Top Ten Most Admirable Qualities In a Person

The Top Ten Most Admirable Qualities In a Person

1 Hard-working

Absolutely the best, they always ended up being the most successful people

Nothing more respectable than someone willing to work for what they want. The driving force to keep getting better, and to never settle for less is extremely attractive! - keycha1n

This is my second favorite quality- one because I'm a Hufflepuff and two because others see me as it. Oh, and also I see myself as it. My favorite is intelligence. - MaxAurelius

In my eighth grade year, I was lazy and not hard working, but I got good grades somehow. - Therandom

In 8th grade, I lazed the whole year, and worked for like 17 hours/day on the week of finals and passed with an A+ - styLIShT

2 Witty

A lovely, wise-cracking sense of humor is very admirable because it's a quality that's universally attractive. Everyone loves someone who can make them laugh! - keycha1n

One of my favorite things about a person - LizardKing99

One of my favorite qualities in a person. I love smart people. - RockFashionista

I've got witty comebacks. - Therandom

3 Confident

You also can't fake real confidence. Nothing like someone who carries themselves proudly and powerfully. This quality, I strive for because it's something I love to see in other people. - keycha1n

My confidence comes for God. It's the best source knowing that he loves you and that he won't let you fall into the snares of evil - MrQuaz680

It is amazing to know that God always will protect us from the evil one. It gives me confidence beyond what I could ever imagine.

Boy do I wish I was confident! I’ve admired confident people all my life. They’re always sure of themselves and don’t care about messing up. Confident people don’t know how lucky they are.

4 Passionate

People who are passionate about right causes are very attractive because it shows what they care about and who they truly are.

Passion is something genuine and very admirable because it's impossible to fake. We are subconsciously drawn to people who love what they do with all of their heart. That's something I wish to always have. - keycha1n

Hopefully you mean passionate as in they admire what they do rather than passion in the bed... - Turkeyasylum

Do you mean passionate in wiping someone to the floor? I can do that.(I've said it before, I've been taught how to fight) - Therandom

5 Modest

Humble people are those very deserving of our utmost respect, because there's nothing more annoying than an amazing person whose head is larger than themselves. Haha! - keycha1n

6 Honest

If you search for tenderness, it isn't hard to find. You can have the love you need to live. But if you search for truthfulness, you might just as well be blind. It always seems to be so hard to give. Honesty is such a lonely word; everyone is so untrue... - PetSounds

I can't stand those who put up a fake front, so I admire those who live life sincerely. They don't care what other people will think about them, they always speak their mind, and they save the day by standing up for themselves and others. - keycha1n

Honesty's generally a great quality to have, but sometimes it's better to lie than to be truthful; sometimes it's more humane. - IpodSwagger

I may be honest on this site, but I'm a master of deceiving. (Laughs evilly) - Therandom

Being HONEST is the admirable trait a person can ever have.

7 Reliable
8 Loving

Sincere care for one's friends, family, and even total strangers is a rare gift. They're that one person you can always count on because they love you in the most honest way. - keycha1n

My favorite personality trait! :D - Garythesnail

9 Responsible

I admire those who are responsible and leader-like. Because I'm neither of those things (lol), but seriously, these people are the ones who have your back and always get things done! - keycha1n

One has to be responsible to keep all of these other values strong. - PositronWildhawk

10 Humor

Humorous people are the best. They make just about anything into the most amazing thing. It's so much fun to be around them and really they can make your day within seconds; they can turn a terrible day into an amazing one. I appreciate these people so much, especially those who have this along with a caring personality.

Humor people are very admirable since they create a positive and full of joy atmosphere around others.

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11 Empathetic

Ah, the ability to step into another's shoes; a skill I think, is the most important to have in life. They treat others how they want to be treated, they know what to say when you're blue, and you know they can always relate. I make a conscious and constant effort to be this person because it's people like these that are the greatest friends in life. - keycha1n

12 Kind
13 Intelligence

What I value in men and women is a good, strong mind. One that thinks critically, and hungers for mor knowledge. The most valuable trait is intelligence and leads to a productive person. - ToptenPizza

Intelligence, yay! - MaxAurelius

14 Wisdom
15 Well-rounded
16 Integrity
17 Brave

They're selfless, courageous, and strong; what's not to admire? - keycha1n

I'm brave. I will fight someone, even if I know I will lose. - Therandom


18 Purity

It is importantt

...need I say more? ...

19 Innovative
20 Creativity

I love these kinds of people. They make everything so much more interesting. A boring project can turn into an amazing one! A difficult situation can be super easy with their creativity!

21 Energetic

I think an energetic can gain great personality by his/her work

22 Innocence
23 Determination

This is what makes people succeed!

24 Self-Acceptance
25 Compassion

Yeah bruh all the way

26 Courageous

Being able to do something that one fears is the single most admirable quality a person can have.

My favourite trait is courageous and selfless together!

27 Insightful
28 Sexy

Very important...

29 Gratitude
30 Willpower
31 Self Aware

Yea bruh all the way

32 Loyalty
33 Sense of Humour
34 Quirkiness
35 Social
36 Optimistic
37 Silly
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