akame ga Kill Abridged

Waiting patiently for the next episode...

18 Sonic F

Obviously a parody of Sonic X that is pretty good depending on your taste of comedy.

19 Seraph of the End Abridged

Super funny

20 Mentally Advanced Series

I feel as though the exaggeration of character flaws as a sort of dark mirror rather than a complete juxtaposition is interesting, both in this and its sequel the Nepotism Adventure Series.

It's My Little Pony with taxes.

21 Fairytale Abridged
22 Kuroko No Basket Abridged (KNBA)

This series only has one episode so far, but I still love it.

"Hell I played basketball in America, where they invented black people! " - Kagami Taiga, KNBA

23 Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Abridged

It's a pretty new one at the time of me writing this. But holy Actually Satan is it good.

Its only Two episodes in and it already supercedes most of this list. Not because they're bad, but because fsnubwa is that good. Not to mention Azure Crow's upload schedule, damn he's fast

24 None Piece

Quick, concise, and extremely hilarious, None Piece completely turns the original One Piece characters upside down and their stories inside out. Every second is packed with insane comedy that you'll miss if you blink too long. Outstanding abridged series by PurpleEyesWTF.

Extremely silly.

Hahaahahaahahaahaha "i am all rubber before you ask yes yes it is" that made me laugh. luffys voice was funny great jokes and soome weird ones too but great great series except there's only 9 episodes.

25 Bleach (S) Abridged

Honestly this is my second favorite abridged series, and it deserves so much more love. The writing is fantastic and the entire thing just gets better as it goes on. The voices are great and the pacing is fantastic as well

Sound. Writing. VO cast. Editing. Everything is top notch - easily the best abridged I've ever seen. Made me nostalgic for when I first watched the original show as a kid.

Definitely one of my favorites...

THe best thing is that you can watch it with eople who never watched bleach :-)

This is literally one of the best abridged series. Sound, editing, jokes; they all start good and become excellent. Josh Groban is one compelling dude

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