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161 Gangsta. - Renegade

This song stuck in my head as soon as I listen to it for the very first time! There is no better words to describe is other than SUPERB!

162 Yu-Gi-Oh! - Warriors

Such a catchy opening and the background music is so good. It's so good that it was the opening that was used for the most amount of episodes.

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163 Naruto Opening 3
164 Durarara Opening 2 - Complication

One of the best pop rock openings ever! Great beat and pauses. This should be really on the top. Any songs from Durarara! is definitely a hit.

165 Fairy Tail - Opening 12
166 Spice and Wolf - Tabi no Tochuu

My favourite opening with unravel

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167 Rage of Bahamut - Existence V 1 Comment
168 World Trigger - GIRIGIRI
169 Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Ideal White
170 One Piece - One Day

Definitely one of the most emotional of the series and in Anime. Sad music of remembrance while showing pictures of the brothers growing up, meanwhile th episode shows their separation by death and war. It makes it meaningful and emotional

171 Shuffle! - You V 1 Comment
172 Fate Zero - To The Beginning (Opening 2)
173 Ashita No Joe - Opening 1
174 Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu V 1 Comment
175 Newsong - Naruto
176 Gakuen Alice
177 Bleach - Alones/Opening 6
178 Kaichou wa Maid Sama - Yokan

So catchy and adrenaline-turning! Definitely needs to be higher

179 Mew Mew Power - Don't Wake Me Up

Although this being the dub of Tokyo Mew Mew, by 4Kids, sucked terribly, you gotta admit the music was still magnificent, and this song being the most touching one which anybody can relate to. It's so sweet and moe!

180 Valkyria Chronicles OP 1 - Asu E No Kizuna
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