Himura Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin

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Himura Kenshin, known as Kenshin Himura in the English-language anime dubs, is a fictional character and protagonist of the Rurouni Kenshin manga created by Nobuhiro Watsuki.


He is the true master swordsman. He defeats his enemy's with one reverse blade sword and does it with the speed of that rivals the gods and he doesn't have to kill. He has no magical sword or demon powers to help him. He does it with skill and the will to live. Forget these other cheating swordsman. Kenshin is the best no matter what.

Kenshin is the best He's human and doesn't need or have demons or inhuman powers to be the best. It's all his skills as a Master swordsman and will to live to make him the best.

He doesn't need three swords to win a fight. His speed rivals the gods zoro doesn't have kenshins speed or will to live. There is no rival to his techniques. Kenshin has the ultimate style nobody will be better than him. And he can beat his enemy without killing them so that's why he is the best samurai or swordsmith.

His speed surpasses the gods and he does it without any demons or any unsupernatural powers. Just skill and the will to live. He doesn't have to kill to show he is the best.

In my opinion Kenshin is the best anime swordsman ever. I could say many things to support my opinion but what really makes him the best is that against his opponents he was using a reverse blade sword to beat them but with no intention to kill them. In proportionality I cannot see other anime swordsmen doing that with their opponents. Other fact that makes him the best is that he is trying to beat his opponents both physically and mentally by applying psychological war at the same time {e.G. the fight with Sojiro}. According to me these facts added to the complexity of his character and his past make him the most skillful, complete and badass swordsman ever.

'Battousai the manslayer', the name says it all. Considered to be the best swordsman that ever existed, a title he still holds even after deciding he would never kill again. His flawless swordmanship and his ability to evaluate every battle he ends up in in to create a plan in almost an instant is why he is the best anime swordsman. He holds expert skill in every aspect of being a swordsman; he has the speed, the skill, the power, the evaluation skills, the mentality, and not to mention a vast array of techniques which ensures that no matter who or what he finds himself up against, he has a trump card for them all. Truly the best anime swordsman, hands down.

When it comes down to swordsman, we find a single strike can be fatal. the ultimate technique for kenshin is basically the manifested will to live. with this will to live, he will with a speed surpassing the gods, never be killed. assuming he were to have the will to kill, which I certainly believe if it came down to it he would kill, there is no one better. he can dodge absolutely any attack while simultaneously striking with speed faster than the gods. on top of all this, his technique is impeccable in all standards. speed, agility, timing, intelligence, experience, all are on his side. I truly don't see and anime swordsman that could surpass him

Hitokiri Battousai, these new people who has just watched the recent animes wouldn't understand why we would choose kenshin.. Its epic no super power, great story and personality.. And also god like technique that guarantee him 100% of victory.. An entire life samurai

His swing is so fast he can create a vacuum, his morals are solid, and he is goofy, but serious when needed.
He is a man who made a poor decision, and only after realizing that did he accept that he needs to live his life for other people, its not about being selfish, its about being a caring main protagonist. He truly holds the title of "The sword of hope".

Kenshin is definitely the best swordsman, some people may not know him or may have not watched the series or read the manga but if they do they'll realise that he is truly the number 1 swordsman, he doesn't use any magic or tricks he is simply a human who was so legendary he carried the name battosai and when he fights he shows mercy to the weak without killing then by only wielding a reverse blade sword, yet he still wins and has the most amazing swordsmanship. Kenshin all the way

Unlike most on this list, neither Kenshin nor his sword have any super powers but skills he developed over years of training and battle experience. In my opinion swordsmanship isn't about the sword but about how it is manned.

We don't really see to much of Kenshin at his best (during the war) and he is considered to be the best just imagine if we saw him during the war more and he would be the best no doubt.

Some of these characters have powers. Kenshin is a pure swordsman using a reverse edged sword and still beats all kinds of opponents - bigger, faster or stronger. - NitroCyanide

Kenshin uses no tricks or gimmicks. Just his brains and his brawn. There's no tricks or powers behind his strength. He's a great swordsman.

Really do I have to even share my opinion its kenshin himura. But my best suggestion is watch the anime and it explains all.

He has to be the best with a sword in an anime ever he has incredible speed and so strong he can defeat opponents with a reverse blade - Ajp

Kenshin's Master is 10 folds stronger and better than Kenshin he just doesn't bother going to fight unnecessary battles

Never watched this series, but when I used this character in a game, I knew that he was good by looking at his moves

Kenshin is the man no powers no Magic just pure swords man ship

Sure some of these characters may be more powerful, but Kenshin is by far the coolest and best character.

I think Kenshin is the best anime swordsman in the universe. Yes I Do

If Samurai Jack were an anime character, he would be this dude

Why is the second, be realistic, kenshin himura is the #1.

Just imagine id he didn't use a reverse blade sword

He is too awesome for no 2. He should be number 1.