Top 10 Misconceptions About Sakura Haruno

This is my Top 10 list of misconceptions about Sakura Haruno. These misconceptions are often spoken in regards to hatred for Sakura. Despite her earlier behavior, Sakura had really stepped up from how she used to be. Yet she continued to draw much hatred and bias against her. So this list is to dispel these misconceptions about Sakura Haruno.
The Top Ten
1 Sakura only has a crush on Sasuke

The anime and the manga make it clear that Sakura is in love with Sasuke. Chapters 181, 675, and 693 all state clearly that Sakura is in love with Sasuke, and that the love she had for him before, is on a totally different level.

2 Sakura is obsessed with Sasuke

Sakura is not obsessed with Sasuke. Sakura is determined to get a fellow Team 7 member back. Someone she cares about. Sakura wants to save Sasuke from his own dark path. Again, chapters 181, 553 and 693 all say this very clearly. Sakura is not obsessed. Just like Naruto, she is just trying to bring back someone she cares about.

3 Sakura is useless

Probably one of the MOST inaccurate accusation against Sakura is that she is useless. Sakura is a doctor. She's healed and saved multiple people's lives, including keeping people like Naruto and Shikamaru alive, as well as saving Kankuro from certain death. She's jumped in front of a poison sword to protect Chiyo. If it wasn't for Sakura, Chiyo would have died, and Gaara would have been dead too. And if Gaara had been dead, there would have been nobody around to bring Naruto to Sakura for him to get saved. Sakura also kept Naruto breathing using open heart massage and CPR. There is nothing useless about saving people's lives.

4 Sakura mocked Naruto for being an orphan

Sakura never mocked Naruto for being an orphan. In the manga, Sakura called Naruto "lucky" for not having parents. He is able to do whatever he wants, which to her, explained why he was such a brat. He didn't have anyone around telling him what to do. She knew her parents would never allow her to do these things, and she did not think about Naruto would be lonely. This is all in chapter 3 of Naruto. This is why Sasuke told her that having a parent upset at you is nowhere near what Naruto feels, and that she's annoying. He mentioned nothing about Sakura mocking Naruto...because it never happened. Sakura's problem is she didn't understand the pain of being without a family; that it would be lonely, and it is not lucky to not have any parents around. His annoyance with her stemmed from her ignorant assumptions about being a parentless child.

5 Sakura broke off with Ino over Sasuke

This is also a misconception. While it is true that Sasuke was the final catalyst to finally make Sakura step away from Ino, Sakura's backstory with Ino make it clear that it is MORE than about Sasuke. Sakura felt like she was in Ino's shadow. She could never beat her (as evidenced by the fact that Sakura said she won't lose to Ino "anymore"). What else is she referring to if not their fights in the ninja academy? Sasuke has never shown any interest in either of them to that point, so she couldn't mean losing Sasuke to Ino.

Ino was pretty skilled, and charismatic and pretty. Sakura felt inferior compared to her, and her insecurities showed. Ino helped her to feel more confident, and she wanted to be like her best friend, as she stated during their match in the Chunin Exams. However, even coming out of her shell, she was still a shadow of her friend.

Sakura knew all the girls liked Sasuke, and yet she was never shown to have broken off her friendship with them. Only when she learned Ino liked him too, did she step back. The reason why, is because this has always been about her inner rivalry with Ino. She is her rival in both battle and love. She could never beat her in school, and she wasn't going to lose the possibility of getting with Sasuke to her either. That's why she officially made Ino her rival. So she can show Ino and everyone else that she wasn't just Ino's shadow, she was her own person.

If she couldn't even step away from Ino, what made her think she was good enough to be a kunoichi or even win the heart of Sasuke? Sakura stated she had her headband on top of her head, because she wasn't on equal terms with Ino yet. Once she fought her in the exams, that's when she placed it over her forehead for the first time to fight her, and told Ino she's not fighting her over Sasuke. She's trying to surpass her. If she didn't, everything she did up until now, even breaking off her friendship, was for nothing. She didn't say "if I lose Sasuke to you, it would be for nothing." No, it was about standing on equal terms with Ino, and surpassing Ino as a kunoichi.

6 Sakura never does anything

This goes hand in hand with "Sakura is useless." I've already mentioned above that Sakura has done plenty, but reminder that Sakura helped save Naruto, Sasuke, Kankuro, helped defeat Sasori, punched a Goddess, healed countless people on the battlefield, unlocked byakugou, became the top medical kunoichi in the world aside from Tsunade, opened multiple children's clinics for orphaned children of war, helped defend Konoha, and more. Sakura does a whole lot.

7 Sakura doesn't care about Naruto

Big lie. Sakura has shown care for Naruto as early as Part I. If she really didn't care or hated him, she wouldn't have defended him or taken up for him the times that she did. When she thought Sasuke hit Naruto too hard for "relieving himself" in front of her, she was concerned about it and told him it wasn't necessary to do that. She was willing to take the fall for Naruto in the first exam, because she wanted to preserve his hopes and dreams, she dedicated her goals to protecting Naruto (along with Sasuke), she did her best to keep him alive with CPR because she refused to let him die on her watch, not when his dream was so close to him. She shed tears for him over the pain he was going through with turning into the fox demon, and constantly tried to shield him from emotional pain. Sakura cares for Naruto deeply, even comforting him after Tsunade was hurt, even though Sakura was Tsunade's apprentice and knew her longer than Naruto did (since she trained with her for 3 years almost), but she didn't complain about it to him, even though she herself needed comfort.

8 Sakura is weak

Sakura is canonly incredibly strong. She is said to even have power on level with Tsunade, and at the end of the series, she surpasses Tsunade (Kakashi once said that Sakura is a genjutsu type, and if she is able to bring that into her skillset, she'd be even stronger than Tsunade). By Naruto The Last, Sakura (as Shikamaru confirmed) is completely resistant to genjutsu, something not even Tsunade is. Which means Sakura can withstand attacks from genjutsu types and is not easily taken in by them at this point. This is an incredible feat.

9 Sakura is not Sarada's mother

Naruto Gaiden completely debunks this. Karin outright states she is not Sarada's mother but Sakura is. Sarada wearing glasses? It's not like no one in Sakura's family could possibly have needed glasses at any point.

10 Sakura is not married to Sasuke

Again, Gaiden debunks this. Sakura calls Sasuke her husband, and Sasuke calls Sakura his wife. Neither have any need to lie about it.