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1 Attack on Titan - Guren no Yumiya

This is the best anime opening theme song ever! I can't believe it's not number one :( I can't even begin to describe how awesome it is. Not to mention, the song artist made absolutely awesome lyrics! I actually know all the lyrics by heart, and on the last day of school, sang it with my Anime Club as karaoke. The German or Swedish or whatever language at the beggining is awesome as well! It adds uniqueness to the song. I'm pretty sure it's the only anime theme song out there like that. Everything I hear it, I feel like singing my heart out and dancing! It gives me shivers. Not to mention, the video for it is awesome to (by that, I mean the video for it in the anime) and I love that one part where it shows some pictures from the Manga. There are also all the people slaying titans to the beat and flying around on the 3 Dimensional Maneuvering Gear. Just by listening to it, you can hear that the anime you're about to watch is going to be full of action, drama, cool characters and ...more

"We pierce scarlet holes into the twilight with our crimson bow and arrow"... Whilst we see Eren facing off against the Colossal Titan... Epic as hell, gotta be on of the best quotes I have seen, except its not a quote, its just a line in an opening... An epic one liner like that, and it doesn't even qualify as a quote... Show is the most epic thing I have ever seen, and the opening is without a doubt truly marvellous.

My absolute favorite anime opening!

It gets you so excited to see the anime episodes it’s amazing.Best anime song ever!

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2 Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel

This is honestly the best anime song ever! I have no idea what it is doing here at the eighth number. The only Japanese song I bothered to memorize. A-Z! When I do my homework, I ALWAYS listen to this song. And when did I get to know this song? 6 months ago. The obsession is still here. Why vote to blue bird while you can vote for such a bliss!

I saw a lot of animes... like more than fifty. So I think (I may be wrong) I know some things about openings. In 50 animes, I think it is by far the best opening of all time. It fits so well to the Tokyo Ghoul story and if you listen all Tokyo Ghoul episodes (season 1 & 2) you'll understand why people love this song even more. Listening the acoustic version is a must, but warning to the feelings!

It's just one that I can't bring myself to skip, the art and music just fits so well with the series. I listen to the song everyday, it's just had such a great impact. With the second series, and the new opening, I was so devastated when it had been changes, so I played the old one over the top of the new opening, muting the new one. Nothing more to say really, it's just amazing.

Just one word: Amazing

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3 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Again

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has clearly the best anime openings. Every time I was exited seeing the next episode, I was also exited to watch the intro. The best of all is again. It's just so beautiful and I loved it since that moment I first had heard it.

It starts out slow then heats up fast and does a great job of capturing the plot, characters, and inner emotion of the protagonist. My all time favorite

Every anime opening in this series is great. That saying, I think it's important to have a strong first theme song, to get the viewer hooked. Again does just that, hooking us into the plot, and making us want to discover more about FMAB. The beat, the tune, and the images come together to make a theme song that you will never want to skip.


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4 Sword Art Online Sword Art Online Sword Art Online is a series of Japanese light novels written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. In 2012, it received an anime adaptation produced by A-1 Pictures and the SAO Project, and is directed by Tomohiko Ito . The first season is divided into two arcs known as "Aincrad" and "Fairy Dance". more.

Hell yeah! I don't even know why people think Database from Log Horizon is better than Sword Art Online's songs! All of Sword Art Online's songs are enchanting and are one of those anime openings that make you forget how much people hate it and can really stick with you on the first impression and forever. Database is going to have to grow on me, but I was utterly disappointed at how lame it was with the whole rock and roll feel and "database! " repetitions. Other than that, LiSA, Eir Aoi, Haruka Tomatsu, and Luna Haruna have created songs that not even Log Horizon could ever beat.

Sao is not only the greatest anime of all time but also has the best opening songs and soundtracks that it will leave you stunned at the anime if you watch it I definitely recommend you to watch it is breathtaking how good it is.

I just stopped everything I was doing and sang the entire song LOL! I do like the intro's for the Excalibur Arc and Mother's Rosario, those were pretty good, but there's really no SAO intro I hate, they are all like my children, I can't just choose one.

Wait, who bothers watching SAO?!

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5 Code Geass - Colors

Great op why not number one?

The best opening describes the anime perfectly and when looking at the lyrics this song matches the anime perfectly

The when I saw this at the start of the second episode, I was like, "Lelouch is using his mind control powers on me! "

This opening alone made me interested in Code Geass. This should at least be in the Top 3.

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6 Death Note - Sekai Wo

Best show + opening ever

I love the Japanese version of the song. It is so cool and I practically listen to it every day.

This opening shows how ambition can make someone totally blind!

100% agree this should be in the top 5

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7 Angel Beats! - My Soul, Your Beats!

A great song to listen to. A nice melody and awesome voice!

My Soul, your beats in my opinion sets a good tone for the series. It can show Angel's loneliness but also the connectedness of many characters.

Pretty much my favourite opening of all time. Transcribe it into piano and it is awesome.

Amazing opening I love it

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8 Future Diary - Fantasy Mythology

This opening is always stuck in my head and I have no problem with it. This is probably my favourite anime opening (along with soul eaters first opening). It's just so bad arse and gets you so pumped for the show. I think the singers did an amazing job and I love how they incorporated two different languages into it. All round it's just an awesome opening that I listen to repetitively all the time.

This is one of my favorite! It has so much emotion and mixing with lots of action too!

First list I found with this on it. Loved this opening and loved this anime

This song literally gets stuck in my head 24/7 even though I don't know the words. I listen to it everyday because I'm so obsessed and I even had to get my friend to downlaod it for me to listen to at home without using youtube

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9 Cowboy Bebop - Tank!

This is the best one of all openings...This jazz bass thing did it for me and it did for all anime fans now and then...This deserves the top! How come Tokyo ghoul is on the top?

How is this number 58. This is the best opening of all time

What can I say this opening is awesome.

Literally one of the few good songs on this top list.

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10 Soul Eater - Paper Moon

I'm one of the few people I know who prefer this opening over Resonance. I just can't get enough of the catchy melody that does an excellent job setting up the later episodes of one of my favorite anime of all time.

I love the electric guitar in this song easily my favourite anime opening - Gamer4life

This is also a good song... I keep this one on my playlist... Really catchy.. - SoulDeathTheKidMaka414

The best opening without a doubt

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? Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Period
? 91 Days - Signal 91 Days - Signal 91 Days is a Japanese anime television series. Set during the Prohibition era, the series follows Angelo Lagusa and his quest to seek revenge against the Vanetti Family.

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11 Ao No Exorcist - In My World

I liked the first one way better

Amazing theme song, truly captures the dynamic of the later episodes.

Noragami - Hello Sleepwalkers

This anime plus the opening were so amazing why is it not on the list I don't understand it was amazing.

It's amazing

12 Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

This opening manages to be ominous, creepy, beautiful and somewhat fast-paced all at the same time. I get chills whenever I watch this opening, even 5 years after having watched it. The feelings I had when I watched this series return and I immediately want to re-watch it. I have no idea why it's not higher on the list. This is the best anime opening I have ever watched.

At first, I liked the 2nd one better, But now, I like this one better. But I still like the Kai Opening - MLPFan

Great opening!

By far my favorite op, didn't even like the anime but still got creeped because of this op

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13 Deadman Wonderland - One Reason

The opening is really cool but the anime is a complete waste of time.

This anime opening is amazing as hell

Best opening of all time. Epic.

True heavy metal opening!

14 Fullmetal Alchemist - Opening 4

It's rewrite because if it was opening 4 from brotherhood it would say it like its says for again

I would say fullmetal alchemist brotherhood opening 1 and 4 is equal both really good

Wait, is this the 4th opening for 2003 or Brotherhood? - ProfessorMercury

Simply Awesome

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15 Soul Eater - Resonance

I didn't even watch the anime when I first heard this. My sister told me she wanted me to hear it and I have to say, I was really impressed! I don't think I've ever heard a better opening (except maybe Sword Art Online) because it sets you up EXACTLY for what you are about to see- something dark that gets you pumped up. I have stopped watching this anime before because the first few episodes before Death the Kid (squeal) comes to the school are a bit boring to me, however I decided to continue it because something with this good of a theme song can't be all that bad.

This opening is a weird case because I really DO NOT like Soul Eater. The writing is awkward and forced and almost every character is just flat-out annoying or stupid, with the exception of Dr. Stein and maybe a couple others. The one thing they did right, however, was done so greatly that there are just no words other than "epic" to describe it. Whenever you mix tubular bells with electric guitars, you get some of the most epic sounding hard rock ever. - MottScurry

I love soul eater and one of the reason is that I love the opening song

I love Soul Eater and this is my favorite opening the music is awesome it gets me pumped up! :D The ending is also amazing! 1

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16 Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Connect

Okay. So when I first watched this opening I was like "that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard," so of course I had to download it and still listen to it all the time. Then of course I followed the pattern of every Mahouka fan (I watched episode 3 and was like well crap. That opening is trickery. ) still one of my favorite anime openings to this day.

I love this song! I even memorized the first few lines in Japanese. My friend showed me the lyrics for this song in English, and it turns out this song really does fit the mood of the show. - Absolite

Allright, so basically, this show is to trick you into thinking magical girls are the basic stereotype. This opening was exactly that, and for non japanese people like me, without subtitles, we got tricked. This song is so sweet, and opposites attract, as this show is very dark. EVERYONE GO LISTEN NOW

Hell, the song even LIES ABOUT THE ANIME, I cried every time I heard this after Sayaka Miki died. That is impressive for a song to make me cry.

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17 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Opening 2

This was the op for me. I enjoyed it more than the other ones. All the openings are masterpieces but for me, I like this one because it fitted all the key parts of the show that it had. Whilst all the openings were focused on one sort of idea, in a sense, one sort of emotion, Hologram personally ticked all the boxes.

I like all the openings but this one is my favourite - Gamer4life

I don't really like this one much, first one was better

Am I the only one who likes Hologram more than opening 1 'Again', I mean the first one is brilliant, well actually all five openings are masterpieces but no 2 just seem pure badass too me the song just fills you with energy and has got quite compelling fight scenes like:- Bradly vs ling and gang, Ed vs Scar, Mutsang vs Lust. Combining both making it one hell of an immaculate piece of awesomeness.

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18 Gurren Lagann - Sorairo Days

How is this below A Cruel Angel's Thesis. Honestly, I think Gurren Lagann had a better opening than Evangelion (not saying the song is bad, but I just prefer Sorairo Days better).

A song that gets you super pumped for the awesome that is Gurren Lagann

Awesome.Just awesome

19 Naruto - Aoi no Sora

Naruto Shippuden Opening 6 "Sign" is by far better

Naruto's top spot on the list should be represented by either Diver or Hero's Comeback, not this

I don't have words

My choice

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20 Black Lagoon - Red Fraction

So fitting to the show it represents

The lyrics are simply mesmerizing. Every time I hear them my breath gets taken away. So much depth in a mere minute and a half. This should be #1

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