Top 10 Anime Final Episodes that are the Best Series Finales

Only climax riddled explosive endings here. Some anime start out with a bang but die down. In the case of these episodes, the endings are just as immersive and impactful as the beginning and riddled with moral overdose in simultaneous conjunction. It is difficult to maintain that form of melancholy to go along with the bittersweet echoes of final moments, but when it hits with a high note, it leaves an impression when it comes to these anime.
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1 No Return ~ Erleuchtung (Elfen Lied)

The explosion where Kurama goes out with Mariko is an ace climax. It's those gentle moments right before the final breath is drawn that make them ever so memorable.

2 The Real Folk Blues, Part II (Cowboy Bebop)

Vicious goes down. Julia is felled. And Spike succumbs to his fate. When all the dominoes go down, you just know it's a brilliant ending.

3 Hellfire (Hellsing)

The end conflict between Alucard and Incognito leads to a brilliant climax and an explosive victory. Even more memorable are the brutalized remnants of the impaled Incognito. All this while Seras, Integra, and Walter are caught in between the chaotic madness of the FREAK vampires and the British Army.

4 Under the Sky So Blue (Trigun)

The two episodes right before this were even more intense where Wolfwood perished brilliantly and Legato forced Vash to pull the trigger. But this was still a pretty good ending. Yes, the heavy climax of the execution-style slaying of Legato was slightly more impactful, but this finale is somewhat better than most other anime too.

Vash shows Knives mercy after passing judgment through Wolfwood's own cross and drags him back. Repent for your sins.

5 New World (Death Note)

There was great irony and a feeling of coming "full circle" when Ryuk gets the last laugh and ends Light's vicious cycle by writing down his death, just as promised from the start. It's satisfying to see things nice and tidy, especially when someone like Light, who has gotten away with so much killing, eventually gets his own comeuppance in the form of getting shot by Matsuda and pitifully attempting to scurry away before crumbling to his demise.

6 Until We Meet Again (Dragon Ball GT)

Dragon Ball Z is actually my most favorite anime of all time. However, the ending to Dragon Ball Z was pretty bad. The climax of the series was the Frieza saga and the ending to the Namek debacle. We saw Vegeta decimate Frieza's elite Zarbon, Dodoria, and the Ginyu Force. Then he fell by Frieza alongside Krillin, Piccolo, Dende, and Guru faded. The balls turned to stone. The explosive destruction of Goku and Frieza and the brilliant remnants of the shattered Namekian debris after the chaotic onslaught of the clash were memorable. The screams of agony as nothing remained from the planet core were heart-wrenching. But instead, it ended two sagas later with Goku flying to train with Uub.

When it comes to Dragon Ball GT, it was slightly less impactful throughout, but the final ending of the series was so much better than Dragon Ball Z. As a final episode, to see Piccolo trapped in the wasteland of Hell, Goku promising to release him someday, and saying goodbye to all his friends was touching. Goku faded away with Shenron, so tired, the eternal peace and sleep they have worked so hard to obtain. This was such a heavy acceptance of life and death. If only Dragon Ball Z had this form of an ending. Yes, Dragon Ball Z is the greatest ever made, but the ending just couldn't live up to the heavy climax overdose of the series as a whole. This was the ending we truly needed.

7 The Real Monster (Monster)

When Tenma leaves Johan's bed, does he allow the serial killer to continue the spree? This is one of those amazing plot twist endings. The window was open.

This is morally complex dramatic writing as seen in amazing shows like The Sopranos, Oz, The Shield, Dexter, and Hannibal.

8 Re; (Code Geass)
9 Suicide Tour (Death Parade)
10 Akame ga Kill! (Akame ga Kill!)
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11 Journey's End (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
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